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Super Mario Galaxy Online is an online game for the Wii being made by Koopa Kastle Productions. It is played the same way as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It uses the Wii Remote, Nunchuk, and the optional Wii Speak accessory.

Super Mario Galaxy Online
Developer(s) Koopa Kastle Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
September 3, 2010
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, Online
Media Included Wii Disc


Rosalina greets you at the Comet Observatory. She leads you to a small room and asks for your name. You then type in your name there. She then asks you what form you would like to take for your journey. You pick out what you like to be. Rosalina then casts a spell on you and you turn into your desired form. You then get magically teleported to your Starship. You then meet up with Lubba and gives you the Starship in order to rescue Princess Peach. He then introduces you to your crew and says that they will do anything you ask. You then fly to the first galaxy and begin your adventure.


Controls are exactly like that of Super Mario Galaxy 2. But with the included Wii Speak, you can communicate with other online players and make teams to tackle challenges. Some forms can do special things and some are unable to do them. Each form has it's own advantages and disadvantages. The more Power Stars you collect, the further you can travel. You can also throw items to your fellow players that need Power Stars in area's that are beyond their reach and vice versa.


You can talk with other online players using the Wii Speak accessory. It can also be used for commands such as ordering your ship crew around. When someone is speaking, blue sound waves will emit from the speaker's player.


Galaxy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Name Yoshi Star Galaxy Fluffy Bluff Galaxy Horror Hills Galaxy

Shroob Shroom Galaxy

Bowser Jr.'s Fireball Inferno Punchy Pounder Galaxy Thunder Struck Galaxy

Sunken Island


Icy Mountain


Bowser's Bomber Magma Masher Galaxy Rolling Stone Galaxy Unlucky Galaxy Bumble Buzz Galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Twisted Toybox Western Hills Galaxy Juicy Blast Galaxy Chocolate Chunk Galaxy Twister Blister Galaxy Bowser's Final Challenge
Boss Peewee Piranha Shadow Puff Spike Boo Giga Shroob Bowser Jr. Koopunch Thunder Phantom Eely Mouth Sorbetti Bowser King Blaarg Rollodillo King Cosmic Bugaboom Bowser Jr. Tutankoopa Tarantox Wendy O. Koopa King Tweeser Bowser


  • Bee Mario - Can fly and climb honeycomb walls. Cannot touch water or swim.
  • Boo Mario - Can float and turn transparent. Cannot touch light, Launch Stars and cannot spin.
  • Fire Mario - Can throw Fireballs. Cannot touch ice.
  • Ice Mario - Can walk on water. Cannot swim.
  • Spring Mario - Can jump very high. Cannot swim or use Launch Stars.
  • Rock Mario - Can smash things. Cannot use Launch Stars.
  • Cloud Mario - Can float on clouds. Cannot swim.

Starship Battles

At a certain point in the game, you will gain access to the Battle Room. Here, you can customize your Starship with boosts and weapons and head to the battlefield to combat other Starships. You can team up and have several people on one Starship, or go head-to-head in duels. There are several ways to do combat, the more people that are on the ship, the easier it is to fight. There can only be 5 Starships in the arena at one time. The victorious Starship will gain a prize such as several coins or star bits, sometimes a 1-Up, and very rarely, a Power Star.


  • Armor - Level 1 defense, 1 space point.
  • Force Field - Level 2 defense, 2 space points.
  • Armored Force Field - Level 3 defense, 4 space points.
  • Red Star - Level 1 strength, 2 space points.
  • Beacon - Level 2 strength, 3 space points.
  • Red Beacon - Level 3 strength, 5 space points, must be unlocked.
  • Helm Rocket - Level 1 speed, 1 space point, must be unlocked.
  • Engine - Level 2 speed, 2 space points, must be unlocked.
  • Lubba Jet - Level 3 speed, 5 space points, must be unlocked.


  • Bill Blaster - Level 1 shooting, 3 space points.
  • Banzai Bill Blaster - Level 2 shooting, 5 space points.
  • Missile Bill Blaster - Level 3 shooting, 7 space points.
  • King Bill Blaster - Ultimate shooting weapon, 10 space points, must be unlocked.
  • Small Blade - Level 1 melee weapon, 2 space points.
  • Big Blade - Level 2 melee weapon, 4 space points, must be unlocked.
  • Magic Blade - Level 3 melee weapon, 6 space points, must be unlocked.
  • Galaxy Blade - Ultimate melee weapon, 13 space points, must be unlocked.

Starship Battle Combat

As mentioned above, you can combat the enemy airships in several ways. If you have more than 1 player on the Starship, that makes the battle easier. Your crew takes your commands and do whatever they need to do.

  • Captain - Drive the Starship to dodge attacks and move away from other hazards. You can also order your crew to blast ships with cannons, fight an Assailant, be an Assailant, or take over the helm.
  • Blaster - Fires shooting weapons at the enemy ships.
  • Assailant - Jumps on the enemy ships and fights the crew of the ship with their melee weapon.
  • Crew - Takes orders from the Captain.


  • Luma - Attacks by spinning.
  • Whittle - Attacks by running into enemies.
  • Penguin - Attacks by sliding into enemies.
  • Lubba - Attacks by hurling himself at the enemy.
  • Players - Attacks the enemy depending on the form they took.
  • Bob-omb Buddy - Attacks by exploding.
  • Pianta - Attacks by throwing the Assailant.
  • Yellow Luma - Nurses injured crew members to full health
  • Blue Luma - Freezes the enemy (Assailants and Starships) for 10 seconds.
  • Red Luma - Attacks by spitting fire.
  • Green Luma - Attacks by sending the Assailant back to their Starship.
  • Co - Star Luma - Carries the Assailant to any crew member to attack them.
  • Star Bunny - Attacks by jumping on the enemy.
  • Gearmo - Attack by throwing a gear at the enemy in a boomerang-like style.
  • Jibberjay - Attacks by making a sonic screech.


If 2 players would like to form a special team of their own, they can go to the guild room and ask for a name for their guild. Other players may join their guild if they take them to the guild room and make them a member of their guild.


Players that have guilds can do the following actions that people without guilds can't.

  • They may share a Starship.
  • They may interact with each other's attacks. Ex: Someone can jump on top of Rock Mario in rock form and roll on it.
  • They may edit their own moves very, very slightly. Ex: Cloud Mario can equip his clouds with 1-2 upgrades.
  • They may do a tag-team mode. Ex: Bee Mario can carry a flightless player.