Super Mario Jr. 2 is the direct Sequel to Super Mario Jr is a Video Game for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS consoles. It Supports 4 Players.


The Mario Jr. Bros and the Mario Bros. [Mario, Luigi] are enjoying a camp-out in Mushroom Woods when suddenly Mario and Luigi are kiddnapped from their tent when their asleep by 2 Koopa ParaTroopas, and Fly away with then without a sound to Lava Land, Far Far away into the Mushroom Kingdom. The Next day Mario and Luigi Jr. Wake and notice that there gone. Mario Jr. Picks up a letter that a Troopa left that says "I've tooken your parents once again, but this time i've hid them way farther away than before, Haha!, Now you can go through 4 more lands, Haha! Bad Luck!, Sincerly, Bowser Koopa". After that Mario and Luigi Jr Go to warn the people at the castle that Mario and Luigis missing far away, and This time instead of Wario and Waluigi Jr. Going, Cream and Pedal will!

Then The gang sets off on a journey through 11 worlds with 2 new power ups, The Flower Flower, [Turns player into Flower and can camoflauge for short time], and the Liner Mushroom, Which The player turns into a line and can control how far a head they go for a short time before going back to normal [Good for skipping enemies!] The only power-up absent in the game is the Propeller Mushroom.


World 1- GrassLand

World 2- Mountain Land

World 3- Desert Land

World 4- Skyland

World 5- Big City

World 6- Water World

World 7- Rainbow Land

World 8- Rocky Plains

World 9- Boo Woods

World 10- Spike Land

World 11- Lava Land.


The Controls still the Same as always! A- Jump, Push, Swim, Budge B: Shoot Fire/Water Balls, Camoflauge as flower.


This Games Features are mostly Mini-Games including:

Time Dash

2-Player battle

3-4 Player battle

Music Box

Luigi Poker

Match Face

And Many More!


This Game sells for $19.00 Dollars at any game store.

Rated E for everyone

Mild Graphics [Same as NSMBW]

The Sequel is not yet confirmed.

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