Super Mario Gravity Loss is a new RPG game like Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. It is for the Nintendo DS and Wii. November 11 2010 in North America and November 13 2009. It was inspired by the YouTube video series made by Alvin-Earthworm.


The game starts when a Goomba is walking down the path when he finds a Chaos Emerald and thinks it's a shiny rock. He takes it and then Metal Sonic comes and tells he to give him the Emerald to him. Goomba does not move and Metal Sonic destroys the Goomba. Than the game goes to the race track and two Lakitus are announcing the racers. Mario & Luigi in the Red Fire and Wario & Waluigi in the Brute. Princess Peach watched in the stands. Mario and Wario were arguing about who would win. Then the race started and Mario & Luigi's Kart blew up. Luckily Luigi had a Golden Mushroom. The Red Fire started going so fast and pasted Wario & Waluigi. The Wario Bros. used a Mushroom and zoom up and bump Mario & Luigi. Waluigi used a Lightning Bolt and zapped the Red Fire. Wario & Waluigi flattened Mario & Luigi but they came back. The race was so close to the end. Than some Bob-ombs fell down and the Dancing Banana said LOOK OUT MARIO!!! The Red Fire and the Brute both blew up and Mario & Luigi see Bowser. Then Mario Fights Bowser and Beats him. Then suddenly everyone looses their Gravity on earth. Everyone goes up into space. Then Sonic the Hedgehog in space finds Dr. Eggman and fights him and Beats him like always.

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

Minor Characters

Only appear in some areas.



Character Art

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