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Super Mario Grand Quest
Developer(s) Pixel Perfect Co.
Publisher(s) Pixel Perfect Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Release Date(s)
Holiday 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Grand Quest is the latest installment in the Super Mario Bros. series, set to be released in the holiday season of 2013. The game will be a 3D platformer, with features much like Super Mario 64. Super Mario Grand Quest is under development by Pixel Perfect Co.


The game will play very similarly to that of Super Mario 64. It will feature standard Mario power-ups along with a Power Flower, which gives players different special abilities. Levels will be accessed mainly by entering doors inside the hub world, Peach's Castle. Certain worlds, however, can be accessed through paintings, warp pipes, and other things. Like Super Mario 64, players will have an eight-point life meter. Similar to Super Mario 64 DS, four characters are playable, each with a different control style. Boss levels aside, Super Mario Grand Quest consists of twelve levels, with seven missions. As with most 3D Mario platformers, the object of the game is to collect stars and save Princess Peach. Super Mario Grand Quest features Speed Run missions, where the player must replay a mission in a set amount of time, Daredevil Run missions, where the player must replay a mission (or more commonly, a boss battle) with only one health point, and Purple Coin missions, where the player has to collect 100 coins in a level, sometimes with a time allotment. After all 120 stars are earned, the player can go back and fight Bowser again. When defeated, a second, more difficult quest is opened. In this version of the quest, the health meter is cut down to 4. Likewise, damage is slightly decreased. What previously would deal 2 damage only deals 1, and what dealt 3 only deals 2. Also, all enemies are now faster than previously. When 120 stars are earned in the difficult version, the Mushroom Kingdom level is opened.


  • A: Attack/Grab
  • B: Jump
  • Y: Run
  • Left stick: Move
  • Right stick: Adjust view
  • L/R: Crouch
  • L/R (in air): Ground Pound


By performing consecutive jumps, a player can perform a double or triple jump. If the player crouches and jumps, they can perform a backflip, or a long jump if they are in motion. If A is pressed three times in a row, the player can perform a kick. If the player attacks while running, they will slide. The player can perform a sliding kick by crouching and attacking while in motion.



Name Image Skills How to Unlock
Mario 2554998-2676523391-Mario
  • Jump: 3/5
  • Power: 3/5
  • Speed:  3/5
Luigi LuigiNose
  • Jump: 5/5
  • Power: 2/5
  • Speed:  3/5
Defeat King Boo
Toad Toad2
  • Jump: 3/5
  • Power: 1/5
  • Speed:  5/5
Defeat Goomboss
Wario Warioooo
  • Jump: 2/5
  • Power:  5/5
  • Speed: 1/5
Defeat King Bob-omb


Name Image Description
Peach PeachNSMBU The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is once again captured by Bowser. Its up to Mario and co. to save her again!
Yoshis Yoshi group
  • Green: A balanced Yoshi that's ridden by Mario
  • Red: Has a higher jump, but can't shoot eggs as far. Ridden by Luigi.
  • Blue: Faster, but can't shoot as far or jump as high. Ridden by Toad.
  • Yellow: Can shoot eggs very far, but is slower and can't jump as high. Ridden by Wario.
Toadsworth 200px

Gives some advice, and will trade a star for 10 Shine Sprites.

Bowser BowserNSMBUnew Mario's archnemisis has kidnapped Peach... again. You'd think he'd learn his lesson by now.


The game opens up with an invitation to Mario and Luigi. The invite is for a party that Princess Peach is throwing. Mario and Luigi are then shown heading to Peach's Castle, secretly being followed by Wario. Right in the middle of the party, however, Bowser crashes in. Mario and Luigi attempt to fight, but Bowser drops a large Bob-omb, knocking out everyone. But in the explosion, Mario is blasted far away...

After gaining 10 stars, Mario can fight King Boo. Upon defeating said boss, the player can access more of the castle, and play as Luigi. Once 20 stars have been found, a secret section of the castle can be opened up. This grants access to a secret level, where Goomboss can be fought. Upon defeating Goomboss, Toad becomes playable. After retrieving 35 stars, King Bob-omb can be fought. When he is beaten, the top floor of the castle can be accessed. When Mario and co. collect 60 stars, the final area of the castle can be entered where the warp to Bowser's Castle is, only able to be entered by Mario. After going through the many traps in the castle, Bowser himself is fought. After Mario defeats Bowser, the princess is saved.


