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Special items in the game.

  • Baby Star (Baby Mario) - Has the same effect as the regular Star except it lasts longer
  • Mega Shell (Kooper) - Kooper throws an ENORMOUS blueish-purple shell
  • Mega Mushroom (Toad) - Toad's kart grows 6 times it's size for 10 seconds
  • Boo (Baby Luigi) - Baby Luigi calls up a Boo and sends it to steal an opponent's item
  • Fireball (Mario) - Mario tosses three fireballs ahead of him
  • Green Fireball (Luigi) - Luigi tosses two green fireballs ahead of him
  • Heart Shield (Peach) Three hearts protect Peach's kart from other items
  • Yoshi Egg (Yoshi) - Yoshi can tosse an egg forward of backward, which targets the closest opponent
  • Bowser Shell (Bowser) - Just like the Mega Shell except with Bowser's shell
  • Giga Banana (DK) - Donkey Kong tosses a giant banana on the track
  • Stink Bomb (Wario) - Wario tosses a yellow bomb and literally has the opponents eat his dust
  • Big Bob-Omb (Waluigi) - Waluigi tosses a giant Bob-Omb onto the track.

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