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This is an MidGame Inc. fan game made by iMansoorferoz.
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Developer(s) IMansoorferoz
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo
Wii Logo
Release Date(s)
August 14, 2010
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included DS Card
Wii Disk

Super Mario Journey is a fictional Mario game. The format of the game is similar to Super Mario World., but the story and the playthrough is different. It also includes strong powerups, NEWLY DESIGNED courses and worlds. It includes classic enemies you know and require special ways to defeat them. This is a complete game and YOU CAN SELECT UP TO 6 PLAYERS. Also, YOU CAN PLAY UP TO 4 CHARACTERS AT ONCE! This game is rated E for Everyone for Violence and Comic Mischief.


It is a beautiful day when Princess Peach goes outside to smell the fresh air, then suddenly, Bowser Jr. sneaks up on her and kidnaps her. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Wario, Yoshi, & Waluigi are told by Toadette, Toadsworth, and Princess Daisy. Our beloved heroes set off on an adventure.

They begin in the Mushroom Kingdom's Grasslands, where they meet lots of weak and common enemies, such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas. And there, they meet the king of Bob-Ombs, Big Bob-omb. He interferes in their buisness and forces Wario to battle him if he and his partners wish to pass. Wario eagerly accepts and the two fight hand-to-hand combat. Wario may be slow and may can not jump high, but he packs the perfect punch that blew Big Bob-omb away. A star suddenly comes out and Wario takes it and opens the door. He tells the others to move on and they go to the next world.

Mario and his friends go to a strange land filled with gimmicks and blocks. Mario wonders where could the princess be, since there are a lot of strange ways. Luigi says to go straight. While wandering the strange gimmick land, The heroes find a mysterious door that needs a star to open. They find Koopa the Quick, who suddenly appears out of nowhere and asks Waluigi for a fair race and winner gets a star. Waluigi accepts the challenge hoping to open the door. After a harsh race, Waluigi wins and earns the shiny star. He takes it to the door and opens it. Now they move on to the beaches.

They explore the beaches and the heroes find a strange yellow pipe. Toad believes it's a pipe to underwater and they all argue who should go in first. Yoshi decides the fat ones go first. Mario and Wario say that's just rude. But that would be a good idea just in case they get stuck so the others can push them in. Wario decides to go in first and the player has to push in rapidly until everyone goes inside.

The explorers finally go underwater and look for a shortcut to land. Apparently, they run into Cheepskipper, who runs away at first. But when they find a pipe that leads to land. Cheepskipper returns and challenges Yoshi to a duel. Yoshi accepts, he defeats Cheepskipper by eating the small cheep-cheep that jump out of water and spit them at Cheepskipper when he comes out of water. A star comes out of Cheepskipper and Yoshi uses it to open the door. The others move on.

When they come in the hot dry desert lands, Toad starts to get dehydrated, Luigi gives him a bottle of cold water. Toad finally feels better but he tells the people he gets dehydrated easily. So they have to go to shade every 30 seconds or else he'll lose a life. Later, when the heroes reach a strange pyramind, they enter. When they enter, the door closes and they're trapped until they find a way out. Eventually, they reach the top and see a door that can only be unlocked using 2 STARS! Wario and the others see a second star on a gate Waluigi goes there to get it himself. He takes it and brings it back to the others. And suddenly, Mummipokey comes out of the ground enexpected! Toad was challenged and he beat Mummipokey. He takes the star from it it uses it to unlock the door. Finally, our heroes made it out of the dreaded pyramid and its boobie traps.

They reach the snowy and cold plains. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Wario, Yoshi, & Waluigi just move around and have a long adventure going through intense puzzles and courses with wicked enemies and twists. And then, they reach a frozen lake and see Petey Piranha sleeping, not only that, they see a cage with a star in it!!! Toad and Yoshi decide to take the cage qiuetly. But they slip and wake up Petey, it roars. Toad and Yoshi run back. Mario decides to step in and fight. After Mario defeats the rutheless Piranha Plant, he takes the cage. At first, they all wonder how to open it. Then they figure out, Mario and Luigi have to jump on it a few times (Which the player{s} have to perform themselves). And Wario punches the cage till it breaks (Which the player has to perform him/herself). Yoshi takes the star and opens the door to the next world.

Next world has clouds. The heroes meet lots of Lakitu's in the world. Some friendly, some mean. Then the guys meet Lakithunder, an unfriendly Lakitu. Luigi decides to teach him a good lesson not to mess with the Mario Bros. After he defeats Lakithunder, he takes the star and opens the door to the highest tower. Mario & the crew climb all the way to the top, where they meet the cocky King Lakitu. After King Lakitu mocks Wario because of his weight, Wario grows angry and gives him a whompin' of his lifetime. King Lakitu flies away and Wario takes his star.

