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This game was created by me, BlackSushi. Do not edit whatsoever. if there's a typo, let me know in the comments.

Guitar Hero: Mushroom Kingdom Tour is a game by Star Gamer Studios.  The game is a spin-off based on the Guitar hero and Rock band series. The game features songs of its own, as well as some rock band and guitar hero classics.


The gameplay is the same as all the other Guitar Hero Games. You must hit the notes that come down the board or sing the right words. There are all 5 difficulties of a normal guitar hero game: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. However, the layout is different.

Far Left- Red note

Middile Left- Blue Note

Middle- Green note

Middle Right- Yellow Note

Far Right- Gray Note


A monster sleeps in a cave far below. For years, rock has kept this monster at bay. But, With the buildup of all this "replacement music", the monster has been awakened into the mushroom kingdom- and it's not long until the monster goes on to destroy music ENTIRELY. Now, mario must gather some friends and save rock n' roll- and all other music. 

To see full story, click here.

Playable Characters

+Indicates Unlockable


Ability: Record set- immediately sets the rock meter to full green.


Ability: Star Fill-out- immediately fills the star power meter.


Ability: Crowd Pleaser- makes it twice as easy to fill the rock meter.


Ability: Easy Finish- Sets difficulty to beginner for the last 7 seconds of the song.


Ability: Whammy Master- Will Immedidiately whammy any holds for you.


Ability: Hammer-NO- Play regularly during hammer-on sequences.


Ability: On fire- Star power lasts 5 seconds longer.


Ability: Helping the King- When at full rock meter, playing well will fill teammates' rock meters.

Donkey Kong

Ability: Quick Fill- Star notes appear more often.


Ability: Last Resort- when playing bad, it will start playing notes for you.

+ Toadette

Ability: Natural Player- When in battle, power ups are twice as effective on the opponent.

+  Bowser Jr.

Ability: Iron Play- When in battle, power ups are half as effective on you.

+ The Monster

Ability: Recover- When in battle, power ups are twice as effective on the opponent and half as effective on you.


There are 8 venues in total, each consisting of 4 regular songs and an encore, while some have a guitar battle.

To go into more information about the songs, click here.

Venue 1: Toadtree Blvd.

1-1: Back in black- by AC/DC

1-2: The Price- by Twisted Sister

1-3: Nothin' but a Good Time- by Poison

1-4: Dr. Feelgood- by Motley Crue

1-Encore: Bad case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)- by Moon Martin

Venue 2: Toad Town Mall

2-1: With or Without You- by U2

2-2: The Pretender- by Foo Fighters

2-3: Holiday- by Green Day

2-4: Do i wanna Know- by Artic Monkeys

2-Encore: Don't You Forget about Me- by Simple Minds

Venue 3: Mushroom Revolution Reinactment Centre

3-1: Hey Jealousy- by Gin Blossoms

3-2: Lola Montez- by Volbeat

3-3: Sunglasses at Night- by Corey Hart

3-4: Paranoid- by Black Sabbath

Guitar Battle: Vs Toadette

3-Encore: They Got the Beat- by The Go-Gos

Venue 4: Kng Boo's Graveyard Smash

4-1: 500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be)- By the Proclaimers

4-2: A Holiday in Cambodia- By the Dead Kennedeys

4-3: Black Hole Sun- by Soundgarden

4-4: Paralyzer- by Finger Eleven

4-Encore: Wanted Dead or Alive- by Bon Jovi

Venue 5: Black Sushi Beach

5-1: Today- by The Smashing Pumpkins

5-2: Black Sunshine- by White Zombie

5-3: Killing in The Name- by Rage against the Machine

5-4: In Too Deep- by Sum41

Guitar Battle- Vs Bowser Jr.

5-Encore: Paradise- by Coldplay

Venue 6: Yoshi's Megamonster Stadium

6-1: Remedy- By Seether

6-2: The Diary of Jane- By Breaking Benjamin

6-3: Wrathchild-by iron maiden

6-4: World on fire- by Slash

6-Encore: Monster- by Skillet

Venue 7: Thwomp Moutain Metal Fest

7-1: I hate Everything about you- by Three Days Grace

7-2: Warrior- by Disturbed

7-3: Crazy Train- by Ozzy osbourne

7-4: B.Y.O.B.- by system of a down

7-Encore: Requiem- by Avenged Sevenfold 

Venue 8: House of the Monster

8-1: This Day we Fight- by Megadeth

8-2: Burn it Down- By Five Finger Death Punch

8-3: Strength beyond Strength- by Pantera

8-4: God bring Death- By Slayer

Guitar Battle: Vs The Monster

8-Encore: Operation Ground and Pound- by Dragonforce

DLC Songs

Better Man- by Pearl Jam

Rag Doll- by Aerosmith

No one like you- by Scorpions

Ain't it fun- by Paramore

Psycho- by Puddle of Mudd

It Dosen't Matter- by Crush 40

A New World- by Dark Moor

Eruption- by Van halen

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