Enemies appear throughout the game's levels



Enemy kind


Goombo Goombe Basic It just walks around. If they see Mario they try to ram into him. just spray them or stomp to instantly defeat them, like the ones from the Super Mario Galaxy series.
Winged Goombo Winged Goombe Airborne/Basic They either fly or jump. Squirt it with water to turn into a normal Goombe, or just stomp on it to defeat.
Strollin' Stu Strollin' Stu Basic They behave like a Goombos. Some of them come out of Wall Portals like a Goomba comes out of Pipe Portals, but they are still not artificial
N/A Artificial Strollin' Stu Basic/Goop These guys come out of tiny goop generators and they have goopy "hair".
Soarin' Stu NSMBDIY Soarin' Stu Airborne They fly around an area. They can act as platforms as well. Defeat by stomping.
Smolderin' Stu NSMS Smolderin' Stu Fire They are like Strollin' Stu's except they are on fire. Squirt them with F.L.U.D.D and then defeat them like a Strollin' Stu.
SeedyPodSMWii Seedy Pod Plant Just because it's a singing plant doesn't mean it can't hurt you. If you get to close it burrows underground and dirt flies out of the ground. If it touches you you get hurt. Get a little far away from him and squirt him with F.L.U.D.D. He will become dizzy and you can jump on him and he will die.
Fire Snake NSMBDIY

Fire Snake

Fire They just hop around. Don't touch them or you'll get burned. Just put them out with water.


Undead They usually are hovering around. Wheen you are not looking they charge at you. When you look at them they disappear then reappear when you stop looking. Stomp on to defeat it.
Pink Boo

Pink Boo

Undead Spray them to temporarily turn them into pink platforms. You cannot defeat them at all by any means.

Dark Boo

Undead They hover very fast and charge at you. Squirt them with water to make them still and before he starts moving again stomp on him.

Venus Fire Trap


They are Piranha Plants on fire. They attack by spitting out fireballs. Put out the flames on the leaves. Then fill their mouth with water and then stomp on there heads to defeat them.
Venus Ice Trap

Venus Ice Trap


They are Piranha Plants on fire. They attack by spitting out iceballs. Melt the ice on the leaves. Then fill their mouth with water and then stomp on there heads to defeat them.

Para Piranha


They attack by spitting out fireballs. Spray water at it to make it fall down and become dizzy. Then jump on it and it will be defeated.
Putrid Piranha Putrid Piranha


These attack with there unclean teeth. To defeat it: Clean it's teeth, spray water on it (making it dizzy) and stomp on it.
N/A" Venus Thunder Trap Thunder/Plant TBA
N/A" Piranhabon Plant TBA
N/A" Artificial Piranhabon Goop/Plant TBA
N/A" Ice Piranhabon Ice/Plant TBA
N/A" Artificial Ice Piranhabon Goop/Ice/Plant TBA
N/A" Fire Piranhabon Fire/Plant TBA
N/A" Artificial Fire Piranhabon Goop/Fire/Plant TBA
N/A" Lava Piranhabon Lava/Plant TBA
N/A" Artificial Lava Piranhabon Goop/Lava//Plant TBA
N/A" Thunder Piranhabon Thunder/Plant TBA
N/A" Artificial Thunder Piranhabon Goop/Thunder/Plant TBA
200px-Koopa Koopa Basic A simple Koopa Troopa. Squirt it with water, it will then hide in it's shell. After that, touch the shell to grab it. You can use the shell to swim underwater faster or to throw at enemies, like the SMG series. Red Shells home in on enemies when thrown.
Green Paratroopa! Koopa Paratroopa Airborne A Koopa Troopa on wings. Squirt it's wings off with F.L.U.D.D and it will turn into a normal Koopa Troopa. You can then kill him the way you kill a normal Koopa Troopa.
BoombaTroopa Boomba Troopa Explosive Either squirt it or jump on it to make it go in it's shell. When he is in his shell his shell will be lit so when the time comes, watch out for the explosion. Then, pick the shell and throw it, and it will home in on an enemy and explode. If the shell is picked up for too long or is held for too long, then it will eventually explode, damaging the player.
Bullet Bill Bullet Bill Explosive TBA
N/A Blue Bullet Bill Explosive Spray these guys to get a 1-Up Mushroom!
N/A Crazy Bullet Bill Explosive These guys have red noses like Missile Bills, and black bodies like regular Bullet Bills. They may home in on Mario or fly straight forward while rotating in manner similar to that of Banzai Bills.
Missile Bill Missile Bill Explosive TBA
BonzaiBillSMWWii Banzai Bill Explosive TBA
Missile Banzai Bill NSMBDIY Missile Banzai Bill Explosive TBA
King Bill NSMBWii King Bill Explosive TBA
N/A Squigga Airbone TBA
600px-Blooper Blooper Underwater They are commonly found underwater. If you go near them they will try and follow you until they bump into you causing damage. They can't be defeated in water so when you're underwater it would be best to stay as far away from as possible. But if they jump out from the water and you hit them with fire or swallow them with Yoshi you can kill them.
Squito Blooper NSMBDIY Squirto Blooper Land A land version of a blooper that squirts out water. It can be defeated by anything possible to defeat it with, except if you put it in water, it will just come right back out.
N/A Artificial Squirto Blooper Goop A Squirto Blooper that was created by the Magic Paintbrush. It squirts out goop instead of water.
Porcu-Puffer Porcu-Puffer Underwater A large, spikey fish that appears out of noweher when Mario is underwater. Once it appears, it will charhe in Mario's direction untill it hits Mario or something else like a rock or wall.
Swoopin' Stus NSMS

