Super Mario Land & U is a Mario remake of Super Mario Land for the Wii U. It has a new online 5-Player Co-Op for mayham.



  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Maria


  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Tatanga
  • Waria
  • King Boo



  • Fire Flower
  • Cape Flower
  • Blooper Suit
  • Tanooki Leaf
  • Spike Top Hat
  • Bomerang Flower
  • Bee Mushroom
  • Ball Suit
  • Paper Penut
  • Bomber Suit
  • Invincabilaty Star
  • Invincability Cape
  • Bubble Flower
  • P-Wing


  • Coins - get 100 to buy a 1UP at the shop.
  • Red Coins - get 8 to get a Cape Flower.
  • Golden Coins - collect all 6 to face the final boss.


Mario is enjoying a relaxing at Daisy's castle when Wario, Waluigi, Waria, and Tatanga destroy Daisy's Castle and kidnap Daisy. Mario has to save her and also collect 6 Gold Coins to get to Wario's Dimension to battle Wario.

Land 1: Snowy Land

The first golden coin is within a snowy castle filled with Bomb Omboos and Boo Boos. There are two crosspaths, 1 leads to the first golden coin and the boss Boo-Boo, the other to a portal to Paint Land.

Land 2: Venom Land

The next golden coin lives in a toxic jungle filled with Bun Buns and Vine Shroobs. Riding shells and vines is recommended in this world, even agintst the gigantic Kumo Black Widow. Fire Flowers and Cape Flowers are seen in this world.

Land 3: Paint Land

The next golden coin is trapped in Waluigi's Canvas World. He has painted many sorts of enemies, even the new enemy called Glowhopper. At the end of the world Waluigi writes a gigantic pinopi called Pinomaje.

Land 4: Dessert Land

This may be the only land besides Wario Dimension that doesn't have golden coins, but it is the only way to Sea Land, the fourth golden coin area. Xun Xuns are introduced here to block Sea Land off. Once you get to the top, you can see Sea Land in the distance, but then the boss called Bun Nun Xun appears and battles you. Once you win you go to Sea Land.

Land 5: Sea Land

The next golden coin is in a deep sea. The deep sea's enemies are mostly Scoombas and Bloopers, but a secret tunnel will take you to Muckroom Kingdumb Land. If you follow the currunts, you you get to waria and face Danglhonen

Land 6: Toybox Land

Golden Coin Number 5 is in a cheerful box in Mario Toy Company which its insides have been expanded enormously and the outside is like a castle entrance. Inside has what every person wants: a butler, a gerbil, and a flat screen!!! Too bad the toybox is haunted by King Boom Boo.

Land 7: Muckroom Kingdom Land

The final Golden Coin is in the deep sewers in the muckroom kingdumb. Mario must use his wits to get through the sewer maze that has genos maze music. The sewers are infested with plarga plants and vine shroobs. The boss here is Plagley Piranah.

Land 8: Wario Dimension

The six golden coins open a twisted version of Diamond City and a very tough area if you don't have a cape flower. The final boss is neither Wario nor tatanga, but the evil that created this dimension whose name is Platinum Ruler.

Bosses And How To Defeat Them


First attack Boo-Boos pacifier to flip him over, then jump on him. Do this 5 times to defeat him.

Kumo Black Widow

First he spits Suucoons out. Defeat all the Suucoons and Kumo Black Widow will come down bottom first to the floor and thens your chance to jump will come. Repeat this 5 times to defeat it.


Pinomaje first whacks his hands down, making a shockwave. Then he spins his arms to create a giant tornado in which you can use the platforms inside the tornado to reach his weak spot. Do this 6 times to defeat him.

Bun Nun Xun

He has 6 slots in which you have to become Bomb Mario to destroy the slots to knock him down so you can finish him.


Danglhonen can't resist spike stuff so you stab him in the stomach to hurt him. Hurt him 7 times to defeat him.

King Boom Boo

He has the same style as Boo-Boo, but he has a timer of 2:30 and takes 7 hits.

Plagley Piranah

Plagley Piranah starts his battle sequence by spitting goo that turns into goombas and/or twirlips. He then flutters for a while leaving him vulnerable to Bomb Mario's bombs. Bomb him 10 times to defeat him.

Platinum Ruler

This goomba-like final boss starts her battle by spitting out 5 giant fireballs that can one hit k.o you. She then flys into the background and makes a whirlwind that can knock Mario back. He repeats this one more time before showing her single eye. Attack her eye 5 times and she spreads her wings and try one more attack that makes the stage fall apart. Do the stage (minus the final boss) backwards in 3:00 or less or you will lose a life and do the boss all over again.


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