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Super Mario Kart NX is a new Mario Kart game for the Nintendo NX.

Game modes

*Grand Prix (Race for trophies on 50, 100, 150, 150 Mirror or even 200cc vs computers)

*VS (Play with or vs friends or computer just for fun)

*Missions (Complete missions and fight bosses to earn coins, bonuses and stamps)

*Battle (Challenge your friends to find your eggs, find more stars or collect more coins)

*Double Dash (Play with two players on one kart (mode unlockable by unlocking onto 16 players))

*Free Run (Explore courses or have fun without competition)

*Online (Play with people all over the world)


'''Nitro Courses'''

Mushroom Cup:

Mario Kart Circuit

Toy Land

Bob-Omb Battlefield

Toad Tower

Flower Cup:

Mario Circuit

Skate World

Tjing-Tjung Temple

Mount Mystic

Coin Cup:

Koopa's Waterpark

Cheep Cheep Bay

Mole Mound Mines

Daisy Beach

Star Cup:

Donkey Disco

Waluigi Casino

Crazy Carnival

Supermassive Raceway

Special Cup:

Peach's Castle

Kamek's Library

Bowser's Castle

Rainbow Road

'''Retro Cups'''

Shell Cup:

DS: Figure-8-Circuit

SNES: Vanilla Lake 1

Wii U: Sunshine Airport

GBA: Cheese Land

Banana Cup:

3DS: Shy Guy Bazaar

Wii U: Thwomp Ruins

GBA: Boo Lake

Wii: Toad's Factory

Egg Cup:

N64: Wario Stadium

Wii: DK Summit

3DS: Maka Wuhu

Wii U: Sweet Sweet Canyon

Leaf Cup:

DS: Mario Circuit

GCN: Mushroom City

3DS: Daisy Hills

Wii: Rainbow Road

Lightning Cup:

Wii U: Electrodome

GCN: Wario Colloseum

3DS: Neo Bowser City

DS: Bowser's Castle





*Baby Mario



*Baby Peach





*Donkey Kong



*Baby Luigi (Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghosts)

*Baby Daisy (Unlock 16 Expert Staff Ghosts)

*Koopa Troopa (Win all 50cc Retro Cups)

*Dry Bones (Win all 100cc Retro Cups)

*Shy Guy (Spend a total of 30 minutes on Free Run)

*Boom Boom (Spend a total of 60 minutes on Free Run)

*Nabbit (Catch Nabbit in mission 2.5)

*Dr E-Gadd (Meet E-Gadd in mission 4.8)

*Diddy Kong (Win all 50cc Nitro Cups)

*Dixie Kong (Win all 100cc Nitro Cups)

*Birdo (Play Time Trials on 20 courses)

*Toaddette (Play Time Trials on all courses)

*Bowser Jr. (Win all 150cc Retro Cups)

*Kamek (Win all 150cc Nitro Cups)

*Petey Piranha (Win all 200cc Retro Cups)

*Mii outfit A (Win all 200cc Nitro Cups)

*Rosalina (Win all 150cc Mirror Retro Cups)

*Mii outfit B (Win all 150cc Mirror Nitro Cups)



Triforce Cup (Mario Kart X Zelda)

Bell Cup (Mario Kart X Animal Crossing)


*Lemmy Koopa

*Morton Koopa Jr.

*Iggy Koopa

*Wendy O. Koopa

*Lemmy Koopa

*Roy Koopa

*Ludwig von Koopa

*Baby Rosalina

*Pom Pom

*Baby Rosalina



*Honey Queen

*Different Yoshi colors

*Different Toad colors

*Different Shy Guy colors


Funky Kong

Dry Bowser

Cat Mario

Cat Peach

Metal Mario

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