Image Name Description
Coin Coin Coins are found in every single level in the game, gaining 100 will earn Mario and extra life.
Block Question Block Question Blocks are also another item seen in every level, they are blocks that either have Coins, Poison Mushrooms, or Power-Ups inside.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Flying Question Block Flying Question Block is the similar to the Question Block, but the winged block can fly and has rare power-ups or a 1-Up.
Rectangle Question Block Rectangular Question Block Rectangular Question Block is just a Question Block, but just rectangular. When hit the Block will give 3 coins.
StarCoin Star Coin Three Star Coin's are found throughout every level in the game, they are used to unlock paths in the world map to levels Mario cannot get to by himself.
Orange Mystery Box Warp Box Returning from 3D Land, the Warp Box will warp Mario somewhere else in the level.
NSMB Warp Pipe Warp Pipe The best form of transportation in the game. When a Warp Pipe is entered then it will transport the character out of another Warp Pipe at another area.
Brick Block Brick Block Brick Blocks are just blocks made out of brick, when they are hit, Mario will gain coins usually, but Mario has to be is main form in order to break it.
767px-UsedBlock NSMBWii Used Block Used Blocks are only Question Blocks that have already been used. When hit they do nothing, because they have been used.
1-up 1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushrooms are rare items that give Mario an extra life, they can be found in Toad Houses, certain blocks, or from stomping on multiple enemies.
LifeShroom Mushroom 3-Up Moons are rare items that double Mario's health from 4 to 8. Its useful in boss battles.
PoisonMushroom Poison Mushroom Poison Mushrooms are rare items and are dangerous when touched because they will harm the character when in contact.
MidwayFlag Midway Flag The Midway Flag is a flag that is a checkpoint. Whenever Mario loses a life, he can return to same place if he touched it. Midway Flag's sometime appear twice in one level.
RedRing Red Coin Ring When the Red Coin Ring is passed through then 8 Red Coins will appear. Mario must get them to get a reward.
Red Coin Red Coin After Mario passes the Red Coin Ring, 8 Red Coins will appear and when all 8 are collected then a 1-up is recieved or a special item.
P-Switch NSMB2


When pressed, the P-Switch will make Brick Blocks into Coins for a limited amount of time.
Baddie Box SM3DL Baddie Box The Baddie Box will open which will reveal familiar enemies such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Hammer Bros. The only way to destroy the Baddie Box is using Starman.
Roulette Block SM3DL Roulette Block When the Roulette Block is hit then a random Power-Up is chosen and recieved.

Snake Block SMWU

Snake Blocks Snake Blocks are connected Green Blocks and will make a path for itself for Mario to walk on. They are usually found in Fortress/Castle levels.
Note Block ♪ Block ♪ Block are blocks and when they are jump they will make Mario jump a great height.
BeanstalkNSMBW Beanstalk Whenever a chosen Question Block or Brick Block is hit, a beanstalk will appear and usually lead to Coin Heaven where Mario will find a Star Coin, or even to the rest of the level.
POWBlock POW Block When used, the POW Block will defeat any nearby ground enemy and some enemies Mario cannot defeat by his regular moves like Dry Bones. The POW Block also can be carried and thrown, they sometimes are used to gain Star Coins.
Hint block Hint Block When hit, the hint block will give Mario hints where to find the Star and complete the level.
Cannon Cannon Whenever a secret star is found, it will lead Mario to a Cannon or something else, the cannon can be used to skip levels or to enter certain destinations.
Bonecoaster Sprite Bonecoaster Bonecoasters are coasters that resemble a Skeleton. When Mario rides it,
Swing chain Chain Chains are items that are usually in Castles. They are mainly to be swinged on.
4spinner Paddle Wheel Paddle Wheels are paddles that are all connected and when the character goes on one side of the Paddle Wheel, it only appears in the forest world though.
Water Spout Sprite Water Geyser Water Geysers are spouts of water that usually arise in water levels, they can bring enemies up and let them pass in order to try to hit Mario.
Castle gear small Small Gear Small Gears are small gears that are usually found in some Castles or Fortresses, the also appear in a few levels.
Giant Gear Large Gear Large Gears are very large gears and does what a regular Small Gear does. They are found in Castles.
Cloud trampoline big Cloud Trampoline Cloud Trampolines are Clouds that are mainly found in sky levels and give Mario a jumping boost, similar to the Note Block.
Clock + Clock + Clocks are clocks that increase time whenever the timer for the player is running out. They appear in certain levels in which Mario is timed to get the Star.
Mg chest Chest Chests are usually found in Toad Houses or even have a Toad inside after completing an Enemy Course. They give Items.
Arrow sign 0 Arrow Sign Arrow Sign are signs which point which direction to go on. Some are helpful to find secret stars and Star Coins.
Glow block Glow Block Glow Blocks are blocks that glow, mainly found in dark levels or cave levels, they are very useful.
Door Door Doors are very common objects and they lead Mario to other locations to explore. They are mainly found in Fortresses/Castles.
Tower door Tower Door Tower Doors are doors that lead to the Fortress Boss.
Castle door Castle Door Castle Doors are doors that lead to the Castle Boss.
NewToadDoor Toad House Door Toad House Doors are the enter and exit doors that are located inside Toad Houses.
NewGhostDoor Ghost House Door Ghost House Doors are doors that are found inside of Ghost Houses. Some of them actually are illusions made by Boos.
Keys Key Keys are gained after a Castle Boss and these keys must be collected in order to unlock a new world.
Oval Bubble Bubble Bubbles are flying bubbles that Mario can enter to go a bit higher, there are enemies in there waiting to strike Mario.
Bigshell Big Shell Big Shells are shells that are very large and can be walked on top of. They are found in forest levels.
DASHCOIN Dash Coin Dash Coins are really coins, but they are only revealed if Mario runs or walks past it.
IceSpikeLongNSMBW Icicle Icicles are usually found in Underground Ice levels and sometimes in ice levels or castles/fortresses. They will drop to hit Mario but will break.
Mega icicle Mega Icicle Mega Iciles do exactly the same as an Icicle does, but the Mega Icicles do not break and tilt, if Mario is hit by it, he will lose a life.
Giant floating log Floating Log Floating Logs are mainly found in the Toxic Forest and are usually floating on the Toxic Water. When Mario is staying on the log to much, he will fall into the Toxic Water and lose a life, but if he keeps jumping he will slow it down.
Box metal small Metal Box The Metal Box is mainly found in Fortresses and Castles and its purpose is to try to crush Mario and make him lose a life.

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