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Super Mario Generations is a Super Mario version of Sonic Generations. It is on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


Wii U

Mario and friends are having a birthday party, when Bowser comes in a Koopa Clown Car with 3 cockpits and Clocks. The Clown Car creates a void that sends everyone into a random place. Mario wakes up and finds himself by a white version of World 1. Soon, Luigi was rescued by Mario. Mario claims that the place they were in looked familiar. Mario then goes to explore, when a classic Mario comes and leaves. After the character for that level has finished, they get a special gem. After Classic Mario defeats Wart Modern Mario and Classic Mario meet. Classic Mario shows 3 colored gems that look like clocks. Luigi and classic luigi look at them and pull out a book to study them. The two Mario's decide that they need to find out what is going on. Then a mushroom appears in the sky. Modern Mario tiple jumps to get it. Classic Mario is so impressed, he tries it and unlocks the skill.

After Modern Mario defeats King Boo, Classic and Modern Luigi say that they have found out what the gems are. They are the time gems. Half of them when exposed can erase history, and the other half could bring the time back. One day, a special toad had hidden the time gems so that they will not cause chaos. There are 18 in all, and apparently, Bowser took half of them so he could erase Mario's adventures from history. The Marios now knew that they needed to get all the restoring time gems. Then Luma comes to greet Modern Mario, and goes under his hat. Mario then unlocks the Star Spin.

After Modern Mario defeats giant Bowser, he transforms shrinks back to normal size. Suddenly, the koopa time car comes and Bowser jumps into it. The Bros. see that Bowser has two Princess Peaches. The four Mario Bros. chase after the time car and find that not only is there Bowser and Bowser Jr. in the cockpits, but also classic Bowser. Modern Bowser explains that after the last time he was defeated, he stomped his foot on the ground and found a time gem. He studied it and used it's power on his clown car, traveled back in time, teamed up with his past self, found the rest of the bad time gems, and then traped Mario's friends for bait. Suddenly, the nine time stones come out, and Modern Mario and Classic Mario transform into White Raccoon Marios. They use there invincible Powers, to destroy the time car. Then, they cause an explosion that restores time. Soon, everyone was at the birthday party. When it was over, a portal to World 1 opens. Classic Mario, Luigi, and Peach leave home.

After Defeating the final boss, Luigi is unlocked, which is similar to Super Mario 3D Land as you just replay levels with him.

3DS version: This story is the same as the Wii version. However, there are some handheld games included, and there are only 7 time stones.

Additionally, after unlocking Luigi, instead of how it is on Wii, you play a whole story mode for Luigi similar to Super Mario Galaxy (which is ironic being as Galaxy is on Wii and 3D Land is on 3DS).

Mario's House

Mario's House has an appearance based off of the Paper Mario series. In here, Mario has a bed, table, radio (for music), flat screen TV (for cutscenes), pictures of friends (for atwork) , and a trophy cabinet(for trophies).

List of Music

W 1-1 (Classic & Modern) 

W 7-1 (Classic & Modern)*

W 2-1 (Classic & Modern)**

Chocolate Island (Classic & Modern)*

Yoshi's Island (Classic & Modern)**

VS. Wario (Classic)

VS. Wart (Classic)*

VS. Boom Boom (Classic)**

Rainbow Ride (Classic & Modern)*

Whomp's Fortress (Classic & Modern)**

3rd Floor (Classic & Modern)*

Gelato Beach (Classic & Modern)*

Delfino Plaza (Classic & Modern)**

VS. Shadow Mario (Modern)

VS. King Boo (Modern)*

VS. Petey Piranha (Modern)**

World 3-1 (Classic & Modern)**

Honeyhive Galaxy (Classic & Modern)*

Good Egg Galaxy (Classic & Modern)**

World 3-1 (Classic & Modern)*

Sky Station Galaxy (Classic & Modern)*

VS. Spooky Speeder (Modern)

VS. Giant Bowser (Modern)*

VS. Dry Bowser (Modern)**

VS. Koopa Time Car (Classic & Modern)



Classic Mario: Classic Mario is the same as Super Mario World. The wii version has you playing has you playing with the wii remote held like New Super Mario bros. Wii. The 3DS version is similar to new super Mario bros. ds.

