Super Mario Jumps
Developer(s) 120px-KeyholeGaming.png
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
January 03
Single,Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Digital Form

Super Mario Jump is a downloadable game developed by Keyhole Gaming. It was released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS EShop.    


In the intro of game, Bowser kidnaps Peach and takes her and jumps to his castle in the sky. When Mario discovers this, he decides to follow him to the higher zones.


The goal is get to the Goal Plate at the end of each act by jumping up from each platform to other. Like normal Mario games, collecting Coins and power-ups will protect the player from enemies or spikes. The only way the player can defeat enemies is to attack their underside. However, if the playable character falls down, the stage is restarted at the beginning. Also, as the player bounces higher, camera follows as well and does not scroll down if the player falls down. Some of platforms are different, as the more-sensitive ones will collapse when the player steps on them. Each of the playable characters have their own abilities to survive from many

Mario in Delfino Plaza

situations. In addition to coins, the game has collectible Red Coins per stage. The game also has the Launch Star which bounces the player higher. The game also has blocks, which usually contain different kinds of power-ups, like Mushrooms, Fludd, Spring Mushrooms, and others. There's also coin banks, which deposit the coins that the player had collected. With these coins, the player can purchase various items from the in-game store, and to unlock characters, power ups, etc. The player can also pay to purchase coins and power-ups. The game has seven modes: Story, arcade, Multiplayer, minigames, Boss Battles, Sudden Mode,  and Shop. Story mode includes 55 levels (four of them are special), as each stage contains twelve acts and follows the game's plot. The story mode also has three bonus missions per stage. The arcade mode is a simple infinite challenge, which ends when the player falls or dies by hitting enemies or spikes. The player can challenge other players in arcade mode to get the highest score on the leaderboards.The multiplayer is like arcade but with more players (1-8).The minigames have you clear minigames of game. The boss battles have you beat all the bosses. The Sudden Mode is a very hard version of story mode where you clear all levels without losing a life. The shop let's you buy characters, stages, upgrades, and DLC.  It was announced that the game will have free updates, including more playable characters and zones.


  • Story Mode
  • Arcade
  • Multiplayer (Online)
    • Vs
    • Collect the coins
    • Beat the 10 enemies
    • Chase the Giant Goomba  
  • Minigames
  • Boss Battles
  • Sudden Mode
  • Shop

Nintendo EShop Description

Mario and friends are back for another adventure! This time, take the fun sky high by jumping on enemies and collecting coins, so stay on your toes!

  • Jumps into higher zones
  • 55  levels filled with challenges 
  • Beat bosses and collect power-ups
  • Upgrade the power-ups for more speed and power
  • Play multiplayer for 8 player fun
  • View your records in the online Leaderboard!



Character Name Ability Criteria
Mario running (SSBWIU) Mario
  • Flip Jump
  • Fire Balls
Luigi running (SSBWIU) Luigi
  • Super Jump
  • Fire Balls
  • Buy for 10 coins in shop
640px-Yoshiart45 Yoshi
  • Flutter Jump
  • Swallow
  • Buy for 15 coins in shop
Wario Wario
  • Slow Jump
  • Waft
  • Buy for 19 coins in Shop 
  • Super Jump
  • Buy for 26 coins in Shop
  • Spin Jump 
  • Bob-Omb
  •  January 10(DLC)
Donkey Kong
  • Double Jump
  • Punch
  • January 11 (DLC)
  • Slow Jump
  • January 11 (DLC)
Diddy Kong
  • Double Jump
  • January 11 (DLC)
Yellow Toad
  • Super Jump
  • Fire Balls
  • January 11 (DLC)  
Blue Toad
  • Slow Jump
  • Ice Balls
  • January 12 (DLC)  
Metal Mario
  • Slow Jump
  • Fire Balls
  • January 12 (DLC)
Dry Bones (only in arcade and multiplayer)
  • Slow Jump
  • Play Bones
  • January 12 (DLC)
Shy Guy  (only in arcade and multiplayer)
  • Fly Guy
  • Spin Jump
  • January 13 (DLC)
Boomerang Bro. (only in arcade and multiplayer)
  • Boomerang Attack
  • Super Jump