Name Image Description
Coin Coin NSMB2 The main form of currency in the Mushroom Kingdom. For every 50 found, an extra life is earned.
Red Coin Red Coin Equal to 2 regular coins. If eight of them are found in a level, a star is earned.
Blue Coin Blue Coin Art Equal to 5 regular coins.
Purple Coin Purple CoinSMWWii Doesn't have any monetary value, but they appear in purple coin missions. Collect 100 of them for a star!
Question Block Question Block 3D When struck, coins or items will pop out.
Brick Block Brick Block1 Sometimes contain items or coins, but usually are just breakable blocks.
Used Block Used Block 3DL Blocks that have already been struck. At this point, they just act as platforms.
Power Flower Block Wing-cap-block2 A block that relinquishes a Power Flower, which gives character-exclusive powers.
Vegetable Vegetable2 These can be pulled up by Toad and thrown as a weapon.
Power Star 170px-PowerstarSMG One of these is found at the end of each level. Collecting these is the game's main goal.
Green Star 140px-Greenstar Received each time a boss is defeated. These Green Stars open up big doors, which reveal more parts of the castle.
Bronze Star Bronze star Still counts for a real star, but proves you had to skip the level.
Shine Sprite Shine Sprite1 There are 5 of these in each level. You can trade in 10 to Toadsworth for a Power Star
Star Pipe Item-Star Warps you directly to the Star - a Bronze Star, that is. Only appears after 7 or more deaths on one level.
Gold Shell

Gold Shell

Can be ridden to traverse over lava, water, poison, and other substances a character would not be able to go over. Be careful though - if something is hit while riding, the shell will disappear.


Name Image Description Deactivates when...
Mushroom M&S2 Super Mushroom Restores 2 health points N/A
Life Mushroom Lifemushroom Refills 4 health points N/A
Golden Mushroom Golden Mushroom NSMB2 Fully refills life meter. N/A
Fire Flower FireFlowerSM3DL Gives the player the ability to shoot fireballs. Upon being hit.
Freeze Mushroom FrozenMushroom Gives the ability to skate on water and quicksand, and shoot snowballs. After 15 seconds have passed.
Propellor Mushroom Propellermushroom Allows the player to fly. Upon being hit
Super Star Super Star NSMB2 Provides brief invincibility After 15 seconds have passed.
Rock Mushroom Rock Mushroom SMBU Allows players to roll up into a ball and bowl over enemies and blocks. Upon being hit (when not rolling)
Power Flower Power Flower Red Gives players special abilities, depending on character. Depends
1-up Mushroom 120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 Awards an extra life. N/A

Power Flower Abilities

Name Description Deactivates when...
Metal Mario Exclusive to Mario, Metal Mario cannot swim and is invincible. He will slowly sink into lava, however. After 15 seconds have passed.
Invisible Luigi Luigi will briefly turn invisible, allowing him to run through enemies and most walls. After 15 seconds have passed.
Mega Toad Causes Toad to turn giant, allowing him to destroy most enemies and objects. After 15 seconds have passed.
Bomb Wario Allows Wario to throw Bob-ombs that explode upon contact.

Upon being hit


Boss levels excluded, Super Mario Grand Quest consists of 12 levels, containing 7 stars each.

Name Stars to Unlock Missions
Lush Plains Default

Smg icon powerstar Over the Hill
Smg icon powerstar Battle with Birdo
Smg icon powerstar Find the Red Coins
Smg icon powerstar Bottom of the Pond
Smg icon powerstar Battle of the Beasts
Smg icon speedycomet Birdo's Speed Run
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Coins in the Plains

Deep Dark Cave 1 Star

Smg icon powerstar Underground Maze
Smg icon powerstar Blasting Zone
Smg icon powerstar Dorrie's Acid Ride
Smg icon powerstar Spelunking for Red Coins
Smg icon speedycomet Underground Maze Speed Run
Smg icon daredevilcomet Dinomite's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Deep Dark Purple Coins

High-Tide Beach 3 Stars

Smg icon powerstar Surf's Up!
Smg icon powerstar Swimming for Red Coins
Smg icon powerstar The Eel's Chamber
Smg icon powerstar Sea of Silver Stars
Smg icon powerstar Mario on Ice
Smg icon speedycomet Frozen Speed Run
Smg icon purplecomet Wet Purple Coins

Chilly Glacier 3 Stars

Smg icon powerstar Scaling the Frozen Mountain
Smg icon powerstar Slippin' and Slidin'
Smg icon powerstar Chilling with the Bully
Smg icon powerstar Red Coins in the Snow
Smg icon speedycomet Frozen Mountain Speed Run
Smg icon purplecomet Icy Purple Coins
Smg icon daredevilcomet Chill Bully's Daredevil Run

