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Boxart of Super Mario Land 3D
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Holiday 2012
1-4 players (local)
2-6 players (online)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Platformer
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Card
Super Mario Land 3D is a sidescrolling game in the Super Mario Land series for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the 4th installment in the series and is more based on the first game, Super Mario Land than the others in the series. The game will be released in December 2012.


In Sarasaland , the great alien Tatanga has returned and invaded the whole kingdom, and also, kidnapped Princess Daisy in a second try to marry her. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi were in Peach's Castle, talking with Princess Peach. But suddenly, Toadbert, alongside Yellow Toad and Blue Toad, interrupts and tells the Bros. about Daisy's kidnapping and what happened in the Sarasaland Kingdom. Peach tells them to rescue her, and the Bros. and the two Toads of course accepts and head off to save Princess Daisy, the Sarasaland Kingdom, and defeat the evil Tatanga.


The gameplay is the same as the other sidescrolling games, but more like New Super Mario Bros games. Mario must travel across various worlds and levels and collect Coins and other things. However, unlike other games, Super Mario Land 3D takes place in Sarasaland, instead of being in the Mushroom Kingdom, like in the first previous game. Levels are still completed by reaching the Flagpole before the time runs out. The game features elements from New Super Mario Bros games and also reuses some elements from Super Mario Land. The game has 10 worlds, being 9 normal worlds and a special one. Also, the game features new power-ups, such as the Frosty Flower and the Laser Lens, and also old ones from other games like the Ice Flower and the Propeller Mushroom. The Superball Flower returns from Super Mario Land. Yoshis are rideable again and Baby Yoshis can be carried just like in New Super Mario Bros U.

A new concept similar to the Coins in New Super Mario Bros 2 as been added in this game, but for the Red Coins. The concept of passing through a Red Ring and making 8 Red Coins appear and collect all before time runs out is in the game, but there are other random things that can happen after touching the Red Ring. A Ruby Lakitu may appear and wildly throws 8 Red Coins, the player must catch them all and prevent them of falling. Enemies turn into Ruby enemies, and will drop Red Coins after being defeated, similar to that of the Gold enemies does with Coins.


Menu Controls

3DS A Button Confirm
3DS B Button Go back a step
3DS D-Pad/Circlepad Select an option
DS Stylus Do everything

Basic Controls

3DS A Button/3DS B Button Jump
3DS X Button/3DS Y Button Dash
3DS D-Pad/Circlepad Move
3DS Select Button Option Menu
3DS Start Button Pause Menu
DS Stylus Use a Item


Mario and Luigi, of course, are playable characters , but also, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad are playable like in New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros U. However, Blue Toad now has glasses, to let the two Toads look a bit more different from each other. Each playable character have their own abilities and disadvantages.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Mario NSMB2 Mario Mario is the main character in the game and also the main hero. He saved Daisy a long time ago, and will friendly save her again, but this time with some company. Mario's jumps and speed are balanced and also has good traction.
Luigi MP9 Luigi

Luigi, of course, is in the quest to save Daisy. Luigi's jumps are higher than his brother, but has bad traction. His speed however, is the same as Mario. He can be playable in Normal Mode doing the same as in New Super Mario Bros, pressing 3DS L Button+3DS A Button simultaneously before entering in a game file.

BlueToadSML3D Blue Toad Blue Toad is in the quest too alongside the Mario Bros. and Yellow Toad. He's the fastest character in the game, but his jumps are not that good. He's only playable in Multiplayer Mode.
YellowToad MP9 Yellow Toad Yellow Toad is in the quest too with the Mario Bros. and Blue Toad. His jumps are higher, even higher than Luigi's, but is the slowest character. He's only playable in Multiplayer Mode.

Rideable Characters

Image Name Description
MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi Yoshi is a rideable character. All of the Yoshi's power-ups from Super Mario Galaxy 2 returns in this game with some new ones.
Green Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshis are not rideable characters, but they can be carried. There are 6 different colours, each having a different ability.

