Super Mario Land is a 1990's TV show. It is a cartoon about Mario, Luigi, and the enemies of Super Mario Land. Y'know, the video game. Strangely, Daisy does not appear. Instead, Princess Toadstool is in her place (Well, it seemed wrong to ditch the princess that all previous SMB cartoons had).


  1. The Fly
  2. Pompon Panic
  3. The Race for Coins
  4. Torion Trouble
  5. Luigi and the Chicken
  6. Plumb Lucky
  7. Are You Afraid of the Dark
  8. The Batadon Boat
  9. Musical Mario
  10. Tatanga's Tactics
  11. Never Cross a Chikako
  12. The Chibibo Circus
  13. Roketon Squad
  14. More Marios?
  15. Sky Pop Confusion

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