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Developer(s) Tigerfang games
Platform(s) Any DS model after Nintendo DSi
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/Adventure
Media Included Game Card



In this new game for the Nintendo DSi only, Mario and company fly through the stars to save the Lumas who are dying. This is due to none other than Bowser, the dreaded Koopa King! The new DSi software makes this an especially good game because the touch screen, microphones and cameras all have a purpose in this game! It has been confirmed that this game will be released mid-July 2011. It is made by Mariofanongames Inc.


Waterfall Pond Galaxy

'Petey Piranha's Pond' - Mario must defeat Petey Piranha.

'Don't Touch the Water! - Mario must become Bee Mario to get the star.

'Toad Brigade Again - Mario must talk to the Toad Brigade to get clues how to find the Power Star.

Petey Piranha's Speed Pond' - A speed run of "Petey Piranha's Pond".

'Purple Coins in the Water - Mario must swim to find the purple coins.

Tiki Tribe Galaxy

'Pianta Skating' - Mario learns how to skate with the help of Piantas, and must skate to achieve the star.

'Tiki Climb' - Mario must climb a tall tiki statue. He also must use the Cloud Flower.

Cloud, Up, and Away!' - Mario must use the Cloud Flowers scattered around the course to make his way to the very tip top of Tiki Mountain.

'Cosmic Cloud Daredevils - Mario starts off as Cloud Mario while under the affects of dying if he gets hit once. He must use clouds to traverse across a river, while being followed by Cosmic Clones.

'Fast Climbin' Up the Tiki Mountain - Mario must do the level "Tiki Climb" in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Thwompstone Galaxy

Thwomp Whomp Romp - Mario must turn into Rock Mario and roll over Whomps while watching out to not get squished by Thwomps. He is forced to stay as Rock Mario the whole time.

'Fly to the Fortress' - Mario must turn into Fly Mario and fly off the course onto an almost un-seeable platform, where there is a launch star which brings him to Whomp's Fortress, where a Bob-omb Buddy will give him the star.

'Luigi Galaxy' - Mario must jump ontop of every Thwomp to hit a button, which will turn yellow, after hitting the button on every Thwomp, they will turn green and Luigi will appear on the last Thwomp. He will tell Mario that he had gotten trapped by a Whomp and he congratulates Mario with a star. Luigi is later taken back the hub, where he stays for the rest of the game.

'Lord Thwomp in Town - Mario must turn into Fly Mario and fly to the top of the galaxy, where he will see many bob-ombs. After killing all of them, a huge Thwomp with a beard flies down. He says he is Lord Thwomp, leader of the Thwompstone Galaxy, and Mario must defeat him. To defeat him, Mario must punch him in the face three times, then he will get the star.

'Daredevil in the Town' - Mario must redo "Lord Thwomp in Town" while under the affects of dying if hit once.

Ghastly Graveyard Galaxy

'Boolossus vs. New Boo - Mario traverses through a graveyard surrounded with Jack O'Goombas, Boos, Bomb Boos, miniature Bouldergeists, and zombies. At the end of the graveyard, Mario will meet Boolossus, who he must defeat by turning into Boo Mario. While in Boo Mario form, Mario must become invisible to clearly see Boolossus's weak spot, and then must spin by it. Do it three times to defeat him.

'Bouldergeist Romp' - Mario must choose any power-up, Bee Mushroom, Rock Mushroom, Fly Crystal, Boo Mushroom, or Cloud Flower. After choosing, Mario enters a room surrounded by mini Bouldergeists. Using the power-up, Mario must defeat all of the Bouldergeists in 50 seconds. It is best to choose the Rock Mushroom to beat this. If you choose a useless one like Bee Mushroom or Fly Crystal, Bomb Boos will appear for you to use the same tactic you did while beating the large Bouldergeist, but it will take longer.

'Scared Toads' - Mario must traverse through the graveyard and find the hiding Toad Brigade members. After finding all of them, the captain rewards Mario with a star.

