Super Mario Journey Wii (working title) is a adventure-puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii & Nintendo PC. On this game, Princess Peach got captured by Bowser and Mario have to get the Princess in different areas. Mario met other species of different areas.


Mario goes to the Princess Peach's Castle for a tea with Princess Peach when Bowser and his airship comes to capture the Princess. They are on a race to rescue or be captured. But Bowser wins and has captured the Princess and brings Peach in the final area. Mario was stopped the rescue and goes to Area 1. Then, after a transportation, Mario has to meet some Star Bunnies and their master, Bunnleon. Bunnleon tells Mario their village is Bunny Highway a.k.a. Bunnleon's Village so Mario goes to the 1st course of 1st area.


Playable Characters

Every character has abilites, Star Spins and secret power-ups.

Emblem Image Name Description Abilities Special Power-Up How to Unlock
MarioIconSMSJ MarioCrossedArms Mario

Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and he is ready to save Princess Peach.

He is the playable guy to get the Koopa Troop's clutches and their master, Bowser.

Power: 56%

Ability: 73%

Stamina: 49%

Speed: 41%

??? He's already unlocked


Image Name Description Courses
NSMBWiiCoin Coin A form of money. Instead of what you excepted from other 3D Mario games, Coins do not replenish your health. However, Coins give a 1-up whenever collecting 100 of them. Not only that, they are counted up of your amount of total Coins. WHY?! They need be to paid to Pipe Blockers to get an extra course with more Power Stars. Everywhere there is.


Area 1 - Bunny Highway

Mario meets several Star Bunnies. Here, Mario learns the information on many areas and courses by their master, Bunnleon.

The courses are medium.

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Plant Plains None. A normal easy/medium level with Koopa Troopas, Goombas & Goombos. PowerStarSMSJ Goomball the Goombo, Again Mario have go to the Goomball Kingdom to attack the Goombos and defeat the master Goomball the Goombo again. Goomball the Goombo
PowerStarSMSJ The Underground Mayhem Mario has to go the underground system and goes to a mine race to beat Koopa the Quick. None.
SpeedRunPrankStarSMSJMine Race Speed Run There's 2:50 time limit in the mine race, can Mario get the finish lap? None.
SecretStarSMSJ Underground Kabust Mario go to a secret area where Gearmo have to get rid of all the dynamite in a 30 seconds time limit. None.
Mushroom Square Clearing the mission Goomball the Goombo, Again A square full of Toads and their master, Toadsworth. PowerStarSMSJToadette in Capture Toadette is in trouble by the half-Toad and half-Koopa Toadkooert, so Mario have to rescue Toadette and destroy Toadkooert. None.
PowerStarSMSJBob-omb Rampage Mario have to get the Bob-omb to the Mushroom Kingdom to destroy the king Bob-omb. King Bob-omb
PurpleCoinPrankStarSMSJPurple Coin Square There are all 200 purple coins to search in the square, but there's 3:00 time limit. Can Mario reach it?