Super Mario Kingdom is the next 3D Mario game. It will be released for the Nintendo Wii in Holiday 2012.


Bowser, with help from Bowser Jr., Troy, and the Koopa Troop have kidnapped Princess Peach and are now planning to rule every kingdom in the world. It's up to Mario to save Peach and foil Bowser's plan once again.



Beginning Worlds and HUB

  • Toad Town
  • Peach's Castle
  • Entryway Kingdom
  • Portal Palace

Giallo Portal

  • Great Grassland Kingdom
  • Tutti-Frutti Kingdom
  • Skyride Kingdom
  • Criss-Cross Kingdom
  • Troy's Massive Mechanical Realm

Arancione Portal

  • Yucky Mucky Kingdom
  • Scorching Desert Kingdom
  • Raceway Kingdom
  • Shy Kingdom
  • Bowser's Sinister Realm

Blu Realm

  • Splish-Splash Kingdom
  • Haunted Horror Kingdom
  • Roller Coaster Kingdom
  • Tropical Kingdom
  • Troy's Battleship Brigade

Rosso Portal

  • Gale Grove Kingdom
  • Diamond Dust Kingdom
  • Fiery Blaze Kingdom
  • Mountain Climb Kingdom
  • Bowser's Elemental Castle

Verde Portal

  • Forest Frolic Kingdom
  • Spooky Sea Kingdom
  • Crazy Carnival Kingdom
  • Big Box Kingdom
  • Troy's Sky Realm

Viola Portal

  • Twilight Kingdom
  • Koopa Fleet Kingdom
  • Topsy-Turvy Kingdom
  • Giant Kingdom

Toadier Portals

  • Magic Musical Kingdom
  • Sling Shooter Kingdom
  • Hothead Kingdom
  • Mirror Maze Kingdom
  • Tricks-Traps Kingdom
  • Junkyard Kingdom
  • Snowy Summit Kingdom

The Final Kingdom

  • Bowser's Kingdom Realm

The 3 Trial Kingdoms and the Most Secret and Real Final Kingdom

  • Skyglide Kingdom
  • Rushway Kingdom
  • Polar Coaster Galaxy
  • Fabulous Finish Kingdom


Entryway Kingdom

  • Portal Key Search
  • Entryway's Red Coins

Great Grassland Kingdom

  • Petey Piranha's Valley
  • Road to the Giant Hill
  • Mr. Scratch & Slash
  • Petey Piranha's Valley Speed Run
  • Great Grassland's Red Coins
  • The Caged Luigi

Tutti-Frutti Kingdom

  • On Top of Ice Cream Peak
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Collide
  • King Kolossweet's Frozen Reign
  • Tutti-Frutti Todd Race
  • Red Coin Dessert
  • The Melting Treat

Skyride Kingdom

  • A Rough Ride

Criss-Cross Kingdom

  • Through the Criss-Cross Maze

Troy's Massive Mechanical Realm

  • Stomping on the Omega Walker

Yucky Mucky Kingdom

  • Stuck in the Sewers
  • Mukster's Poisonous Attack
  • The Yucky Mucky Silver Stars
  • Mukster's Daredevil Run
  • Yucky Mucky Red Coins
  • Sewer Surfing

Scorching Desert Kingdom

  • The Mystery of the Ancient Pyramid
  • The Curse of Tutankoopa
  • Slaying Pokeygon
  • Desert Todd Race
  • Ancient Red Coins
  • Luigi in the Tomb

Raceway Kingdom

  • Grand Prix 101

Shy Kingdom

  • Shy King Guy

Bowser's Sinister Realm

  • The Dark Fort

Splish-Splash Kingdom

  • Searching for Underwater Gold
  • Splishy Pirahna´s Water Attack
  • Splash Guy Race
  • Splishy Pirahna´s Daredevil Run
  • Splash Guy´s Red Coins
  • Big Beach Volleyblast


Great Grassland Kingdom

  • Petey Piranha
  • Mr. Scratch & Slash

Tutti-Frutti Kingdom

  • King Kolossweet

Troy's Massive Mechanical Realm

  • Troy
  • Omega Walker

Yucky Mucky Kingdom

  • Mukster

Scorching Desert Kingdom

  • Tutankoopa
  • Pokeygon

Shy Kingdom

  • King Guy

Splish-Splash Kingdom and Bowser´s Sinister Realm

  • Splishy Pirahna(slplish-splash
  • Bowser (sinister Realm)

Troy's Battleship Brigade

  • Troy
  • Troytanic

Gale Grove Kingdom

  • Frostina
  • Mr. Scratch & Slash

Fiery Blaze Kingdom

  • Baron Burn
  • Petey Pyronha

Bowser's Elemental Castle

  • Bowser

Forest Frolic Kingdom

  • Terrorantula
  • Bowser Jr.

Spooky Sea Kingdom

  • Anglopus
  • Bowser Jr.

Crazy Carnival Kingdom

  • King Guy
  • Clowniac

Troy's Sky Realm

  • Bowser Jr.
  • Troy
  • Troymaton

Twilight Kingdom

  • Anglopus

Koopa Fleet Kingdom

  • Mecha Mario
  • Mr. Scratch & Slash

Topsy-Turvy Kingdom

  • Dizzdon

Giant Kingdom

  • Mecha Bowser

Snowy Summit Kingdom

  • Icy Pokeygon

Bowser's Kingdom Realm

  • Bowser Jr.
  • Troy
  • Bowser
  • Giga Bowser

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