The next world is the canyon, Mario & the crew land from a cloud. They go through an adventure and meet a big Whomp. He's upset because all of his fellow Whomps are being treated like dirt. He blames Mario and he knows he's responsible. Mario accepts the rock's challenge and defeats King Whomp, he takes his star and notices he's missing something. The door also needs a mushroom to open! (If you don't have a mushroom to spare, you'll have to go earn in in battle or get them in gimmicks or blocks). Mario asks if any of the guys could spare just one mushroom. The place the star and a mushroom on the altar and go to the next world.

The next world is a mysterious forest with all kinds of monsters. The crew go around and meet Goomboss, who's always after one purpose, to restore the honor of the Goombas. He notices that Mario is in the crowd and challenges him, but Yoshi tries to defend Mario and decides to take his challenge. Goomboss accepts, saying that he's so eager to destroy himself. But Yoshi never fails. He takes the star places it on the altar. The door begins to shine and open. This could only mean they finally reached Bowser's tirf......

At long last, the crew reached the Badlands. But then, a Boo comes out of nowhere and kidnaps Mario! Luigi has no choice but to go to the haunted house alone...Even though he's afraid of ghosts, he still has no choice for the sake of his brother. When he reaches the main room. He see's Mario stuck in the mirrior, suddenly, the image changes into King Boo. He laughes and says he wants his brother back, he has to fight him. Luigi finally overcomes his fear of ghosts and defeats King Boo and saves his own brother. They both give a brother hug and escape using the star Luigi earned from defeating King Boo.

The Mario Bros. meet the crew outside the haunted house. Wario says Bowser's castle is straight ahead. The crew also runs into the koopalings. But they beat them and make to Bowser's Castle.

The castle entrance was huge! The crew may have made it to the bridge to Bowser's throne, but {C Kamek was blocking it. Mario was forced to fight him. After Mario defeats Kamek, Bowser finally shows up and says that Mario & him will have a nice battle while the crew will just watch. Mario once again shows his superior strength to Bowser and defeats him. Bowser trips and accidently falls in lava. Later, when the Bros. go to the throne. Bowser Jr. is seen holding Princess Peach captive. Before the crew could get to him, Dry Bowser suddenly jumps in front of them! Wario grows impatient of Bowser and knocks some sense out of him. Bowser Jr. grows furious and all the heroes have to fight him. After Bowser Jr. is defeated, he uses the last bit of energy to throw his dad's bones in a bowl, and Bowser is resurrected. Mario & the crew face their greatest challenge yet.

After our heroes defeat Bowser, they release Princess Peach and she gives a kiss on Mario's cheek. Back at Peach's castle, they celebrate. And everyone is having cake, including the supporting friends



For the first time ever, play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and many more at one in an all new 3D adventure! The game lets you select up 1 character for each player (max=4) on a 6 character roster! And use lots of different items and learn awsome and cool moves for your player. Also there are advantages that some characters have over others! The characters have HP and if it runs out, the player will lose a life. To restore HP, there are certain types of items you'll need. This game is also a remake of the old Super Mario World game. With cool bosses to battle! And a wicked and twisted storyline!


Our 6 heroes have to go to these worlds in order. Thus facing lots of different creatures. Most lands are new and have very weak enemies such as Goombas. This game features all new shortcuts that need special items to open. These Special Items can't be found in stores. But they can be recieved by earning 1000 coins in battle or by gimmicks.

Name Plain Description
World 1 Grass These lands have very weak and common enemies that can be easily defeated.
World 2 Gimmick Land Gimmick land has a lot of blocks that contian Special Items.
World 3 Beach Nothing's better than taking a nice walk on a hot day at the beach
World 4 Ocean Swimmers who want to see the mysteries of the deep are welcome to look under the ocean. But beware of Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps
World 5 Desert Hope you can survive the intense heat of the desert with dangerous enemies around you.
World 6 Snow It's nice to go outside in the winter and play in the snow.
World 7 Clouds Dreamers are welcome to ride the clouds, but beware of "Lakitu".
World 8 Canyon This lands contains high rocks and masons that are nearly impossible to climb.
World 9 Forest The land of the forest is a mystery. With Boos and Scuttlebugs that could creep up behind you.
World 10 Badlands Haunted Houses, Wastelands, Goul-like enemies, this could only mean your in Bowser's turf.


There are 6 playable characters. However, the Wii and DS can only accept up to 4 players.


