Super Mario Jumps 2 is a downloadable game developed by SGY Studios. It was released in 2014 by Nintendo for Wii U E-Shop applications and since the release, the game has had updates with new characters, zones and modes. It is the successor to the 2013 3DS  game called Super Mario Jumps.


Like in the original Super Mario Jumps game, the goal is to get to the Goal Flag at the end of each act by jumping up from one platform to another. Like normally in Mario games, collecting coins will protect the player from Goombas or Koopas. The only way the player can defeat Enemies is to attack their underside. However, if the playable character falls down, the stage is restarted at the beginning of the act. Also, as the player bounces higher, camera follows as well and does not scroll down if the player does fall down. There are different types of platforms, as the more sensitive ones will collapse when the player steps on them. Each playable character has their own abilities to survive from many situations.Now have Stage creator,Miiverse,Online Mode and Minigames 

Nintendo E-Shop Description

The original platform jumper is back with a new vertically challenging adventure with stunning HD graphics! Play as Mario or his friends running new and old worlds known to fight against Dark Bowser, turning and playing on your screen to get through levels and modes Arcade History fixed infinite.

Various Characters 

Play as your favorite character, including Mario,Luigi,Yoshi and more each with their unique abilities.

Awesome Levels!

Run through the legendary Mushrooom Kingdom or break into new worlds, including Sprixe Kinggdom and Sarasaland.Create you!

Story Mode

Race through 200 different levels in your quest to stop the evil Dark Bowser.

Challenge Friends

Compete against friends to see who jumps highest in Arcade Mode or get epic scores on scores of leaders.


Character Name Unlocking Requirement Abilities
Mario None
  • All-Round
  • Fireballs
LuigiSSB4 Luigi None
  • Double Jumps
  • Flutter Jump
Ground Pound Yoshi Yoshi None
  • Flutter Jump
  • Swallows the enemies and items
Wario Angry Wario None
  • Slow Jumps
  • Attracting Metal
Cosmic Mario Cosmic Mario Unlock with 100 coins in Shop
  • Cosmic Jump
  • Spin Jump



Mushroom Kingdom

  • Peach's Castle
  • Goomba City 
  • Poison Pass
  • Desert Cake Land
  • Luma Park
  • Shy Guy Toy Box
  • Mushroom Sunset
  • Cosmic Galaxy
  • Star Comic


You can use power-ups to get in places farther away, buying upgrades you can make the item stronger

Power-Up Name Effect Criteria
SuperMushroomSM3DW Super Mushroom
  • He makes leaps over rapids
DoubleCherry Double Cherry
  • Will clone the character doing two characters jumping on stage
  • Jump throwing water


Upgrade Name Effect
Slide1r Mushroom Lv2 More time in Mushroom effect
SM3DL-Mario Backwards Somersault Artwork
Somersault Speed More speed in Somersault
Smsmariohover F.L.U.D.D. More Water Power More water in F.L.U.D.D.