Super Mario Galaxy Dash is a racing Super Mario game for Nintendo Wii, and for Nintendo DS made by Vaccum Inc. In this game, Mario and others ride Yoshis and race in many galaxies. Every character has a Luma partner. Only I (Uil Team) can edit, but YoshiEgg and Iceguy74 (and his brother, Micool26) can also make edits.

Super Mario Galaxy Dash
Developer(s) MFGCLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS

Release Date(s)
EU TBA 2010

JAP TBA 2010 USA TBA 2010

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Age Rating(s)

E for Everyone

Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Nintendo Wii Disc

Nintendo DS Cartrige


Free Race: Select your character and race track and start racing!

Tourmanent: Select your cup and start tourmanent!

Mission Mode: Play some missions!

Multiplayer Mode: Play with your friends up to 4 players!

Wi-Fi Race: Race with other people that live on any country!

Time Trial: Play in race to beat records, or simply for training!

Battle Mode: Choose your character and area, and start fighting! You can choose if you want to coin battle, balloon battle, or shine battle.

Mission Mode

At beggining of game, you can only enter Mission Mode and Time Trial. After clearing 1-3 mission, you can enter any mode you want.

1 Section


Description: Play as Mario in tutorial mission in Racing Galaxy. Defeat Luigi in a race!


Description: Play as Princess Rosalina in Boo's Boneyard Galaxy and throw three Koopa Shell on Bowser Jr.!


Description: Finish race in 1st as Mario in Good Egg Galaxy, using that what you learned previously!


Description: Play as Luigi and avoid sun beams in Shiny Sunrise Galaxy!


Description: Play as Bowser Jr. and using Koopa Shells, attack Bees in Honeyhive Galaxy!


Description: Play as Mario and defeat Dino Piranha in Egg Battle Stadium!

2 Section


Description: Race as a Luma in Gateway Galaxy,but watch out for Bowser!



Yoshi Color: Green

Luma Color: Yellow

Speed :5/10

Weight: 5/10

Accelerate: 5/10


Yoshi Color: Yellow

Luma Color: Blue

Speed: 6/10

Weight: 4/10

Accelerate: 5/10

Blue Toad

Yoshi Color: Pink

Luma Color: Green

Speed: 8/10

Weight: 2/10

Accelerate: 4/10

Yellow Toad

Yoshi Color: Light Blue

Luma Color: Red

Speed: 6/10

Weight: 2/10

Accelerate: 6/10

Princess Peach

Yoshi Color: Green

Luma Color: Cream (Luma character)

Speed: 10/10

Weight: 3/10

Accelerate: 10/10

Princess Rosalina

Yoshi Color: Light Blue

Luma Color: Polari

Speed: 5/10

Weight: 7/10

Accelerate: 4/10


Yoshi Color: Black

Luma Color: Light Green

Speed: 3/10

Weight: 5/10

Accelerate: 9/10

Bowser Jr.

Yoshi Color: Orange

Luma Color: Brown

Speed: 7/10

Weight: 4/10

Accelerate: 5/10


Yoshi Color: Dark Blue

Luma Color: Gold

Speed: 9/10

Weight: 1/10

Accelerate: 6/10


Yoshi Color: Purple

Luma Color: Brown

Speed: 7/10

Weight: 2/10

Accelerate: 5/10

Unlockable Characters


Yoshi Color: White

Luma Color: Blue

Speed: 6/10

Weight: 8/10

Accelerate: 2/10

Spooky Speedster

Yoshi Color: Lavender

Luma Color: Hungry Purple Luma

Speed: 10/10

Weight: 2/10

Accelerate: 5/10


Yoshi Color: Brown

Luma Color: Red

Speed: 2/10

Weight: 10/10

Accelerate: 4/10

Star Bunny

Yoshi Color: Yellow

Luma Color: Lavender

Speed: 8/10

Weight: 3/10

Accelerate: 6/10

Cosmic Mario

Yoshi Color: Cosmic

Luma Color: Light Blue

Speed: 5/10

Weight: 6/10

Accelerate: 7/10

Cosmic Luigi

Yoshi Color: Light Cosmic

Luma Color: Dark Blue

Speed: 7/10

Weight: 6/10

Accelerate: 5/10


Yoshi Color: None, as he is a Yoshi himself.

Luma Color: Black

Speed: 5/10

Weight: 6/10

Accelerate: 10/10


Yoshi Color: Silver

Luma Color: Pink

Speed: 0/10

Weight: 10/10

Accelerate: 0/10


Koopa Shell: Same as in Mario Kart series.

Red Star: Act as a speed-up.

Spring Mushroom: Your jumping abilities are increased.

Fire Flower: Lets your Yoshi breathe fire.

Ice Flower: Lets your Yoshi breathe ice.

Star Bit: after throwing it, it will follow your enemy, but ends if attacked.

Drill: If you touch enemies with this, they will be stunned for 3 seconds.

Crates: If enemy touch them, they will be stunned for 2 seconds.

Apple: Gives your Yoshi a speed boost

Big Apple: Makes your Yoshi big temporarily.

Golden Apple : Gives your Yoshi speed boosts until 64 seconds are up.

Metal Apple: Gives your Yoshi a metal covering. Nothing can hurt him unless he gets hit more than 5 times

Race Tracks

Each cup can have maximum of five galaxies.

Star Cup

Racing Galaxy|Gimmicks: None

Good Egg Galaxy|Gimmicks: Shooting Stars, Electrogoombas, Dino Piranha, Magikoopas

Shiny Sunrise Galaxy|Gimmicks: Sun Beams, Angry Sun.

Honeyhive Galaxy|Gimmicks: Bees, Queen Bee, Shooting Stars.

Plant Pipes Galaxy|Gimmicks: Piranha plants, pPipes, Venus fire traps, Vine biters (Piranah plants with long necks)

Planet Cup

Gateway Galaxy|Gimmicks: Electrogoombas, Water, Buildings

Boo's Boneyard Galaxy|Gimmicks: Boos, Bones

Cosmic Craters Galaxy| Gimmicks: Black Holes, Random Objects

Paint Galaxy|Gimmicks: Paint, Paintings

Comet Observatory|Gimmicks: Buildings, Shooting Stars

Rainbow Cup

Stormy Galaxy|Gimmicks: Tornadoes, Pirates, Crabs

Freezeflame Galaxy|Gimmicks: Ice, Lava, Boxes, Unchins

Bash Crash Galaxy|Gimmicks: Walls,Bob-Ombs

Flying Chains Galaxy|Gimmicks: Chains, Chain Chomps

Mario Ship|Gimmicks: Yoshi Eggs, Buildings

Cosmic Cup

Good Leaf Galaxy|Gimmicks: Chain Chomps, Leafs, Underground Gunner

Space Area Galaxy|Gimmicks: Buildings, Shooting Stars

Space Junk Galaxy|Gimmicks: Scuttle Bugs, webs, falling objects, plastic asteroids, junk

Melty Molten Galaxy| Gimmicks: Lava, Asteroids, Erupting Volcanoes, lava mist

Official Artworks