Super Mario Genesis is a 3D platformer in the Mario series. It was made by Red Inc.. It follows Super Mario 3D Land. This game features levels, enemies, and items from previous games in the Mario series. It was developed to celebrate Mario's history. The game was made for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.


Advances in Gameplay

  • New courses, along with an all-new World theme.
  • New power-ups are introduced.
  • The Cape Feather and Mega Mushroom power-ups return.
  • New enemies are introduced.
  • The Koopa Kids return to the series.
  • Rosalina is the Super Guide character.
  • New Toad House minigames are introduced.
  • Bosses can be fought outside of Tower and Castle levels.



Image Character Description
2554998-2676523391-Mario Mario

The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom returns to stop Bowser from taking over the world! On his adventure he is joined by his cowardly brother, Luigi, and Toad & Toadette. He is a very standard character.

N/A Luigi Mario's younger brother joins in on the journey. He won't be scared by Boos this time! Luigi is harder to control, as he has less traction and can't turn as sharp as Mario. Although he does have the highest jump in the game!
NSMBWiiUToad Toad Toad, Princess Peach's bodyguard, is a basic character like Mario. He is only playable in multiplayer modes.
N/A Toadette Toad's sister is another character playable in multiplayer modes. She jumps higher than Mario and Toad, but not as high as Luigi.

Supporting Characters

Image Character Description Role
MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi Yoshi arrives! He is a ride-able character. He can use his lon tongue to eat fruit and enemies. He can also flutter-jump. Ride-able character
Toad Group Toads More of Peach's bodyguards. They are determined to make Mario and friends' journey easier. They can be found with the binoculars. Run Toad Houses, give power-ups, Star Medals, and 1-Up Mushrooms, and can show the player secret areas in levels
NSMBWiiUPeach Princess Peach Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser yet again. She is only a small part of his scheme, so he plans to abandon her. Must be rescued in World 8
Daisy MK7 Princess Daisy Bowser needed a distraction for Mario and co., so he ordered King Boo to kidnap Daisy. It is finally confirmed she and Luigi are in a relationship! Must be rescued in World 3
Pianta Group Piantas These friendly specimens are seen in the levels of World 2. They serve a similar purpose to the Toads. The Doot Doot Sisters also appear. Give power-ups, can be talked to, and will sometimes hurl the character into the air
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina The protector of the cosmos returns from the Super Mario Galaxy games! If the player loses 6 lives in a course, she will appear and offer to transport the character to the goal. She also appears in World 8. She invites Mario and friends onto the Comet Observatory and guides them further into the World. Super Guide character

Builds a path linking World 8-Fort Icon and World 8-6


Name Power Stars Game Bosses


Image Item Description
CoinSM3DL Coins Give the character an extra life when 100 are collected.


Image Form Item Needed Description
SmallMario3DLand Small Form (starting form) None In Small form, the character has no powers.
80px Super Form SuperMushroom In Super form, the character can ground-pound Brick Blocks to destroy them.
MegaMario Mega Form Mega Mushroom In Mega form, the character is invincible. He or she can break almost anything and can defeat any enemy.
Mini Mario NSMBVR Mini Form NSMBWiiMiniMushroom In Mini form, the character jumps higher, can fit through small spaces, and can enter tiny Warp Pipes.
Firemario Fire Form FireFlower In Fire form, the character can throw fireballs that destroy most enemies.
Cape MarioSMWWii Cape Form Cape FeatherSMWWii In Cape form, the character can fly, glide, and fall slowly. Ground-pounds also become more powerful.
ThunderMario Thunder Form Lightning Cloud In the new Thunder form, the character can throw lightning balls that temporarily stun all enemies and objects.
N/A Bowser Form BowserMushroom In the new Bowser from, the character can throw fireballs and slide on lava. Ground-pounds also become so powerful they can defeat most enemies near the character.
Starmanmario Invincible Form Star In Invincible form, the character defeats any enemy on contact and cannot be hurt.


Image Enemy Discription World First Appeared In


These characters are battled in Towers and Castles. They serve Bowser and help him achieve his goals. Some bosses are battled outside of Towers and Castles.

