This is the list of enemies in Super Mario Land & U.


  • Goomba - These little rascals follow Mario wherever he goes, even party's.
  • Koopa - If they hide in their shell you can ride it in this game.
  • Scoomba - These enemies replace Cheep Cheeps.
  • Jump Blockhopper - These foes jump and can only be defeated by a Star.
  • Lemming Mole - These foes pop from the ground and in this game, they avoid cliffs.
  • Paragoomba - These foes fly and turn into Goombas when stomped on.
  • Shy Guy - These foes flip over when jumped on so you can pick them up.
  • Boo Boo - These Boos got injured and can be defeated by bomerangs and stars
  • Hammer Bro - These guys throw hammers and are responsible of creating the final world.
  • Bullet Blaster 2.0 - These robotic Hammer Bros. have Bill blasters to shoot Bullet Bills.
  • Bullet Bill - Flying from Bullet Blaster 2.0s, these foes are Bullet Bills.
  • Bomb Omboo - These invincable enemies act like Bomb-Ombs and cause small explosions.
  • Beach Koopa - These koopas lost their shell to get a tan.
  • Kamikaze Koopa - Beach Koopa + Shell = Run!!!
  • Pottergoomba - These goombas got stuck in pots and now take 3 hits to defeat.
  • Vinegaul - These enemy's look like green Kirby and swing around vines.
  • Vine Shroob - These shroobs are covered by vines and use the vines as whips.
  • Torion - These foes jump from water and float for 3 seconds before flying down to the water.
  • Bun Bun - These enemies fly around Mario and try to stab them with they're lances.
  • Nun Nun - These advanced Bun Buns are part of the sea district of enemies and use swords instead of lances.
  • Glowhopper - These Shy Guy got stuck in a Glow Block and an be defeated by a ground pound.
  • Fishbone - The remains of a dead Deep Cheep form this ghastly underwater enemy.
  • Xun Xun - The elite soldiers of Wario Dimension, Xun Xuns use telekanesis to ram items into Mario & Co.
  • Blooper - Bloopers may live in the sea, but they know all about ink.
  • UFOoper - Bloopers that fly are more fun then Bloopers that swim.
  • Gunner Mole - These Monty Moles are blue and shoot small and red bullets.
  • Sushi Mushi - A new enemy that looks like a sushi square and runs around fastly if set on fire.
  • Sushi Mashi - These Sushi Mushis fly and cause shockwaves when it lands.
  • Bun Beetle - Bun Beetles are advanced Bun Buns that climb on fences and are immune to capes.
  • Pinoboo - Pinoboos come from Chai and use their fire magic to attack.
  • Nanny UFOoper - Who raises UFOopers up? That would be the Nanny UFOoper.
  • Baby UFOoper - These foes spawn from Nanny UFOopers and grow into UFOopers within 30 seconds.
  • Suucoon - Suucoon babys turn into these foes and upper themselves and lower themselves.
  • Sleep-Cheep - These foes can make Mario fall asleep, which is disastrous if you are over a gap.
  • Pansea - If they are underwater they push Mario away. If they are above water they shoot water at Mario.
  • Toy Chomp - Only seen in Toybox Land, Toy Chomps spit out fire and bounce very high like other toy enemies.
  • Windup Octogoomba - if you thought Panseas were difficult, you should see this enemy's rapid firing.
  • Twirlip - Pests that despise fire and strive for hats with a m on it, which explains why Mario thinks of them as pests.
  • Gerbil Tank - Since Toybox Land is a gigantic toybox in which every life form is big, Shy Guys sneaked here to get to the gerbil farm and turn these gigantic gerbils into big wolly tanks of misery that can only be slayed with a star.
  • Swirlip - Twirlips that are blue spin so fast that they fly and become art loving Swirlips. Handle with fire and ink.
  • Tin Moneybag - these bags spit out 5 coins upon defeat and run away from Mario.
  • Plargha Plant - Piranha Plants from the muckroom kingdumb spit poisonus fireballs and slam there heads down to attack. Two jumps should defeat it.
  • Kun Kun - Baby Xun Xuns that crash stuff into walls.
  • Pyro Guy - the toughest enemy that you can only walk over with a star.
  • Bubble Kero - only seen in the final level holding powerups, Bubble Keros fly around the screen and occasionly pop if touched by Mario.
  • Wire Shroob - Wire Shroobs spin they're wires around to whip Mario silly.
  • Spy Boo - Spy Boos spy on Mario and get scared and attacks Mario first if another enemy trys to attack.
  • Mhwirlip - if a twirlip falls in lava they become inferno making Mhwirlips. Only Cape Mario can kill him.

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