Super Mario Galaxy Z
Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Prima
Release Date(s)
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Prima Card
Project Eternity
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Super Mario Galaxy Z is the new upcoming game of Mario Main Series. This is the new 3D platformer and the 3rd game of the Super Mario Galaxy series. This game has new Mario abilities, new power-ups, new galaxies and a different story. There are more characters and, of course, you can play with more playable characters and some missions that are compulsory for some characters.


The story begins when Princess Peach has invited Mario to her castle because she wants to speak with Mario. When he arrives, Peach tells him that he has a friend who has visited him. The friend is a Luma who needs your help. The Luma tells you that Rosalina has been kidnapped by Bowser. Peach wants to help you and she will accompany you to the Starship Mario. When you arrive, Lubba welcomes you and he will help you in the journey. After fighting Bowser the first time, you will find Luigi, who will join the adventure.

After that, Luigi tells Mario that Bowser wants to know the secrets of the universe to control it and he needed Rosalina's knowledge of stars. Mario decides to continue his journey until the next galaxies and find other stars. After visiting other galaxies, a Red Luma tells you the secret of the Red Stars, these stars changes some features of other missions to get stars. They are just in some galaxies.


Playable Characters




Returning Enemies

New Enemies


Mario Power-ups

Yoshi Power-ups



Dimension 1

Galaxies Missions Descriptions
Lovely Gardens Galaxy

20px-Smg icon powerstar Mushrooms and Goombas Party

A group of sunny planets, full of grass and little enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas. But the boss of this galaxy, Goomboss will try to stop you in the start of the journey. You can get here the first Mushrooms and Fire Flowers.
20px-Smg icon powerstar Warp Pipe Mayhem
20px-Smg icon powerstar The secret of Goomboss
Smg icon greenstar The Goomba Army 30
Smg icon cosmiccomet Shadow Mario in Goomba Plains

Yoshi Yoshi Galaxy

20px-Smg icon powerstar Green Dinosaur New Adventure In this galaxy, Yoshi will first appear. The green dinosaur will be rideable in this galaxy and he'll be ready to eat a lot of enemies. But this galaxy suffers a problem of Spinies, all a delicatessen for Yoshi, Boom Boom doesn't want to let you continue and he will fight Mario.
20px-Smg icon powerstar Om Nom Piranha Plants
20px-Smg icon powerstar Boom Boom and a lot of Spinies
Smg icon redstar 100 Coins Give a Star
Smg icon speedycomet 2 Minutes to ride a Yoshi
Goomba Totems Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar The race of the Goomba Totems
20px-Smg icon powerstar The Hammer Bros. attack
20px-Smg icon powerstar Freezing Goomba Mountains
Smg icon redstar Hurry Up! 30 Goomba Seconds
Smg icon cosmiccomet Shadow Mario between Goomba Piles

Honey Rivers Galaxy

20px-Smg icon powerstar Sailing across a sweet river
20px-Smg icon powerstar Honey Queen Race

Smg icon redstar Jumping on Honey Cheeps

Laser Factory Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Trying Mushroom Lasers
20px-Smg icon powerstar The Races of the Glass
20px-Smg icon powerstar Lasers, Engines, Pun Puns
Smg icon greenstar Chased by 15 Chomps
Smg icon purplecomet 100 Coins Across the Lasers

Roof Running Galaxy

20px-Smg icon powerstar The Floor and up or down
20px-Smg icon powerstar Fallen Spinies in the Roof
Smg icon greenstar Behind the Walls
Chomp Lunch Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Welcome to Chomp Restaurant
20px-Smg icon powerstar How to eat a Fire Flower
20px-Smg icon powerstar Chomps Turning Everywhere
Smg icon greenstar Hurry Up! Clocks and Chomps
Smg icon daredevilcomet Ready to Die? Killer Chomps
Bowser Jr.'s Lava Caldron Smg icon grandstar Bowser Jr. Army and his robot
Smg icon greenstar Attack the Thwomp Fortress
Smg icon redstar Changing Magma Tide

