Developer(s) Taco Shell
Publisher(s) Taco Shell
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
2/20/13 Japan

2/22/13 3/01/13 Europe 3/22/13 World Wide

4-Player (home)

8-Player (Wi-Fi)

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer

Super Mario Galaxy Zero Gravity is a game developed by Taco Shell and is for the Wii U.


First Story

Thousands of years ago, there was a species of Space Bunnies that were gigantic. One day... (The pages are torn off)

BOWSER: Bwahaha!

LUIGI: Yaah!

TOADSWORTH: Stay back, you monstrous thing!

BOWSER: No. I'm taking the princess! (Kidnaps Peach)

PEACH: Mario!

MARIO: Princess!

BOWSER: I'm gonna write the rest of this story!

One day, Bowser kidnapped all of them and was victorious and married Princess Peach and Mario and the Space Bunnies were never heard from again. The End.

TOADSWORTH: (Narrating) What Bowser didn't know was that whatever he wrote in the book came true, and Mario and the Space Bunnies were sent to a planet far away.

MARIO: Space... Bunnies?

GENERAL CARROTZ: Ay, lad. Look fur the words!

TOADSWORTH: (Narrating) Giant words appeared in front of them as Bowser wrote. As Bowser wrote Bowser scattered the bunnies to many different planets, the bunnies flew away and were many galaxies even farther away from the Mushroom Kingdom. A familiar figure, along with a purple star, came shooting down to the planet. It was Rosalina and Lubba.

ROSALINA: My comet has been interrupted with terrible news.

LUBBA: And the starship is nearly falling apart.

MARIO: Bunnies. Get them all and we might be able to get them back to their planet along with me!

ROSALINA: Sounds like a good idea. Lubba?

LUBBA: No, not to me. There are over 100 giant space bunnies, and the planets must have been scattered in every direction. We would need some source of gravity to pull it off.

ROSALINA: Yes, Lubba does speak the truth. But my comet is hurtling towards Earth and I doubt that the bunnies didn't do it. Which planet is this?

TOADSWORTH: Rosalina unfolded her space map and it turned out that special flowers grew on that planet.

ROSALINA: Mario, grab a flower.

TOADSWORTH: Mario reached for a flower when... THUMP! They floated in every direction.

ROSALINA: Uh-oh... Come to my comet, guys.

TOADSWORTH: Thus, that ends our story for now.

Story after Bowser Battle 1

BOWSER: Ha, you thought you could beat me THAT easily, Mario? Not so fast!

Mario did win the battle and Bowser escaped with all the rest of the bunnies. Mario went back to the middle of nowhere, and that big fat purple star was split into 10 whole pieces and flew across the universe.

TOADSWORTH: What? Okay, so then they had to find Lubba.

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