Swoopin' Stus


Swoopin' Stus are back just like Strollin' Stus are. These are commonly found near toxic goop or sometimes come out of Goop Generators. They try to follow you and when they get close enough to you they make a 'bwooww-wop" noise and swoop at the character. They can either be defeated by squirting them with water (which then turns into goop which then you have to spray) or stepping on one of them. Although, if you do stomp on one of them, they will turn into a puddle of goop and then two more Swoopers will come out of that goop puddle immediately and try to attack you.

Octo-Swoopin' Stus


These guys are a sub-species of Stu (although it doesn't have Stu in the name) that come in transparent black, transparent dark grey, and transparent light gray colors. They come out of the inky goop puddles spat out by Paintoombas. If you spray them, they will turn into a puddle of inky goop. if you don't clean of the goop, then it will produce more Octo-Swoopin' Stus. If you step on them, they will turn into a puddle of inky goop, causing more Octo-Swoopers to appear.
Whomp Whomp Stone A large walking stone creature that will fall down on Mario, trying to crush him. If Mario is crushed, then he will instantly lose a life. Defeat the Whomp by ground-pounding its back.
180px-SmilingRhomp Rhomp Stone A large roller made of stone that is similar to Spindels. If Mario gets caught in the way, then he will get crushed and lose a life instantly.
Thwomp SMG model Thwomp Stone A large stone creature that rises in the air before falling back down to the ground. If Mario is crushed, then he will lose a life instantly. Even though it is covered in spikes, Mario can still wall-jump off of them, and climb and stand un top of them.
Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle Basic Buzzy Beetles have strong blue shells that prevent them from being stomped. In order to defeat it, spray to make it flip over, them jump on it.
Spike Top2 Spike Top Basic A sub-species of Buzzy Beetles that have a red shell with a single spike on it. Due the spike, Mario cannot jump on it, as he will get hurt in the process. Defeat them like Buzzy Beetles. Yoshi, can eat them at spit their shells at enemies or cages. They are sometimes found on slides along side Rhomps. Mario cannot defeat Spike Tops that are on slides.
Noko Bombette Boom Beetle Explosive TBA
Hammo Hammer Bro. Basic Yoshi can eat the hammers, and spit them back out at enemies.
BoomerangBro Boomerang Bro. Basic TBA
IceBro Ice Bro. Basic/Ice TBA
FireBro Fire Bro. Basic/Fire TBA
ThunderBro Thunder Bro. Basic/Thunder TBA
Bomber Bro. Bomber Bro. Basic/Explosive TBA
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro. Basic Though their hammers are enormous, Yoshi can still eat the hammers and spit them back out at enemies.
CurveBro Curve Bro. Basic TBA
FrostBro Frost Bro. Ice TBA
BlazeBro Blaze Bro. Fire TBA
StormBro Storm Bro. Thunder TBA
Chomp Chain Chomp Fire These gigantic guys are not bad guys after all. Shadow Mario gave them a terrible fever. Put them in water, and they will reward you with a Shine Sprite.
Chain Chomplet Chain Chomplet Fire These guys too will reward you if you cure their fever. Each one gives you three Coins, and after you have cured five, you will get a Shine Sprite.
180px-SkeeterSMG2-1- Skeeter Basic These spiders will stride on top of the water. When they see a player, they will run into the player, trying to hurt him or her. Defeat with stomps, attack them, or eat them with Yoshi.
230px-Itsyyellowspider-1- Klamber Basic These guys look similar to Scuttle Bugs, and they enjoy climbing on walls or metallic grating.
Fuzzy giant Fuzzy Airborne These guys are usually moving up and down poles, and move along a thin line attached to them. Eat them with Yoshi, or kill them with a projectile.
N/A Tropical Clones TBA These trouble makers look and act similar like Cosmic Clones, but Tropical Clones are made of sand, not dark matter.
Wind Duppy-1- Wind Duppy Airborne These ghostly guys will randomly appear in certain places. They circle around the player before attacking the player. The player can avoid these attacks by jumping right before the Duppy makes contact with them. Eat them with Yoshi.
Bully Bully TBA TBA
120px-PodobooSMG2 Podoboo Airborne/Fire These fireballs jump in and out of lava. Defeat them with an Ice Flower or Frozen Mushroom.
Bramball Bramball Plant These guys only appear in 2D jungle levels. Their legs are spiky, so if the player touches their legs, the player will get hurt. Defeat them by jumping on their heads.
N/A Molten Serpent TBA Lava