Super Mario Heroes is the seventh 3D Mario game. It can be played with a Wiimote, Wii U Gamepad, or Wii U Pro Controller.


Super Mario Heroes
D pad - Move

A and B - Jump

Y and X - Throw Projectile

ZL and ZR - Spin Jump

Start - Pause

Select - View Map


Peach, Daisy, Pauline, and Rosalina are attending the Mushroom Kingdom's annual Princess Convention. Bowser and his minions come in airships and kidnap them all. Mario, Luigi, and an assortment of Toads chase after them in their own airship. They go through eight kingdoms to save princesses and kings, and defeat Bosses, while Rosalina is following them, as she's the only one who knows Bowser is being possessed by and evil spirit known as Omega.

Worlds & Bosses

Tutorial - Bowser's Airship - Bowser

World 1 - Super Mario Land - Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong, Larry Koopa

World 2 - Subcon - Birdo and Wart, Lemmy Koopa

World 3 - Isle Delfino -Petey Pirahna, Boom Boom, Wendy O. Koopa

World 4 - Dinosaur Land - Bowser (Omega), Morton Koopa Jr.

World 5 - Sarasaland - Tatanga, Roy Koopa

World 6 - Clone World- Waluigi and Wario, Iggy Koopa

World 7 - Mushroom Kingdom-Spike,Omega, Ludwig von Koopa

World 8 - Omega - Omega

World Koopa - K.Troopa's Home - K. Troopa

World Bowser - Vibe Island - Bowser Jr.

World Crown

DLC Worlds & Bosses

Super Mario 64 Pack - King Whomp

Luigi's Mansion Pack - King Boo

Sprixie Kingdom Pack - Pom Pom

Donkey Kong Pack - King K. Rule

Super Mario Super Show! DLC - King Koopa



Mushroom-Grows Bigger

Fire Flower-Shoot Fire

1 Up-Gives Extra Life

Ice Flower-Freezes Enemies

Poison Mushroom-Kills User

Super Leaf-Grants Flight, Tail Swipe

Tanooki Leaf-Flutter Jump and Turns into Statue, Tail Swipe

Goomba Shoe-Allows Stepping on Spikes

Cape Feather-Grants Flight

Super Flower-Throws Super Balls

Super Carrot-Flutter Jump

Wing Cap-Enables Flight

F.L.O.O.D-Shoots Water and Hovers in Air Briefly

Super Acorn-Glides, Double Jump

P-Acorn-Glides, Infinite Double Jumps

Propeller Mushroom-Hovers in Air

Super Bell-Climbs Up Walls, Claw Scratch

Lucky Bell-Climb Up Walls, Turn into Statue

Boomerang Flower-Throws Boomerang

Cannon Box-Shoots Cannon Balls


Double Cherry=Banana Split-Multiplies Mario by Two.

Hammer Suit+Koopa Shell-Throw Hammers, Hide and Slide in Shell

Metal Cap-Invincible when Crouching, Punches

Vanish Cap-Turns Hero Semi-Invisible, Can walk through Certain Walls

Mega Mushroom+Starman=Omega Star-Grows Giant, Invincible

Golden Mushroom-Same as Metal Cap, except Gold

Super Tanooki Leaf-Grants Invincibility and Flight


Omega Star-Grow Giant

Omega Fire Star-Evaporates all Water

Omega Ice Star-Freezes all Lava, Kills Fire themed Enemies

Special Omega Star-Unlocks Hero's Special Ability

Omega Skate Star-Gives Hero a Baton, and Puts in Giant Ice Skate

Omega Classic Star-Turns whole stage 2D

Plunger-Allows Hero to Move Pipes

Checkpoint Flag-Allows Heroes to Place a Checkpoint Anywhere Once

Goomba Cap-Allows Hero to use Goombas to his Advantage

Boxing Gloves-Allow Hero to pick up Spiky Objects

Super Gloves-Climb,Pick up Things, Punch

Classic Mushroom-Turns Hero 2D, allows to fit in Tight Gaps

Agility Mushroom-Allows hero to Spin, Backflip, and Jump Higher

Playable Characters

Mario-Playable from Beginning

Luigi-Playable from Beginning

Blue Toad-Playable from Beginning

Yellow Toad-Playable from Beginning

Lime Toad-Playable from Beginning

Gameboy Green Toad-Playable from Beginning

Orange Toad-Playable from Beginning

Pink Toad-Playable from Beginning

Brown Toad-Playable from Beginning

Princess Peach-World 1-World 4

Donkey Kong Jr.-World 2 Onward

Donkey Kong-World 2 Onward

Pauline-World 2 Onward

Princess Subcon-World 3 Onward

Shy Guy-World 3 Onward

Sniffet-World 3 Onward

Princess Pianta-World 4 Onward

Boom Boom-World 4 Onward

Captain Toad-World 5 Onward

Captain Toadette-World 5 Onward

Bowser-World 5 Onward

Princess Daisy-World 6 Onward

Wario-World 7 Onward

Waluigi-World 7 Onward

Spike-World 8 Onward

Captain Goomba-In Between Worlds

Larry Koopa-After The Game is Beaten

Lemmy Koopa-After The Game is Beaten

Wendy O. Koopa-After The Game is Beaten

Morton Koopa Jr.-After The Game is Beaten

Roy Koopa-After The Game is Beaten

Iggy Koopa-After The Game is Beaten

Ludwig von Koopa-After The Game is Beaten

Diddy Kong-Donkey Kong DLC Pack

Dixie Kong-Donkey Kong DLC Pack

King K. Rule-Donkey Kong DLC Pack

Mario 64-Super Mario 64 DLC Pack

Cartoon Mario-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Cartoon Luigi-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Princess Toadstool-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Cartoon Toad-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

King Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Cheatsy Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Hip Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Kootie Pie Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Big Mouth Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Bully Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Hop Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Kooky von Koopa-Super Mario Super Show! DLC Pack

Pom Pom-Sprixie Kingdom Pack

Bowser Jr.-After World Bowser is Beaten

The End

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