Dimension 2


Missions Description
Sunshine Beach Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Little Pianta Paradise
20px-Smg icon powerstar Giant Mario in the Beach Cave
20px-Smg icon powerstar Dangerous Shells on the Tower
Smg icon greenstar Boom Boom under the sand
Smg icon daredevilcomet Ready to die? Boom Boom 2.0
Rock Rock Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Drill Spin to reach the Star
20px-Smg icon powerstar Rock Party Route
20px-Smg icon powerstar Dark Koopa invades the rock
Smg icon redstar Going to the start of the stone
Smg icon purplecomet 100 Coins for destroying rocks
Supermassive Blocks Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Massive Blocks and Giant Mario
20px-Smg icon powerstar Minis in a Giant World
Smg icon fastfoecomet All Fast!!! Massive Blocks
Wooden Clouds Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Between the trees and the clouds
Smg icon greenstar Reaching the top of the tree
Smg icon speedycomet 5 Minutes and Silver Stars
Haunted Dreams Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Bouldergeist and his Boo Army
20px-Smg icon powerstar Haunted Rooms of the Space
20px-Smg icon powerstar Dreams of a Boo Mario
Smg icon redstar Surviving between Boos

Smg icon speedycomet 1 Minute to avoid Boos

Secret Star: The Crack Of Dawn

2D Mario Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Retro Movement Mario
20px-Smg icon powerstar Super Leaves flying a 2D sky
20px-Smg icon powerstar 2D Enemies and a Retro Koopa
Smg icon greenstar Reach the false Flat
Smg icon cosmiccomet Shadow Mario in a 2D world
Bubble Garden Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Flying in a bubble
20px-Smg icon powerstar Blow Mushrooms appear
Smg icon redstar Silver Stars in the Flowers
Bowser Massive Galaxy Smg icon grandstar Green Moustache behind the Demon
Smg icon greenstar Cooking the Magma
Smg icon redstar Luigi adventure in the prison

Dimension 3

Galaxies Missions Description
Pink Forest Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar A rain of petals hide the star
20px-Smg icon powerstar The pink cave of Monty Mole
20px-Smg icon powerstar Climbing the Pink Oak
Smg icon redstar Now it's a Petals Storm
Smg icon daredevilcomet Ready to die? Pinkie Goombas
Old Lumas Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar The hidden village of Lumas
20px-Smg icon powerstar Across the roofs
Smg icon greenstar Find the Old White Luma
Boo Theme Park Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Luigi's Hell and ghostly fair
20px-Smg icon powerstar King Boo's Mansion Train
20px-Smg icon powerstar Yoshis in the Cemetery
Smg icon redstar Giant Boos Paradise
Smg icon daredevilcomet Ready To Die? Boo Party
Giant Mushrooms Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Jumping over giant Mushrooms
20px-Smg icon powerstar Mega Mario's Trampolines
Smg icon purplecomet 100 Coins while jumping
Pseudo City Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar Mr. L Mystery City
20px-Smg icon powerstar The False Peach Castle
20px-Smg icon powerstar Pseudo Underground Race
Smg icon greenstar Mr. L Charges again
Smg icon speedycomet 3 Minutes to reach the sky
Un-Gravity Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar How can I stand in the floor?
Smg icon redstar Discontrol Party of Gravity
Smg icon fastfoecomet All Fast!!! Elevators and gravity
Monkey Jungle Galaxy 20px-Smg icon powerstar DK Space Kingdom
20px-Smg icon powerstar Crocodiles, K. Rool and barrels
20px-Smg icon powerstar Ukikis Festival of Robberies
Smg icon greenstar Win a Thief Ukiki
Smg icon purplecomet 100 Coins to buy a Donkey
Bowser Jr. Death Fortress Smg icon grandstar Airships and a Dry Boss
Smg icon greenstar Maybe, too many Dry Bones?
Smg icon redstar Kamek anger and magic


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