  • January 13 (DLC)

Boom Boom (only in arcade and multiplayer)

  • Slow Jump
  • Punch
  • January 14 (DLC)
  • Slow Jump
  • January 15 (DLC)
  • Slow Jump
  • Spin Jump
  • February 4 (DLC)


Character Name Description
Peach " She was captured again. Mario and his friends must save her"    
File:Green Toad g.png
Green Toad

" The seller's shop. Loves to sell and guarf your money. He sometimes gives power-ups for free"

Bowser "The King of Koopas strikes again! Mario and friends must beat Bowser again"
MKXL Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr. "Bowser's bratty son, he'll torment you throughout your journey"
MKXL Wiggler
Wiggler "Catch all the body parts and he'll give you a star"
Mr. Game & Watch "Find him 5 times, then he'll give you a Mushroom"
Big Bob-omb battle
Big Bob-Omb

"The King of Bob-ombs sells things for you before you battle a boss"


Boss Character Stage How to win Description
Spiky Buzzy
Spiky Buzzy Bowser's Fortress
  1. Enter the pipe and hit his belly three times
  2. Hit the Buzzy Beetle shells inside of it
"Take on the boss of Bowser's Fortress with your new shell" 
King Whomp
Whomp King Rock Land
  1. Make him destroy his castle, then jump on him three times
"The king of Whomps and Thwomps alike, make him destroy his creation, then go in for the kill!"
Giant Cheep-Cheep Peep Beach
  1. Attack with bombs
  2. Get the Starman and attack
"An insanely huge Cheep-Cheep, throw bombs at it, then finish it off with a Starman!"
Sledge Bro. Giant Cloud
  1. Throw shells at him
  2. Hit him with his hammers
"This big guy will put up a big fight, so use his hammers against him!"
Big Boo Ghost Jungle
  1. Turn on all the lights in the mansion
"This ghost may look scary, but he's as afraid as you are! Turn on all the lights to spook him out of his wits!
Poison Blooper
Poison Blooper Lost Jungle
  1. Shoot him with fireballs
  2. Jump on his head 3 times
"This squid is filled with poison, so don't touch it! Instead, shoot fireballs at it, that'll make it safe to jump on his head!
King Crabs
King Crab Gold Beach
  1. Throw nearby rocks at him
"Don't get too close to this angry little crab, or he'll hurt you with his claws! Throw rocks at him instead!"
Gooper blooper
Gooper Blooper Poison Island
  1. Shoot fiery paint in Gooper Blooper's face
"Watch out, this huge Blooper with tackle you with it's massive tentacles! Find some fire paint around the arena, and blast him!"
Big Bob-omb battle
Big Bob-Omb Bomb Clouds 
  1. Throw Bob-ombs inside the Clown Car and make him fall
  2. Throw Bob-ombs at King Bob-omb
King Boo Luigi's Mansion
  1. Play light in King Boo
  2. View the mirror and beat King Boo 
Bowser Jr NSMBU
Bowser Jr. Sky Castle 
  1. Dodge the handles Koopa Clown after he throws bombs to explode
Bowser Bowser's Castle
  1. Escape of fireballs and attack with fire
  2. Escape of Bowser Amp and beat with shell
DryBowser 3DL
Dry Bowser Dry Bowser's Castle (Special Stage)
  1. Escape of Blue fireballs and attack with fire
  2. Escape of Dry Bones and Hammer Bros. and beat with shell
Boss Bass 3D Art
Boss Bass Cheep-Cheep Beach (DLC Stage) 
  1. Jump in head of Boss Bass
"Beat Boss Bass or serve as food"
Banzai Bill Bullet Battlefield (DLC Stage)
  1. Play bullets bills in Banzai Bill
Poking Pokey Ruins (DLC Stage)
  1. Takes every bit of your body
Poking Battle 2 The Pokey Castle  (DLC Stage)
  1. Jump to the head and drop the crown and beat with Hammer
  2. Same the first battle but drop the crown
Chill Bully Frozen Park (DLC Stage)
  1. Drop Chill Bully of plataform
Big Bully Bully Lava (DLC Stage)
  1. Drop Big Bully of plataform
Big Bertha Cheep-Cheep Castle (DLC Stage)    
  1. Make Big Bertha eats Bob-ombs
Baby eyerok
Eyerok Eyerok Desert(DLC Stage)
  1. Beat the eyes of Eyerok
Boss Skull 2
Boss Skull-Bomb Skull Bomb-Factory
  1. Play bananas in boss
  2. Jump in crown



