Super Mario Land 4 is a game where you play as Mario and must go through 6 worlds,collecting the boss badges to enter Castle Del Wario and bring an end to his terror.

The 6 badges are:

The Beach Badge
Super Mario Land 4

The SML4 case

The Forest Badge

The Desert Badge

The Rail Badge

The Mountain Badge

The Volcano Badge

Worlds & Bosses

The Bosses note:all ripped sprites are from spriters resource

World 1- Monster Beach- Thwompor

World 2- Wario's Woods- Grow Worm

World 3- Dusty Plains- Poking

World 4- Rusty Railway- Loco Motive

World 5- Absurd Alpine- Snow Beast

World 6- Valley of Volcanoes- Big Blargg

World 7- Castle Del Wario-1) Wario 2)Wario Mech

Powerups & Vehicles