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Super Mario Galaxy DS is a fan game for the Nintendo DS which has a lot of similar features to the game, Super Mario 64.


It was a regular day in Mushroom Kingdom when the Star Festival came again, but Bowser was not invited to it and got mad he decided to kidnap Peach once more and take over the universe. Mario and Peach were on the balcony of the castle. When Bowser lifted it up into the sky, he entered the castle stole all of the power stars took Peach and locked every room. He blasted Mario to another galaxy. Mario then got a Grand Star and the star took him back to Peach's castle. Mario had to access every galaxy that leads him closer to Bowser. When he got enough Power Stars, he could get to Bowser and find Peach.


After completing every world and to Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, Mario reached Bowser's Galaxy Reactor after completing Bowser's Secret Worlds appeared that Bowser hid. After completing all of the secret worlds, Mario will be able to enter Grand Finale World to get the final Grand Star with no bosses surrounding it.

Worlds and Secret Worlds

World 1

World 2

World 3



Mario´s power-ups

​Mario´s New Power-ups

  • Hammer bro. Mushroom
  • megahammer suit
  • spooky chair Mushroom
  • chief chilly suit
  • meteor mushroom
  • bowser jr. suit
  • astromushroom
  • skelemushroom

mario´s old power-ups

  • Power-ups that appeared in ol games (all of them)

yoshi´s power-ups

yoshi´s new power-ups

  • skelesandwich
  • hammer bro. ham
  • mageahammer mango
  • spooky chair cheese sandwich
  • chief chilly cherry
  • meteor muffin
  • astronion

yoshi´s old power-ups

  • yoshi´s old game powerups (all)


  • D-pad-move
  • x-spin
  • a-jump #1
  • b-jump #2
  • y-fire ball (when you get the fire flower)
  • l-view left
  • r-view right
  • start-pause
  • pen-star cursor

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