Name Image Type
Amp Amp Battle Station
Banzai Bill BonzaiBillSMWWii Battle Station
Blooper 600px-Blooper Water
Bob-omb Bob-omb walking Battle Station
Boo Big Boo NSMBDIY Ghost
Hammer Bro. Hammerbrother Land
Bullet Bill BulletBillWii Battle Station
Buzzy Beetle BuzzyBeetle Cavern

Chomp Head

Cheep Cheep Cheep CheepSMG Water
Crabber Crabber Beach
Dry Bones DRY Desert
Flipbug 180px-Red Insect Land
Fuzzy Fuzzy giant Land
Goomba GoombaSMG3 Land
Gringill 200px-Gringill SMG Water
Koopa Troopa GalaxyKoopa Land
Lakitu Lakitu Land
Lil' Brr/Cinder BurnBitSmoothEdges Glacier/Volcano
Magikoopa 103px-KamekSMGI Castle
Mandibug 200px-Mandibug Land
Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopa Castle
Metal goomba IronGoombaSMM Battle Station
Octoomba Octoguysmg-1- Land
Paragoomba Red Paragoomba NSMBDIY Land
Piranha Plant Piranha Plant Land
Pokey Pokey Desert
Porcu-Puffer Porcu-Puffer Water
Whomp Whomp.. Land
Skeeter 180px-SkeeterSMG2-1- Water
Spike/Spring Topman 200px-SpikyTopman Battle Station
Spiny 180px-Spiny Land
Swooper Swooper Cavern
Thwomp Thwomp2 Desert
Tox Box Tox Box NSMBDIY Land
Undergrunt Gunner Undergrunt Gunner Land
Urchin Urchin SMWWii Water
Bomb Boo Bombboo Ghost
Wiggler Wiggler3 Land
Pupdozer 150px-Pupdozer Land
Whimp 160px-Whimp Desert
Rhomp 158px Desert
Mattermouth 250px-Mattermouth Ghostly
Octoboo Octoboo2 Ghostly
Cosmic Clone Cosmic Clone Land
Choppah Choppah Land
Flaptack Flaptack Land
Magmaargh Magmaargh Volcano
Snoodle Snoodle Water
Swaphopper Swaphooper Land
Rock Vermin Rock-spider Desert
Frogoon Hopgoon Land


Blizzy Glacier


150px-Starbag Land
Spangler Spangler Land
Baby Cheep 600px-cheep cheep Water
Chukya Chuckya-smg Battle Station
Jaworm Tapeworm Every Type
Black Hole Boo Blackboo Ghostly
Tiki Goon 150px-TikiGoon Land

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