King Boo's Manor 10 Stars

Smg icon greenstar Battling the Boo
Smg icon powerstar King Boo's Red Coins
Smg icon daredevilcomet King Boo's Daredevil Run

Wiggler's Woods 1 Green Star

Smg icon powerstar The Infestation
Smg icon powerstar Wiggler's Rage
Smg icon powerstar The Forest of Red Coins
Smg icon powerstar The Way of the Web
Smg icon speedycomet Web Way Speed Run
Smg icon daredevilcomet Wiggler's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Coins in the Woods

Poison Pond 1 Green Star

Smg icon powerstar Shell Ride
Smg icon powerstar The Return of Topman
Smg icon powerstar Red Coins in the Swamp
Smg icon powerstar Travel by Bubble
Smg icon speedycomet Shell Ride Speed Run
Smg icon daredevilcomet Topman's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Pond, Purple Coins

Pyramid Plaza 15 Stars

Smg icon powerstar Warning! Quicksand!
Smg icon powerstar Perils in the Pyramid
Smg icon powerstar The Cold Return of Squizzard
Smg icon powerstar Red Coins in the Sand
Smg icon powerstar The Secret Sinkhole
Smg icon daredevilcomet Squizzard's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Coins in the Pyramid

Goomboss's Lair 20 Stars

SuperKeySMSJ Goomboss Brawl
Smg icon powerstar Red Coins in the Lair
Smg icon daredevilcomet Goomboss's Daredevil Run

Stratus Skies 25 Stars

Smg icon powerstar To the Skies!
Smg icon powerstar Giga Lakitu Showdown
Smg icon powerstar Paragoomba Romp
Smg icon powerstar Red Coins in the Clouds
Smg icon speedycomet Paragoomba-pounding Speed Run
Smg icon daredevilcomet Giga Lakitu Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Through The Air for Purple Coins

King Bob-omb's Mine 35 Stars

Smg icon greenstar Ka-BOOM
Smg icon powerstar Mining for Red Coins
Smg icon daredevilcomet King Bob-omb's Daredevil Run

Painful Plains 2 Green Stars

Smg icon powerstar Koopa The Quick's Challenge
Smg icon powerstar Kamek's Clash
Smg icon powerstar Red Coin Romp
Smg icon powerstar Silver-Star Lining
Smg icon powerstar Rematch with Koopa the Quick
Smg icon daredevilcomet Kamek's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Coin Panic

Magma Mountain 2 Green Stars

Smg icon powerstar Volcano Climbing
Smg icon powerstar King of the Blarggs
Smg icon powerstar Red-Hot Red Coins
Smg icon powerstar Rolling Through The Volcano
Smg icon powerstar Secret of the Lava-fall
Smg icon daredevilcomet Volcano Climb Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Molten Purple Coins

Pipe Place 45 Stars

Smg icon powerstar The Mystery of the Pipe Maze
Smg icon powerstar Piranha Pounding
Smg icon powerstar Poison Water Warping
Smg icon powerstar Maze of Red Coins
Smg icon powerstar Pond of Pipes
Smg icon speedycomet Pipe Maze Speed Run
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Coins in the Pipe Maze

Astounding Airship 55 Stars

Smg icon powerstar The Aerial Armada
Smg icon powerstar Bowser Jr.'s Attack
Smg icon powerstar Red Treasure on the Airship
Smg icon powerstar Propeller Glide
Smg icon speedycomet Racing for Red Coins
Smg icon daredevilcomet Bowser Jr.'s Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Coins in the Airship

Bowser's Castle 60 Stars

Smg icon grandstar Bowser's Final Stand
Smg icon powerstar Tricks, Traps and Red Coins
Smg icon daredevilcomet The Ultimate Test

Mushroom Kingdom 120 Stars*

Smg icon purplecomet Purple Coin Challenge

*The player must have 120 stars in both the easy and difficult quests.

Castle Secret Stars

Peach's Castle consists of 25 secret stars, which go towards the goal of reaching 120 stars. 6 of the castle stars are trading Shine Sprites to Toadsworth.


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References to Other Games

  • Super Mario 64: Multiple elements from this game appear, including Power Stars, jumping through paintings to access levels, triple jumps, etc.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Shine Sprites originiate from this game, and their purpose is similar to what Blue Coins did in the same game.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Speed Runs, Daredevil Runs, and Purple Coin missions originated in this game. Also, the Freeze Mushroom has the same effect of the Ice Flower from this game.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: The Rock Mushroom and Squizzard originate from this game.


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