This Page is about the missions of the game Super Mario Hover Race. In the missions, players can unlock Characters and Free Ride Courses by beating a Ghost Data.

Mission: Ghost Data Unlockable Character Unlockable Course
1 Shy Guy (2:30) Shy Guy Shy Guy Bazaar
2 Koopa Troopa (2:50) Koopa Troopa Koopa Cape
3 Toadette (2:20) Toadette Toad's Factory
4 Baby Mario (1:30) Baby Mario Baby Park
5 Baby Peach (2:30) Baby Peach Peach Gardens
6 Diddy Kong (3:00) Diddy Kong Maple Treeway
7 Birdo (2:30) Birdo Dry Dry Ruins
8 Goomba (1:40) Goomba Mario Circuit
9 Baby Luigi (2:00) Baby Luigi Luigi's Mansion
10 Dry Bones (2:30) Dry Bones Grumble Volcano

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