Super Mario Land Wii is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii being made by Wand Co., it will feature 6 playable characters and new power-up forms and enemies.


One day, Mario, Luigi and Toad were taking a walk to see Princess Peach. When they got to her castle, it was empty. There wasn't a Toad in sight. Mario, thinking Bowser was up to something again, told Luigi and Toad to follow him to Bowser's Castle. They had traveled about a mile when Luigi's stomach growled. He went over to a nearby berry bush and picked a couple of berries. He was heading back when, all of a sudden, he felt a powerful force pulling him back towards the bush. He moved closer and closer, when the bush disappeared altogether. Luigi realized that there was some kind of hole behind the bush and it was pulling him in. Toad saw Luigi and ran over to him. Mario followed shortly after. By the time the two of them got there, Luigi got sucked into the hole. Mario jumped in to save his brother. Toad then unwillingly got sucked in as well.

When they woke up, they saw that they had landed in an entirely different world. There were purple bushes, orange trees, cyan grass, and many other strange attributes to it. Then, they heard a chopping noise. They looked up and saw Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car. He told them that he had taken over this new world and that Princess Peach was his captive. He then laughed and flew away. Mario, with a determined look on his face, called Luigi and Toad over and they began their adventure.



Image Name Description Ability How to Unlock
100px-NSMBWiiUMario Mario Everyone's favorite hero, Mario has come to rescue the citizens of this mysterious new world! He can brake the fastest. He's already unlocked.
File:Luigi SMLWii.png Luigi Mario's brother has decided to tag along with him! He can jump the highest. He's already unlocked.
Toad SMLwii Toad The heroic fungus has come to help out the Mario Bros.! He can go into small openings. He's already unlocked.
Kooper3D SMLWii Kooper Kooper The blue Koopa from Koopa Village is a good helping hand. Instead of ducking, he retreats into his shell and can slide along the ground to harm enemies. The shell can also be picked up by other characters. Beat World 2.
Pa-Patch Pa-Patch Now that's a surprise! The pirate Bob-omb has come to lay waste to enemies! Pressing 1 will make him explode. The more you hold it in, the stronger the blast will be. It can destroy brick blocks. Beat world 5.
Wizzerd Gold Wizzerd This Wizzerd seems to be reformed. Maybe he could be of assistance... When he collects a power-up, he can use a new spell. Buy him for 10 Star Coins.







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