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Super Mario GalaxyyxalaG is a Super Mario Galaxy Series' Game. There are new modalities, new Galaxies and new Power-up.


It's the Star Carnival and everywhere there are happy Toads but Bowser came and kidnapped Peach! Mario and Luigi are going to save her but Bowser has his biggest plan: conquest EVERY universes existing. But Bowser has an ally: King Boo! Mario is going to defeat Bowser, Luigi is going to defeat King Boo!


In this game there are four playable characters (six with Co-Lumas)

  • Mario is the main hero in Mario's quest! He is balanced.
  • Luigi is the main hero in Luigi's Quest (Unlockable)! He can jump higher but he has a bad traction
  • Peachssbi.png If you beat Bowser and King Boo, you'll get Peach! She can flutter but is slow
  • If you get every Star, you'll get Rosalina! She can control Lumas but is slow
  • Orange Luma is playable only in Mario's Quest in Cooperative Mode!
  • Purple Luma is playable only in Luigi's Quest (Unlockable) and in Cooperative mode

But there are some bad guys too! Here there are the bosses

  • Bowser is the main boss in Mario's Quest! He got the Stars!
  • Bowser Jr. is the Boss' Sidekick in Mario's Quest! He helps Bowser!
  • Wario is the third Boss in Mario's Quest! He hates Mario!
  • King Boo is the main Boss in Luigi's Quest (Unlockable)! He got the Srats!
  • The Shadow of King Boo is the Boss' Sidekick in Luigi's Quest! He helps King Boo
  • Waluigi is the third Boss in Luigi's Quest! He hates Luigi!


In this game there are every Power-Ups in previous Mario Galaxy Game but there are new ones too! The only mode to remove the power-ups (except Rainbow Mario) is beating the hero.

  • Propeller Helmet is a new power-up in this game. It is like Propeller Mushroom but it's funnier then Mushroom one!
  • Leaf Flower is a new power-up. You can shoot leafs with this. Leafs can stop some enemies.
  • Cape Feather is a old power-up. With this you can do very high Star Spin jumps and you can fly like Plane Mario
  • Bee Mushroom is the most famous Mario Galaxy's power-up. You can fly.
  • With Cloud Flower you can walk on clouds and create that ones
  • This time Fire Flower as unlimited time to use. You can shoot fireballs
  • This time Ice Flower has unlimited time to use. You can walk on water and freeze it
  • With Boo Mushroom you are a Boo! You can float and pass in walls
  • Oh! A swim-helping Mario Galaxy power-up!
  • With Rock Mushroom you can rollout on enemies
  • With Double Cherry there are two heros at the same time!

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