Super Mario HD/3D
AmericanBoxart SMHD
Developer(s) BlitzerGaming
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U (called Super Mario HD), 3DS (called Super Mario 3D
Release Date(s)
NA: July 14, 2014 JA: July 15, 2014 EU: August 1, 2014, AU: August 6, 2014
Story, Mini game, Coin Rush, Boost Rush
Age Rating(s)
Series BlitzerMario series
Predecessor None
Successor Super Mario Ultimate
Media Included Blitzer Mario (TV series, Wii U, 3DS Nintendo Video), Star Wolfe Pro Reviews (YouTube)
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This game is an indirect sequel to Super Mario 64, and it's remake, Super Mario 64 DS. It is for the Wii U & 3DS. It is a 3D game. Like Super Mario 3D World, it is a 4-Player game as well. The Game is created by BlitzerGaming. It is in the BlitzerMario series. It is followed by Super Mario Ultimate.


One day in the Mushroom KingdomMario & Princess Peach are walking through the Peach Gardens,
AmericanBoxart SM3D
when Piranha Plants appear out of Warp Pipes that Bowser had placed earlier. Then a large warp pipe is where the Mario & Peach statue was, and popping out of it is none other than Petey Piranha. Along with many other bosses in the game (not with him at the moment), they want revenge on Mario. He eats the princess then jumps back in. Mario, thinking the princess is being digested, gives up & goes back to the palace, sad and alone.

Luigi saw the whole incident from the castle, & comes out and tells Mario he shouldn't give up on the Princess yet. Mario tells him about Petey Piranha coming and eating her. Luigi told Mario that Bowser's Minions would never harm the princess, or they would be put in the lava if they did. Luigi also mentions that  he saw petey open his mouth slightly while jumping over one of the Hedges in the garden, and the Princess was in his mouth.

Mario then gains hope, and quickly takes his Kart over to Sarasaland. He goes to Daisy's castle, asking her for help to bring back the Princess. Daisy can't help Mario, but tells him that Waluise is currently staying in Sarasaland, and that she and her sister may be able to help. Waluise accepts and gets Waria to come along with them. Luigi calls Mario with the Dual Scream telling him he got Maria and Luise  to help.

Then Mario, Waluise, and Waria leave Sarasaland on their Karts, to WarioWare Inc., where they meet Luigi, Maria & Luise. They ask Wario and Waluigi to help. At first, they decline, but after being contacted by a mysterious man, they join them.

After Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi get into an empty castle, Wario & Waluigi betray Mario & Luigi. Then Maria & Waluise come out telling Mario that Petey Piranha has eaten Luise & Waria. After Defeating Wario & Waluigi, Toadsworth calls Mario with the Dual Scream, telling him that Princess Daisy has been eaten by Petey Piranha, and that he is on his way to Bowser's Castle.

After the 4 get to Bowser's Castle, Petey Piranha stops them halfway through. After Defeating the Piranha Giant, The 2 princesses, Waria, & Luise are freed. But then, a Giant Hand grabs The 4 ladies & puts them in a Prison cell in the back of the Castle where Bowser is.

The 4 remaining heroes get to Bowser's throne room, where they fight Bowser, then he falls into the Lava. When the 4 venturers get to Bowser's Prison cell, they free the Princesses & Waria & Luise. But then, Giant Bowser breaks a wall down & eats the Princesses, and also Waria & Luise. The 4 remaining follow Bowser back to his throne room & face him there. He is defeated, & the 4 eaten are freed once again.



  • R: Not new character 
  • U: New character at all 
  • B: New Character to BlitzerGames and Nintendo

Playable Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Green Grass Man 2x
  • Prisoner Koopa 1x
  • Cheepskipper 1x
  • Boss Bullet Bill 1x


Key (same key as above)


  • Goomba                     Goombolt
  • Paragoomba              Octoomba
  • Hyper Goomba         Hot Goomba

        Hyper Paragoomba   'Kamikaze Goomba

  • Kuribon                      Goombrat
  • 'Heligoomba              'Goomball


Koopa Troopa            Koopa Paratroopa          Spiny Koopa               Dry Bones             Bombshell Koopa

Hammer Bro              Sledge Bro                    Boomerang Bro             Fire Bro                Ice Bro  

Shuriken Bro           Magikoopa                     Lakitu                          Spiny                    Buzzy Beetle

Sumo Bro                 Chargin' Chuck               Spike                           Spike Top             Mecha Koopa


Piranha Plant             Venus Fire Trap            Inky Piranha Plant         Venus Ice Trap     Thwomp                    

Whomp                     Whimp                          Wallop                          Cheep Cheep         Bob-Omb

Cheep Chomp            Porcu Puffer                 Fishbone                       Pokey                   Monty Mole

Wiggler                     Boo                              Bullet Bill                       Chain Chomp        Fire Chomp

Amp                          Shy Guy                      Fly Guy                         Bandit                   Snifit

Spear Guy                 Beezo                          Flutter                           Rocky Wrench       Boohemoth

Fuzzy                        Banzai Bill                   Torpedo Ted                   Blooper                 Draglet

Swooper                    Rex                              Dino Rhino                    Broozer                 Mr. I


There are no known gltches in this game.