Image Boss Description Stages
NSMBWiiUBowser Bowser Mario's archenemy returns with a master plan. As he has always done, he abducts Princess Peach. Each time he is battled, a special tactic is required to defeat him. He attacks by breathing fireballs and trying to jump on the character. He may also use a tail attack and/or shell spin move. W4-Bowser Castle Icon
W8-Bowser Castle Icon
Bowserjr MP9 Bowser Jr. Bowser's son returns to aid his father! He still seems to think Peach is his mother... In battle, Bowser Jr. flies around in his Koopa Clown Car. When he swoops down, that's when the character must jump on his head. This must bve done 3 times. W2-Airship Icon
W6-Airship Icon
KamekNSMBW Kamek An old, yet powerful Magikoopa who is battled in Tower levels. He attacks by firing a magic projectile, then teleports to a different area of the battlefield. He is able to deflect fireballs and lightning balls. W1-Fort Icon
W2-Fort Icon
W3-Fort Icon
W4-Fort Icon
W5-Fort Icon
W6-Fort Icon
W7-Fort Icon
W8-Fort Icon
Goomboss3D Goomboss The ruler of the Goombas tries to take over Mario's homeland. During the battle, his crown is knocked off his head after jumping on him 3 times via trampoline. He must be jumped on 3 more times. W1-Castle Icon
SM3DL False Bowser False Bowser A Bowser decoy that is actually a disguised Bowser Jr. Battling it is fairly simple. The character must jump on its head 2 times to defeat it. Its attacks are the same as regular Bowser's. W2-Castle Icon
W6-Castle Icon
KingofBoos King Boo The ruler of Boos kidnapped Princess Daisy. He is shown to have a slight crush on her. The player defeats him by throwing Light Blocks at him. He or she must also avoid any Boos that King Boo sends out. W3-Castle Icon
Kamella SMG Kamella The large female Magikoopa battles similarly to Kamek. The battle with her is also similar to King Boo, but the player must throw Koopa Shells at her instead. Like Kamek, she can repel fireballs and lightning balls. W4-Castle Icon
MP9 Big Bob-Omb Big Bob-omb Defeating Big Bob-omb is simple: use a spin attack on his backside 3 times. However, if he is knocked off the platform, the character loses a life and the battle must start over. He is battled a second time to aid the Whomp King in World 7-Castle Icon. This time he cannot fall of the platform. W5-Castle Icon
W7-Castle Icon
KingWhomp Whomp King The head of Whomps attacks by slamming onto the ground, hoping to crush the character. He can be defeated by Ground Pounding his back 3 times. He is actually battled 2 times in the level. The second time around, he fights alongside Big Bob-omb. W7-Castle Icon
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom Boom Boom is fought inside each tower of the Special Worlds. As soon as the battle begins, he'll chase his opponent down, trying to punch him/her. After jumping on his head, he'll retreat into his shell and bounce off the walls, hoping to spin into the character. After taking 2 more hits, Boom Boom is defeated. S1-Fort Icon
S2-Fort Icon
S3-Fort Icon
S4-Fort Icon
S5-Fort Icon
S6-Fort Icon
S6-Fort Icon
S7-Fort Icon
S8-Fort Icon
Larry Koopa 3D Larry Koopa The youngest of the seven Koopalings is a standard boss. He fires blue magic projectiles at the character, then, he'll jump around for a bit, making him harder to jump on. After being struck, he will hover in his shell and try to land on the character. he is defeated after 2 more stomps. Larry is the first Koopaling to rebattle Mario at S8-Castle Icon. S1-Castle Icon
S8-Castle Icon


Category Themes
Story Music Bowser's Attack
Underground Theme
Fort Icon (Tower) Theme
Fort Icon Boss Battle Theme
Castle Icon (Castle) Theme
Castle Icon Boss Battle Theme
Airship Icon (Airship) Theme
Airship Icon Boss Battle Theme
World 1 Music Overworld Theme A
Overworld Theme B
World 2 Music False Bowser Battle Theme A
World 3 Music
World 4 Music Kamella Battle Theme
World 4-Bowser Castle Icon Theme
World 5 Music
World 6 Music False Bowser Battle Theme B
World 7 Music
World 8 Music World 8-Bowser Castle Icon Theme



  • The characters' spin attack is similar to the Star Spin from the Super Mario Galaxy games.