Non-playable Characters

Image Name Description
Daisy Princess Daisy Princess Daisy is the damsel in distress in this game. She has been captured by Tatanga for a second time and Mario & friends must save her.
ToadbertSME Toadbert

Toadbert informed the Mario Bros. about Daisy's kidnapping. Toadbert is the Super Guide in this game, if the player tries to clear a level but loses many lives, he will appear and the player could ask him to demonstrate how to complete the given level.

Bob-omb Buddy Mario 2012 Bob-Omb Buddy Bob-Omb Buddy is a friendly, pink Bob-Omb that can be found in Flower Houses. He gives the player a minigame or other things to get various power-ups.
CloudieSML3D Cloudie Cloudie is a pink Lakitu Cloud that appears in some sky levels that requires to fly all the time to clear it. It helps the player by allowing him/her to ride on it and clear the level.



Image Item Description Form
N/A N/A Small Mario is the standard form. Being small, Mario can't break Brick Blocks and if he gets hit by an enemy or a obstacle he will lose a life. Small-mario
SuperMushroomNSMB2 Super Mushroom Super Mario can break Brick Blocks, but if he gets hit he will return to the small form. Mario NSMB2
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Fire Mario can throw fireballs to kill enemies and melt frozen things. NSMB2 Fire Mario
Ice Flower2 Ice Flower Ice Mario can throw iceballs to freeze enemies for a short period of time and defeat some fire enemies. IceMario.
SuperballFlowerSML3D Superball Flower Superball Mario can throw Superballs that will bounce on the ground killing enemies or kicking them. Superball Mario
Super Star NSMB2 Super Star Invincible Mario is stronger and faster for a short period of time, so he can run through enemies and obstacles. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
Super Leaf NSMB2 Super Leaf Raccoon Mario can spin nearby enemies with his tail and also, he can descend slowly when jumping. NSMB2 RaccoonMario
HammerSuit Hammer Suit Hammer Mario

can throw hammers to kill enemies and can dash with his shell.

Hammer Mario Final SM3DW
Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower Boomerang Mario can throw boomerangs to kill enemies and can dash with his shell. BoomerangMarioSM3DL
PenguinSuit Penguin Suit Penguin Mario can throw iceballs to freeze enemies too, but also can slide on his belly and can swim better in water. Penguin Mario
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mario can fly vertically up to get to high places or escape from enemies. He can also do a Drill Spin when descending. MarioPropella
MegamushroomNSMB2 Mega Mushroom

Mega Mario is invincible and can crash anything, such as Used Blocks, Warp Pipes and defeat all enemies in a short period of time. Doing a certain damage will result 1-Up Mushrooms as rewards.

NSMB2 Mega Mario
MiniMushroomNSMB2 Mini Mushroom Mini Mario can run extremely fast and his jumps are really high, he can also run on water and enter small Warp Pipes. NSMB2 Mini Mario
GoldFlower Gold Flower Gold Mario can throw golden balls that can kill special enemies and make explosions of Coins. NSMB2 Golden Mario
FrostyFlowerSML3D Frosty Flower Frosty Mario has multiple attacks. He can throw iceballs to freeze enemies too, but also he can walk or skate on water and cold water, can freeze himself inside a great iceball to roll and can do a Ice Spin to freeze nearby enemies. This form is like an advanced Ice Mario. FrostyMarioSML3D
SandMushroom Sand Mushroom Sand Mario can turn into a twister to kick enemies and defeat them. He also can walk safety on quicksand and is more agile, so he can perform better moves. SandMario
LaserLensSML3D Laser Lens

Laser Mario can shoot lasers that will bounce on respective corners and defeat enemies and press switches and other objects to discover items and secrets.

