Press thoose buttons & Get it Back!

Dr. M's Abilities

  • Jump:A
  • Combo:B
  • sleep:None
  • Big Punch:Stylus draw circle.
  • High Pound:Triple A. L&R
  • Grabshot:l & r

Mr. L's Abilities

  • Jump:A
  • Kick:B
  • Vortex:L&R
  • Sleep:None
  • Thunder:Stylus Draw Curvy

Princess Dash's Abilities

  • Jump:A
  • Dash:B
  • Teleport:L&R
  • Sleep:None
  • Whip Crack:Stylus Draw Whip
  • Blow Bubble:L R

Breakdaisy's Abilities

  • Jump:A
  • Summon Crystals:B
  • Attack:L&R
  • Sleep:None

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