Modern Mario: Modern Mario's gameplay is different depending on the consoles. The Wii version is like Super Mario Galaxy The 3DS version is like super Mario 3D land.


Some of the levels have been renamed to avoid confusion of which game it comes from. Additionally, the name for World 3 have been named after a location in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Wii U Levels

Classic Era:

Toad Town (World 1) - Super Mario Bros.

Cloud Kingdom (World 7) - Super Mario Bros. 2

Chocolate Island - Super Mario World

GameCube Era:

Rainbow Ride - Super Mario 64

3rd Floor - Luigi's Mansion

Gelato Beach - Super Mario Sunshine

Modern Era:

Honeyhive Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Ice Land (World 3) - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Sky Station Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

3DS Levels

Classic Era:

Toad Town (World 1) - Super Mario Bros.

Sarasaland (World 2) - Super Mario Bros. 2

Yoshi's Island - Super Mario World

Gamecube Era:

Whomp's Fortress - Super Mario 64

Delfino Plaza - Super Mario Sunshine

Modern Era:

Cheep Cheep River (World 3) - New Super Mario Bros.

Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy



Classic Wario/Waluigi - Wario's Castle/Sarassaland - Super Mario Land 2

Shadow Mario - Ricco Harbor/Delfino Plaza - Super Mario Sunshine

Spookey Speedster - Boo's Boneyard Galaxy/Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Wii U Bosses

Wart - Wart's Castle - Super Mario Bros. 2

King Boo - Secret Alter - Luigi's Mansion

Giant Bowser - Bowser's Galaxy Generator - Super Mario Galaxy 2

3DS Bosses

Boom Boom - Terror Tower - Super Mario Bros. 3

Petey Piranha - Bianco Hills - Super Mario Sunshine

Dry Bowser - Bowser's Castle - New Super Mario Bros.

Final Boss

Koopa Time Car - Center of Time - Super Mario Generations.

Power Ups

Toad Town: Fire Flower

Cloud Kingdom/Sarassaland: Super Leaf

Chocolate Island/Yoshi's Island: Cape Feather

Rainbow Ride/Whomp's Fortress: Wing Cap

Third Floor/King Boo Battle: Poltergust 3000

Gelato Beach/Delfino Plaza/Shadow Mario Battle/ Gooper Blooper Battle: F.L.U.D.D.

Honeyhive Galaxy/Good Egg Galaxy/Spooky Speedster Battle: Bee Mushroom

Ice Land/Cheep Cheep River: Ice Flower

Synchro Battle Galaxy: Cloud Flower

All Worlds and Koopa Time Car Battle: Time Gems

All Levels: Super Star

Classic Levels: Super Mushroom

Modern Levels: Life Mushroom


  • In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Cheep Cheep River was the name for World 4 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but in this game it's the name for World 3 of New Super Mario Bros.
  • Despite the fact that the Ice Flower is in Cheep Cheep River, it never appeared in this game.
  • Although the Boo Mushroom was used in the Spooky Speedster Battle in Super Mario Galaxy, in this game Mario uses the Bee Mushroom.
    • Additionally, more coins have been added so that Mario could stay flying.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 seem to be mixed together in this game, because the super leaf appears in this game.
    • Super Mario Bros. 2 also seems to be mixed with the Super Mario Land series, as in the 3DS version World 2 is called Sarassaland and the rival is Classic Wario
  • Oddly, when facing King Boo, he has his normal crown instead of the ruby.

Unlockable Skills

After Classic Era: Classic Mario: Triple Jump

After GameCube Era: Modern Mario: Star Spin

After Final Boss: Both Marios: White Racoon Mario