Super Mario Jr.
Developer(s) Kuzey457
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Release Date(s)
Sometime in summer 2013
Single Player/Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
E for everyone
Genre(s) Adventure/Action

Super Mario Jr. is a Video Game for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. It supports 4 Players.


There is a Royal ceromony at Princess Peach's Castle, and Mario and Luigi were invited [Non Surprisingly]. And so were their 12 and 13 year old Sons, Mario and Luigi Jr., Plus Cream and Pedal [See below for details], Even Wario, Waluigi, and Wario and Waluigi Jr, Yoshi Jr, Toad Jr, and Birsi, Birdos Daughter! As they're Enjoying Coffee and Chatting, The Ceilling and roof come ripping a tearing off leaving dust and drywall everywhere! Koopas and Gommbas and Hammer Bros and more are marching in on all sides, sourrounding the 4 Mario and Mario Jr Bros! "Awww, look, Mario and Luigis got a son! Awww! [Enemies start laughing] Well, I got a good plan up my shell! I'll just kidnap the Mario Bros This time, Haha! Any Peach crys so much i cant hear myself think!" Bowser says floating in his clown car sourrounded by all his children... All the Koopas and Gommbas start packing around Mario and Luigi and get a giant net and put them in it, and throw then in a floating Car, all the Koopas and Gommbas start to leave the way they came and Ludwig Von Koopa comes up to Mario Jr, hand him a letter and walks away silent while all the Toads, Wario Bros, Peach, Yoshi, and Mario Bros sit still and everythings silent.... Mario Jr opens the letter and reads it to everyone, "Dear Mario and Luigi Jr, I've kiddnaped your Dads, and took them to Dark Land where their be tourtoured until some lucky soul saves them, Haha!, Try to get them, but you'll fail like the Pizza Koopa didn't get my pizza here on time, Bye, Bad Luck! Haha!". After that Mario and Luigi jr agree to find them and save them, untill Wario and Waluigi but in, agreeing to let their son's go too, so they can learn like they did, to kill Gommbas and other things!, Mario and Luigi Jr agree and say bye to the princess and everyone else, and leaves on a new adventure!

There are 7 Worlds in this Game.

Lands [Worlds]:Edit

World 1- Grassland

World 2- Water Land

World 3- Skyland

World 4- Desert Land

World 5- Mushroom Mountains

World 6- Boo Woods

World 7- Dark Land


Mario Jr. is the son of Mario and Peach, and is just like Mario, but in Mushroom High, no mustache, and is as tall as Waluigi. He is 13.

Luigi Jr is the son of Luigi and Daisy. He is very sensitive like his dad, doesn't have a mustache, and is just a bit taller that Mario Jr, his best friend. He is 12.

Cream is the daughter of Mario and Peach and sister of Mario Jr. She is very spoiled and pulls pranks of her big "Bubby" and she's always mad. She looks just like Peach but is as tall as Mario. She is 4.

Pedal is the daughter of Luigi and Daisy. She is very loving and fond of her big brother Luigi and she looks just like Daisy. She is 3.

Wario Jr. is the son of Wario and Unnamed Mother. He is just like his dad and is very short, chubby and a big bully who steals from others, especcialy Mario Jr and Luigi Jr. He is 7

Waluigi Jr is the son of Waluigi and Unnamed Mother. He is very similar to his father, he's as tall as Luigi and is very skinny. His best friend is Wario Jr, [Who is also his cousin like Mario Jr is Luigi Jrs Cousin]. He steals and contains many traits of his dad. [Speed and agility]. He is 8.


The Gameplay is the same as NSMBW, though Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi Jr are all playable, and will continue the Super Mario bros Tradition.

Other Characters:Edit

Toad Jr is the son of Toad and Toadette. He is very small [Tiny] and is about 2 feet high. He has a big head [Like most toads...] Which has Blue dots and a red shirt with white pants and brown shoes. He's very loving and cute like a true toad. He is 4.

Yoshi Jr is the son of Yoshi. He is small and Chubby with a 3 feet tounge. He's an exact replica of his dad but like naps a lot. He is 3.

Birsi is the daughter of Birdo. She is small ad pink and loves eggs and loves her dad Yoshi. [Since Yoshi and Birdo reproduce asexually, its impossible for Birsi and Yoshi Jr, to be siblings so Yoshi and Birdo are married.] She is 4.


This Game sells for 29.99$ and is Rated E for everyone. The Sequel to this game is Super Mario Jr. 2.


Koopa Bros

Bessie Bass

Giga Lakitu


Salvo The Slime

Big Boo