Super Mario Galaxy U  is a game for the Wii U made by Scarlet Dawn Studios. It is the 3rd installment in the Super Mario Galaxy series. It now features two new playable characters and many other features such as galixes where only a certain character can enter. 





Name Players Enabled Description Abilities
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-1-



Mario launches through the stars for another galactic adventure! If there's anyone who can save the universe, it's this crimson plumber. But he might need a litte bit of help from his friends collecting power stars.
Mario is a balanced character who has normal stats. Making Mario an exellent choice for beginners.

Mario can use the Star Spin to to damage those in contact. He can also Star Spin while ground-pounding to fo a Dtar Drill and break red gems. Like any character has thier signiture galixies he can acsess red galixies.


Luigi Luigi was always shaded in his brother, Mario's shadow. But noe it's his time to shine like a super star! Not to mention he's a green, mean jumping machine ready for adventure!
Luigi has great, high jumping but slips when he gains velocity from running.
Luigi can also use the star spin like Mario. He can also charge up his jump to preform a Star Jump to jump to new hights and break green crystals with it.  Like any character has thier signiture galixies he can acsess green galixies.
130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land


Toad TBA
Toad has great stength and can lob things quite far with a little more speed. He's very fast but has very low jumping.
Toad unlike Mario and Luigi cannot use the Star Spin. Instead he pounds the ground stunning enemies near him. He can also spin on his head after jumping to preform a Toad Top.  Like any character has thier signiture galixies he can acsess blue galixies.
The princess!
Peach TBA
Peach is slow (due to her dress), jumps a little lower than average and posseses very low strength  when lobbing things. Although Peach has up 5 life bars, her own special Power-ups and some useful abilities. 
Peach at anytime can pluck a vegtable from the ground and throw it only able to hold one vegtable at a time. Vegtables break pink crystals. She can also hover in the air for a very short amount of time and block things with her parasol. Like any character she has her own signiture galixies she can acsess pink galixies.





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