Name Image Description
Old Man Cosmos Oldman A kind old man, aged at about 50,000 years old, who's skin has turned gray from cosmic exhaustion. He is Rosalina's father.
Rosalina PrincessRosalina The 4,000 year old daughter of Old Man Cosmos. She is the benevolent owner of the comet observatory. She has one daughter, Copernica, and is the sister of Liza.
Copernica BabyRosalina Rosalina's ambitious daughter, who is aged at about 500, dreams of someday saving the universe. She is named after the astronomer Copernicus.
Lumas SMG YellowLuma Mystical star-like creatures that can be found all throughout the cosmos. They assist Mario in his journey and give him special Space-faring powers.
Luigi LuigiMarioPartyDS Mario's brother is more than happy to assist his older bro in his adventures. Just keep him away from ghosts. He is pretty speedy, but has trouble stopping. He also jumps a bit higher.
Ghost Mario Ghost mario He is the ghost of Mario. When Mario completes a level, Ghost Mario follows the fastest path that Mario used to win. You can also race ghosts to beat their times.