  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Shy Guy Bazaar
  3. Boo Mansion
  4. Bowser's Castle (Outside)  Boss : Spiky Buzy
  5. Toad City
  6. Rock Rock Mountain
  7. Swoopers Caves
  8. Rock Land   Boss : Whomp King
  9. Sand of shell
  10. Micro Sky
  11. Lakitu Island
  12. Lakitu Clouds
  13. Peep Beach  Boss : Giant Cheep-Cheep
  14. Sand Storm
  15. Yoshi's Island
  16. Bomb-Battlefield
  17. Giant Cloud  Boss : Sledge Bro.
  18. Mad Waters
  19. Spooky Poison Land
  20. Ghost Storm
  21. Blue Road
  22. Mario Zone
  23. Ghost jungle Boss : Big Boo 
  24. Mushroom Valley
  25. Hazy Maze Cave
  26. Poison Jungle
  27. Boo Boat
  28. Lost Jungle Boss : Poison Blooper
  29. Desert of Bombs
  30. Toys Park
  31. Cook Arena
  32. Gold Beach  Boss : King Crabs
  33. Desert Fortress
  34. Swoop Cave
  35.  Bee Galaxy
  36. Retro Circuit
  37. Poison Island Boss : Gooper Blooper
  38. Bullet Sky
  39. Boo Valley
  40. Bomb Clouds Boss : Bob-Omb
  41. Koopa Waters
  42. Shell Park
  43. Lava Cave
  44. Mario Land
  45. Wario Palace
  46. Luigi's Mansion Boss : King Boo
  47. Leaf Island
  48. Peach's Castle (Outside)
  49. Sky Castle Boss : Bowser Jr.
  50. Peach's Castle
  51. Bowser's Castle Final Boss : Bowser
  52. Mario Circuit  (Special Stage)
  53. Starship Mario  (Special Stage)
  54. Wiggler Florest (Special Stage)
  55. Dry Bowser's Castle (Special Stage) Boss : Dry Bowser

DLC Stages

  1. Cheep Cheep Beach Boss : Boss Bass
  2. Mushroom House
  3. Bullet Battlefield Boss : Banzai Bill 
  4. Block Block Sky
  5. Pokey Ruins Boss : Poking
  6. Ice Mushroom Valley
  7. The Pokey Castle Boss : Poking 2 
  8. Shy Guy Ship
  9. Koopa Ship
  10. Frozen Park Boss : Chill Bully 
  11. Lava Lava Land
  12. Rainbow Airship
  13. Bully Lava Boss : Big Bully
  14. Cheep-Cheep Castle Boss : Big Bertha
  15. Eyerok Desert Boss : Eyerok
  16. Skull Bomb-Factory Boss : Boss Skull-Bomb


You can use power-ups to get in places farther away, buying upgrades you can make the item stronger