'Purple Coins in the Graveyard' - Mario must find the purple coins in the graveyard.

'Where is Boolosssus?" - The first and only secret star of the game. After entering Boolossus's arena in the level "Boolossus vs. New Boo", Mario must quickly run behind Boolossus and find a Cloud Flower. Mario must use the cloud flower to make clouds to a platform above, where he will land and find King Boo! Mario must use the same tactic while fighting Boolossus, but King Boo can turn invisible.

Bowser Jr.'s Piranha Galaxy

'Piranha Meet Mario! - Mario must go through a battlefield, and can find a Fire Flower nearby and use it for the first time in the game. At the end of the battlefield, Mario will see Bowser Jr. walk up to him. He breathes fire on Mario and Mario runs away in a circle, but returns. Bowser Jr. tells him that he has asssigned his closest friends to kill him. He then blows a whistle and runs away laughing. Dino Piranha, Peewee Piranha, and Petey Piranha all appear. They take turns charging at Mario. If Mario hits all of them once, they will charge faster. After two hits, they will all run at him at normal speed. After the third hit, they will explode into fireworks and Bowser Jr. will return angry. A Rock Mushroom then appears. Mario must then avoid a running Bowser Jr. and grab the Rock Mushroom and roll into Jr, who will quickly retreat and hand over the Grand Star.

'Piranha Meet Time Limit! - Mario must redo "Piranha Meet Mario! in 2 minutes.

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One night Mario and Peach were walking together outside of Peach castle and were both gazing upon a large

Mario and Peach walking together just outside her castle before the big explosion

golden grand star. Peach comes closer to touch it, but then suddenly she attached to the star, and is later isucked into a large airship run by Bowser Jr and his evil sibblings. The Gold grand star was a fake evil star created by Bowser, to manipulate and trick peach. Peach screams for Mario, but Mario was unable to reach her, and then Luigi ran out asking what is wrong and gasps as a giant Whomp lands on both of them. Mario wakes up on a planet filled with waterfalls. After he completes that mission, he returns back to the Comet Observatory, he sees Lubba and all of the other residents of Starship Mario. Lubba tells him that Bowser had blown up the starship and replaced all of the galaxies in the domes with newer ones. It begins.








Bowser Jr



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See here for a list of bosses.

Supporting Characters

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Trophies are a new feature to Super Mario Galaxy DSi. These are all the trophies you can earn and how to earn them.

Name Image Criterea
Bowser Bowser Trophy Beat Bowser.
Spooky speedster Spooky Trophy Expert Ghost data for all Living Room & foyer Levels.
Penguin P Trophy Expert Ghost data for all yard and pool levels.
Jibberjay Jibberjay trophy Expert Ghost data for all levels.
Lubba Lubba Trophy Collect 160 Power stars.
Packrat Packrat trophy Beat Packrat in 7 challenges.
Dry Bowser Dry Bowser Trophy Beat Bowser 3 times.
Donkey Kong DK Trophy Unlock expert ghost for all Tiki Tong levels.
Tikis Tiki Trophy Beat expert ghost for all Tiki Tong levels.
Mugly Mugsy Trophy Beat Mugsome in 5 minutes or less.
Stu Stu trophy Blow up the bomb port in the Cosmic station.
Sonic the hedgehog [1] Beat bowser 4 times
Stompybot N/A Beat Super-leg in 5 minutes or less.
Liza Liza Trophy Defeat Liza.
Lavora Lavora trophy Win all Koopaling fights in under 5 minutes each.

Galaxies and ghosts

Galaxy Ghost Name Character Time
Space Fleet TF-Ken Mario 8:24
Waterfall ponds TF$Chris Mario 12:54
Electric labyrinth TF&Sam Mario 4:07
Poison lake TF*Ben Luigi 14:32
Reallysmall TF^Josh Mario 5:11
Larry's Star Circuit TF)Daniel Luigi 11:51




By Luigigreens13 and MarioLuigi123

Artwork model.

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