SpikyHelmetSML3D Spiky Helmet Spiky Mario can protect himself by crouching, showing the spikes of his helmet, but he can also hide in his shell and dash with it. He also can stomp strong enemies with the spikes under the shoes, and can climb mountains. SpikyMarioSML3D

Yoshi's Power-Ups

Power-Up Name Power Result Name
BlimpBerry Blimp Fruit The Blimp Fruit turns Yoshi into Blimp Yoshi, allowing him to float for a short period of time. BlimpYoshi Blimp Yoshi
DashPepper Dash Pepper The Dash Pepper turns Yoshi into Dash Yoshi, allowing him to run at incredible speed for a short period of time. DashYoshi Dash Yoshi
BulbBerry Bulb Berry The Bulb Berry turns Yoshi into Bulb Yoshi, making him shiny so he can make invisible platforms visible. BulbYoshi. Bulb Yoshi
DigPeanut Dig Peanut The Dig Peanut turns Yoshi into Dig Yoshi, so he can dig underground and find objects and hidden places. MarioDigYoshi Dig Yoshi
IcedPepper Ice Banana The Ice Banana turns Yoshi into Ice Yoshi, allowing him to spit iceballs and freeze enemies. Cyan Yoshi SMW3D Ice Yoshi
BombGrapes Bomb Grapes The Bomb Grapes turn Yoshi into Bomb Yoshi, allowing him to throw Bombs at enemies and kill them. He can throw 2 Bombs at once RiddenBombYoshi Bomb Yoshi

Baby Yoshi Colours

Egg Power Baby Yoshi Name
GreenBabyYoshiEggSML3D Green Baby Yoshi makes the player more agile, making great jumps and being faster. Green Baby Yoshi Green Baby Yoshi
90px Blue Baby Yoshi can shoot bubbles to trap enemies inside them. Baby Yoshi Blue Baby Yoshi
MagentaBabyYoshiEggSML3D Magenta Baby Yoshi can turn into a giant balloon and float up into the air, much like Blimp Yoshi. Magenta Baby Yoshi Magenta Baby Yoshi
YellowBabyYoshiEggSML3D Yellow Baby Yoshi can turn shiny to light up darker areas. Yellow Baby Yoshi 3D Yellow Baby Yoshi
RedBabyYoshiEggSML3D Red Baby Yoshi can swallow normal and massive enemies and spit them as great fireballs. Red Baby Yoshi Red Baby Yoshi
CyanBabyYoshiEggSML3D Cyan Baby Yoshi can swallow normal and massive enemies and spit them as great iceballs. Cyan Baby Yoshi Cyan Baby Yoshi