Power-Up Name Effect Criteria
  • He makes leaps over rapids
  • Get in stage
  • Jump throwing water
  • Get in stage 
Propeller Mushroom
  • Using it you can fly
  • Get in stage
Bee Mushroom
  • Using it you can fly but not touch in water
  • Get in Stage
  • Lets you invisible and double jumps
  • Get in Stage
Super Leaf
  • Using it you can fly for 30 seconds
  • Buy for 100 coins in shop
Boomerang Flower
Boomerang Flower
  • Attack with boomerangs
  • Buy for 120 coins in shop
Spring Mushroom
  • You can jump very high, but it's hard to control
  • Buy for 126 coins in shop
SMG2 Cloudflower
Cloud Flower
  • Jump with clouds
  • Buy for 135 coins in shop
Bullet Bill Art SMWU
Bullet Bill
  • Hold it and you can go full speed
  • Buy for 200 coins in shop
480px-NSMB2 BulletBill
Gold Bullet Bill
  • Hold it and you can go full speed and coins
  • Buy for 300 coins in shop
Acorn Shroom
Super Acorn
  • You transform in Flying Squirrel and fly
  • Buy for 320 coins in shop
120px-SMW Cape Feather
Cape Feather
  • You fly with cape
  • January 16 (DLC)
Boo Mushroom
  • Lets you invincible to boos and invisible
  • January 17 (DLC)
Balloon Baby Yoshi
  • Inflating like balloon
  • February 4 (DLC)
SMG2 Dashpepper
Dash Pepper
  • Leaves you with super speed
  • ~new
    March 5 (DLC)


Item Name Function
Coin 2
Coin Collect coins for buy characters,power-ups and upgrades
Star Coin Collect 3 star coins in all stages for unlocked special stages
Red Coin collect 8 red coins for got 1-Up mushroom
Chance Cube
Chance Cube try your luck to see coins,1-Up mushroom or a goomba
Green Warp Pipe NSMBU
Warp Pipe Serves as a cannon
Brick Block
Brick Block Come coins
Smoke Block Come Goomba or Poison Mushroom
Question Block 3D
Question Block Come power-ups and coins
1-up Mushroom
1-Up Mushroom It serves to give life
Yellow Platform SM3DL
Platform serves not to fall
Cannon Play you far
Wiggler Segment Find all to win a star
Note Block
Note Block To jump higher


Upgrade Name Effect Criteria
Mushroom Lv2
  • More time in mushroom effect
Buy for 45 coins in shop
Fludd Water Power
  • More water in fludd 
Buy for 50 coins in shop
Fludd Water Rocket
  • More speed with fludd water
Buy for 55 coins in shop
Fludd Spin
  • Spin jumps with fludd
Buy for 100 coins in shop
Fludd Flip jump
  • Flip jumps with fludd
Buy for 110 coins in shop
395px-Wall Jump
Wall Jump
  • You can then use wall jump
Buy for 113 coins in shop
More Cloud
  • More clouds in cloud flower effect
Buy for 120 coins in shop
More Super Leaf 
  • Fly with Super Leaf with 40 seconds 
Buy for 126 coins in shop
Super Doubles Jumps
  • Make big doubles jumps
Buy for 130 coins in shop
More Propeller
  • More speed in Propeller Mushroom
Buy for 140 coins in shop
Bullet Bll Super Speed
  • More speed in Bullet Bill
Buy for 169 coins in shop
More Power in Bullet Bill
  • More power in Bullet Bill
Buy for 179 coins in shop


The development of Super Mario Jumps started  as soon as Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released.Many of the ideas were based on those shown in the  game.for example, included star in final of level,In an interview with 

Mario and Bullet Bill in an under-developed of Luigi's Mansion the final version was not lava

Shy guy yellow  the creator of game says Lumas, Rosalina and Lubba would appear but later canceled, also not to just jump and fly rather like Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy 2 All galaxies phases were but one was canceled.In an interview with Keyhole Gaming revealed that the name of the game in Super Mario flying in space,the development of the game and the Black Yoshi Koopalings were confirmed to be playable

Beat Elements


Super Mario Jumps  ha extremely positive reviews. EDGE magazine has given the game a perfect score of 10 out of 10 best spin-off mario game with awesome gameplay,grafics and stages  ,Official Nintendo Magazine grants it a 97%, while Game Informer has given the game 9.25 out of 10.IGN and Gamespot granted the game a great 9/10 but not many bosses. 




Credit of arts and characters


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