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For decades, Rock n' Roll has soothed a Monster in a cave far below the mushroom kingdom. The 80s was a golden time for this monster to nap. You see, for decades, this monster was kapt at bay with the power of rock. But, the monster has one enemy- Replacement music. Yes, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, among other genres enrage this monster to the point where he is now awake, and connot be put back to sleep. Now, it's up to mario and friends to put this monster in it's place with the power of rock!

Chapter 1: The Opening Act

Mario is back home lying around bored. After a few minutes of thinking, he decides to start a rock band. So he calls up Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad to tell them about the news. So they pratice, and eventually, they throw a block party to play their music.

Chapter 2: Getting Noticed

After realizing their block party was a huge sucess, mario's band decides to move on to become more popular. So they lie around, wondering where to go, when Luigi suggests they play at the mall. Everybody else likes the idea, so they go to the toad town mall to consult the owner, Toada T. Berton, if they can set up a stage there. Toada says "yes", and in 2 days, a stage is set up in the mall's main court, and about 100 people are gathered and ready to hear mario's band.

Chapter 3: Becoming A Real Band

Mario & his friends are getting more popular by the minute. So popular,  in fact, that they got a record deal from Toadspeeda, the former guitarist for speed metal band Inferno and owner of Inferno Recordz. So he says that they can have the deal if they play at the mushroom revolution reinactment centre and defeat the owner of the centre, toadette, in a guitar battle. they accept, and play their next gig there.

Chapter 4: Party in the graveyard

After defeating toadette at the reinactment centre, mario & co. accept Toadspeeda's record deal and release their first album. To celebrate, mario & co. hold an album release party at king boo's cemetery. about 500 people attend the party, and everybody's ready to hear mario & friends play music from their new album.

Chapter 5: The Most popular Band in The County

Mario & friends are dominating the charts. Their first songs are #1, and their newest songs follow shortly after. Then, mario realizes that theyv'e certainly come through radio-wise, but never actually played live. So, mario & friends hold their first "official live concert" at Black Sushi Lagoon, which sold out in 5 minutes. Unfortanutely, the first one to get ahold of a ticket was Bowser Jr., the ONLY Mario band hater out there. So, when the concert rolls around, bowser interrupts right before mario's band reaches the encore to challenge mario to a guitar battle to prove that they are weaklings.

Chapter 6: #1 in all the land

Mario's band is literally the most popular band in all of the mushroom kingdom. They've dominated in guitar battles twice already, and there music is pratically ruling the world. So, mario decides that they should hold another live concert. The only problem is, they have no idea where to hold it. So they sit around at mario's house, wondering where to hold it, when yoshi mentions that back at his homeland, Yoshi's Island, he owns a Rock Stadium called Megamonster stadium. Mario & friends decide to hold their next concert there, where this time around, the concert sold out in 30 seconds. So now, hundreds of thousands of people are gathered and ready to hear mario's band play.

Chapter 7: The Gig before the Storm

Mario & friends are sitting around the tv, watching the news talk about how much of a big sucess mario's band is, when the next report brings in sightings of a large, six-armed monster coming down from Mt. Thwomp. Mario & co. know what they must do. But first, they hold one last gig halfway from the top of Mt. Thwomp that sold out in 3 seconds to know that this is possibly the last gig they will hold.

Chapter 8: Battle of the Monsters

On there way to fight this monster, mario & co. find a large robot covered in speakers and holds a large, guitar-shaped blade. Mario & co. power this robot up to use to fight the beast. When they reach the top where the monster was, the monster pulls mario & friends into another dimension, where they must prove that they are worthy to fight the monster. When they prove worthy, the monster pulls out a large, creepy-looking guitar and charges toward mario & co's robot. This is it- the final battle that will decide whether or no music will still exist.


The monster is at its weakest. Mario & co. charge towards the monster while powering their guitar and deliver a final blow, in which kills the monster and blows down the entire stadium. They've done it- they've saved music forever! The robot then drows angel wings and they play the final song while flying towards the portal that will lead them to the real world. When they finish the song and go through the portal, they find thereselves back at mario's house, where they jump in the air and all high-five, therefore ending the game.

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