The beta elements of Super Mario Jump.

Early Builds

In the debut trailer from E3 2013 and the two Media Summit Trailers, there were several changes before the game's release date.

  • Luigi's Mansion have lava in E3 video but the final version not have
  • Chain Chomp was a boss in Poison Jungle but was replaced for Gooper Blooper
  • DK is cameo in Poison jungle in E3 video
  • Yoshi is NPC in E3 video
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    The Dark Room

    Wiggler was a boss in Rock Land  
  • Giant Cheep-Cheep is boss in Dark Room but Dark room not include in final version. 
  • Bowser have crown in E3 video


The game have canceled characters.Hacks got the characters


The Metal Mushroom is planned but canceled