Image Name Power-up Info
DashPepper Dash Pepper Marioyoshireed Dash Yoshi can run at top speed than any other Yoshi.
BlimpBerry Blimp Fruit Balloon Yoshi Blimp Yoshi can hover like a balloon until the meter runs out.
BulbBerry Bulb Berry Light Yoshi Bulb Yoshi can glow in the dark and can reveal secret paths.
DigPeanut Dig Peanut MarioDigYoshi Dig Yoshi can dig through dirt like a Spin Drill can.
HammerEgg Hammer Egg HammerYoshiSMG4 Hammer Yoshi can throw hammers at enemies, similar to a Hammer Suit.
VoidAvocado Void Avocado VoidYoshi Void Yoshi can create a black hole that can damage certain enemies.
Mega Mango Mega Mango Mega yoshi smgav Mega Yoshi can smash any small or medium enemy or other objects in his path.
Rainbow berry Rainbow Berry Rainbow Yoshi Rainbow Yoshi is invincible for a short time and can defeat any enemy and make Mario invincible too.

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