Other Items and Objects

Image Name Description
CoinSM3DL Coin Coins are very common items, they appear in every level of the game and can replenish the player's health. Getting 50 Coins in a level will give Mario a 1-Up. Coins also are used to buy items.
Blue Coin Blue Coin Blue Coins appears when the player press a P-Switch, they are in groups and worth 5 Coins. After collecting all, the player will get a 1-Up Mushroom.
SilverCoinSML3D Silver Coin Silver Coins are very rare Coins that appear in Bonus Levels and worth 10 coins.
Red Coin SM3D Red Coin Eight Red Coins appears for a certain time when the player pass through a Red Ring, or they're thrown by a Ruby Lakitu or, can be dropped by Ruby enemies. After getting all, a random Power-Up or item will appear.
Red Coin Ring SMWU Red Ring When the player pass through it, the item let eight Red Coins appear, that will then, disappear after a certain time.
120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 1-Up Mushroom These rare Mushrooms gives the player one extra life and can be found in Blocks, hidden places and also after collecting Blue Coins.
Poison Mushroom SMW3D Poison Mushroom These type of mushrooms hurt players, so they must avoid them.
Block ? Block Common blocks that can contain Coins or items inside them.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged ? Block They're just the same as normal ? Blocks, but has wings and flies in wave patterns.
Brick Block Brick Block They can contain items or Coins inside them, or can be simply broken.
UsedBlock NSMBWii Used Block Used Blocks are the result of hitting a Question Block or a Brick Block. They're unbreakable.
Note Block ♪ Block ♪ Blocks are white blocks that allows the player to bounce on them and reach higher places. They sometimes contain Coins on them and the player can jump above them to get the Coins.
POWBlock POW Block POW Blocks can be picked up and thrown to defeat ground enemies and make Coins from the air to land on the ground.
NSMB Warp Pipe Warp Pipe Common objects. Some of them do absolutely nothing and others can warp the player to other places.
Snake Block SMWU Snake Blocks Snake Blocks are connected green blocks that will move around by themselves in a set path. Some levels (mostly Castle levels) require them to reach the finish.
Beanstalk NSMB2 Beanstalk Beanstalk can come out if the player hits a Question Block or a Brick Block. It allows the player to climb on them and reach Coin Heaven.
P-Switch NSMB2 P-Switch When P-Switchs are pressed, they can turn Coins into Brick Blocks and viceversa, or make a random amount of Blue Coins appear.
YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Eggs Yoshi Eggs are eggs that contain Yoshis inside them. They can be found in Question Blocks or hidden areas, and in some levels they can be found simply on the ground. The player must hit the egg to break it and make the Yoshi appear.
90px Baby Yoshi Eggs Baby Yoshi Eggs are other type of eggs that can contain Baby Yoshis inside them. They can be found in Question Blocks or in hidden places like Yoshi Eggs.
Checkpoint Flag SM3DL Midway Flag The Midway Flag are the checkpoints in this game and are found in almost every level. If the player pass through one while being small, he/she will become bigger and when losing a life, the player will start the level at the flag.
Flagpole Flagpole

Flagpoles are the finish of the levels in this game. They're in almost every level at the end of them and the player can jump on it to clear the level and get points. The higher the player reachs in the pole, the higher the points the player earns. If the player reachs the top of the Flagpole, he/she can get a 1-Up Mushroom.


The player needs to travel trough many places of the Sarasaland Kingdom to get to Tatanga. Here is a list of worlds and the bosses.

World Location Tower Boss Castle Boss Extra Boss How to get?

World 1 - Spring Plains

Plains Goomboss TatangaBot No Extra Boss From the start
World 2 - Birabuto Desertlands Desert Mummipokey King Totomesu Mecha Wario Complete the castle of World 1
World 3 - Palm Beach Beach Petey Piranha Cheep King No Extra Boss Complete the castle of World 2
World 4 - Frappe Snowlands Ice Icelord ColdStar No Extra Boss Complete the castle of World 3
World 5 - Muda Treeway Forest Monstree Hiyoihoi Wario Complete the castle of World 4
World 6 - Chai Hillside Mountain Tamao Big Bob-Omb No Extra Boss Complete the castle of World 5
World 7 - Easton Skies Sky Biokinton Lakithunder King Boo Complete the castle of World 6
World 8 - Vocal Volcano Volcano Podoboss HotStar Mecha Bowser Complete the castle of World 7
World 9 - Dark Galaxia Space Cosmic Clone Tatanga No Extra Boss Complete all levels from world 1 to 8
World Special Rainbow No Tower Boss No Castle Boss Galactius Complete the castle of World 9



Below is a list of the bosses actually confirmed to be in the game.


Logos and Boxarts



Sprites and In-Game Models?


  • Unlike the other games in the Super Mario Land series, Super Mario Land 3D features species native to the Mushroom Kingdom, like Goombas, Koopas, Boos, and Cheep-Cheeps.
    • However, it still features the Sarasaland enemies, Goombos, Bombshell Koopas, etc.
  • Blue Toad now has glasses, to let the two Toads look more different from each other.
  • Nintendo said that the logo has the colors of the three principal Coins, the Yellow Coin, Red Coin and the Blue Coin.
    • Originally, the "3D" was going to be silver, resembling the Silver Coin, but got red colored for unknown reasons, maybe for not being a principal or important type of Coin.