Image Name HP Description
100px-Mega MarioBros Mario 10 Everyone's favorite red stached hero. His signature jump never fails to impress the crowds!. His special move is a Double Jump.
Luigi Jump Luigi 15 Everyone's favorite green sidekick. Luigi may be shy and afraid of ghosts, but he's got the blood of Mario. His special move is To Float.
ToadtheShroom Toad 5 The beloved Mushroom head decides to help Mario in his journey to save Peach. He has no special Move.
WarioTime Wario 9 He may be slower than Mario and have the worst jumps, but he packs a punch stronger than Mario. His special move is Dash Attack.
YOSHI!!!!!! Yoshi 11 The beloved green dinosaur returns to Mario's side. His special Move is throwing eggs.
WaluigiTime Waluigi 14 He may be weaker than Luigi, but he can run faster and jump higher than Luigi. His special move is to Spin.

Supporting Friends

You can't possibly play a game by yourself, that's why the game itself features supporters who's always behind your back giving you strength. Here are the games' supporters....

Image Name Description
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth The highest order of all senoir toads. He always encourages and supports Mario & Luigi
MP7 Toadette Toadette She's here to support Toad in helping Mario.
DaisyHockey Princess Daisy She's one sidekick, and a chick who's supporting all the heroes, including Wario and Waluigi.


One of the most common enemies in the game are goombas, which can be easily killed with a single stomp. Other enemies however, can be much stronger than the others. For example, a single Koopa Troopa requires two stomps to kill. And others need to be killed if Mario or any character used a power-up. Example, an Ice Goomba will return to normal if he's stomped or punched. But if you use a fire flower, you can blast an Ice Goomba easily. And you can punch enemies simply by pressing B on the Nintendo DS. To punch using the Ninteno Wii, swing the Wii remote back and forth. You can easily outsmart your enemies in many kinds of diferent ways. Another amazing addition is that you can wear a Blue Koopa Troopa's shell once you defeat it, this was a reference to Super Mario 64 where you can slide on the Koopa's shell. You can also wear a Blue Paratroopa's shell. Note that the enemies list was not added to this page because it's too long. To see the game's enemies, click on this.


Attacking is divided into two groups, BASIC, and SPECIAL. For for the special attacks such as fire thrower you need items. But here are the basic attacks you can use against your enemies and bosses.


  • JUMP - Classic attack.
  • PUNCH - Newly added attack.
  • KICK - Newly added attack. (To use, press punch 3 times)


  • FIRE THROWER - A move used in Super Mario Bros.
  • ICE THROWER - A move to freeze your enemy. (If the enemy is vulnerable to ice, this attack will kill it).
  • MEGA FORM - Use a Mega Mushroom you will grow humongous!
  • INVINCIFORM - Use a starman and kill any enemy you run into!
  • SHELL FORM - Use the control pad to slide. (For the Wii, just move the remote around).

Here below are the items required to use these special attacks.


Items are the key to using Special Attacks against your enemies. Here below are the items that you can use to power up. Remeber that some items only work on characters that need that item. Example, Mario and Luigi only uses Mushrooms and Fire Flowers and Wario and Waluigi uses Poison Mushrooms to power-up. It's quite amazing that the game requires Special Items for different characters.

Image Name Effect
Mushroom2 Mushroom Fully restores Mario, Luigi, or Toad's HP and powers them up.
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Gives 1 life to the Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, or Waluigi.
FireFlower Fire Flower Transforms into Fire Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Toad, or Wario.
Ice Flower Ice Flower Transforms into Ice Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Wario, or Toad
Poison MushroomSMWWii Poison Mushroom Fully restores the HP of Wario & Waluigi and powers them up.
BlueShell Blue Shell Transforms the player into Shell Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, and Wario.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom This can transform any character into Mega form for 30 seconds.
PowerStar Starman Can make any character invincible for 30 seconds
Yoshi Berries Yoshi Berries Powers-Up Yoshi and restores his HP.


The bosses in the table are listed in the order of which you battle. Bear in mind that each boss becomes harder and that includes Bowser. Each boss is also fought by a different character. Example, Big Bob-Omb is fought by Wario and Koopa the is fought by Waluigi. However, I didn't add the bosses in this page because there's too much. Click on this link to view the bossess of the game. You will find that every boss you defeat, they'll give you a star, making you stronger.



Logos and Boxart




  • This is game is a remake of "Super Mario World". It also seems to return some characters.
  • Koopa the Quick and Big Bob-omb haven't really been in a lot of games so this game introduced them as bosses.
  • Bowser is fought the first time and is one of the hardest bosses in the entire game.
  • This is the very first game that features all kinds of items needed for different kinds of characters to power-up.
  • This is the very first game to feature a boss battle up to 4 players at the SAME TIME!
  • This game was about to recieve a E10 rating because of too much violence. iMansoorferoz toned down the violence a bit.
  • Yoshi strangely requires a Berry to restore his HP and power-up himsef.
  • Gimmick Land was actually test world to see if users would actually like it or not.