Name Image Description
Splizzard A boss that looks kind of like a cross a green piranha plant on two legs with arms and legs resembling a dinosaur's.
Chompy-Cheep Chompy-1 A big, blue cheep cheep with pulled back lips and a big apetite.
Bosshopper Bosshopper-sm

A swaphopper boss.

Boneman Boneman-1 A spooky, skull shaped boss with two hands used for covering up pull stars.
Kingfin Kingfin A skeletal shark boss.
Tiki Tong Tiki tong A tiki with two hands used to crush Mario.
King Kold
500549997062 lrg
A snowball throwing yeti boss that wears a frozen crown and is found only in the peaks of the highest mountains.
Kriptus Kriptus A strange-looking boss whose body is emblazoned with ancient code.
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr 's Airship You know who this guy is.
Bowser Bowsersmg2 The king of the Koopas.
Mega Spike Top Mega Spike Top A spike top that is not much different than the others, except for size.
Mugsome Mugly A rhino-like boss fought in a gladiator's colloseum with many koopas watching. He may be related to Mugly.
Miner Mole Mole (1) A mole boss who is not a monty, nor related to them. He is simply a mole miner digging for treasure and thinks Mario will get in his way.
Liza Liza Rosalina's identical twin sister with shorter hair. Clad completely in lavender, she is furious that Old Man Cosmos appointed her sister to be his successor, so now she is out to destroy her family once and for all. Although she taunts you at many points in the game, you don't get a chance to fight her until you have all 160 stars.
Koopalings The seven children of Bowser, each with their own special powers. They guard the Grand stars of each area.

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