Universe 1

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Grass Hills Galaxy A grassy galaxy with Goombas and other enemies. Smg icon powerstarThe Adventure Begins
Smg icon powerstarLocate the Eight Red Coins
Smg icon powerstarBig Bob-omb on the Mountain
Smg icon speedycometA Super Speedy Adventure
Smg icon purplecometSearch for Purple Coins
Big Bob-omb
Moss Cavern Galaxy A cave-like galaxy covered with moss. Smg icon powerstarThe Secret of Moss Cavern
Smg icon powerstarMega Mole Habitat
Smg icon powerstarThe Battle with King Mole
Smg icon daredevilcometKing Mole's Daredevil Challenge!
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins in the Mega Mole Habitat
King Mole
Flower Fields Galaxy A grassy galaxy surrounded by flowers. Smg icon powerstarThe Star in the Flowers
Smg icon powerstarSilver Stars Underground
Smg icon powerstarTwirlips in the Flowers
Smg icon rompcometTwirlip Stompin' Romp
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins Underground And All Around
Cloud Hop Galaxy A cloudy galaxy guarded by Choppahs. Smg icon powerstarA Hippin' And A Hoppin'
Smg icon powerstarLakitus Above Ground
Smg icon powerstarThe Return of Giga Lakitu's Madness

Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 1
Smg icon cosmiccometRace with Cosmic Mario in the Clouds
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coin-throwin' Lakitus Ahead

Giga Lakitu
SMG1 Loopdeeloop Galaxy A long flow of water across the sky. Smg icon powerstarSurfing 102
Smg icon purplecomet100 of 150 Purple Coins on Water
Reznor's Lava Fortress A galaxy with a fort guarded by Reznor. Smg icon grandstarReznor's 3D Appearance
Smg icon speedycometReznor's Speedy Battle!

Universe 2

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Desert Storm Galaxy A desert galaxy ruled by Mummipokey that filled with Pokeys. Smg icon powerstarShining Atop the Pyramid
Smg icon powerstarSilver Stars in the Pyramid
Smg icon powerstarThe Battle with Mummipokey
Smg icon daredevilcometMummipokey's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins Inside and Out
Abandoned Ruins Galaxy A galaxy that takes place in a ruins-like area with not much water around there. Smg icon powerstarHopping Over Sand Geysers
Smg icon powerstarEight Red Coins Underwater
Smg icon powerstarKoopa the Quick in the Ruins
Smg icon speedycometKoopa the Quick's Speed Challenge
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins Above Sand Geysers
Ghostly Hotel Galaxy A hotel with Boos hidden in each room. Smg icon powerstarThe Star in the Locked Room
Smg icon powerstarThe Three Red Switches
Smg icon powerstarKing Boo on the Balcony
Smg icon rompcometBoo Obliterating Romp
Smg icon purplecometA Purple Coin in Each Room
King Boo
Desert Glide Galaxy A desert galaxy inhabited by Jibberjays. Fluzzard can be ridden here. Smg icon powerstarFluzzard's Glide to the Pyramid
Smg icon powerstarRace for the Pyramid!
Flip-twirl Galaxy A galaxy filled with reversible platforms (A.K.A. Flip-swap Platforms). Smg icon powerstarLook Before You Fall
Smg icon purplecometFlip-twirl's Purple Coins
Bowser Jr.'s Gravity Tower A galaxy with a tower of gravity puzzles guarded by Bowser Jr. Smg icon grandstarBowser Jr.'s Mixed-up Gravity
Smg icon speedycometA Speedy Gravitational Battle
Bowser Jr.

Universe 3

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Sherbet Mountain Galaxy A snowy galaxy ruled by Baron Brrr. Smg icon powerstarThe Star on the Summit
Smg icon powerstarA Duel with Baron Brrr
Smg icon powerstarFreezing for Eight Red Coins
Smg icon speedycometBaron Brrr's Speed Run
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins In the Snow
Baron Brrr
Dark Cove Galaxy A water-filled galaxy that is so cold that if Mario touches the water, he will jump up and down. Smg icon powerstarFreezing the Water
Smg icon powerstarFive Silver Stars Above Water
Smg icon powerstarThe Secret of Dark Cove
Smg icon cosmiccometA Freezing Cosmic Race
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins on Thin Ice
Icy Waters Galaxy An ice-filled galaxy filled with Li'l Brrr's. Smg icon powerstarKoopa the Quick's Skating Race
Smg icon powerstarThe Chimp's Puzzle Attack
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 2
Smg icon clonecometCosmic Clones on Thin Ice
Smg icon purplecometWaterfall Climbing for Purple Coins
Sweet Cookie Galaxy A galaxy full of giant cookies that are used as platforms. Smg icon powerstarMmmm, Tasty Cookies!

Smg icon powerstarNighttime Secrets with Bulb Yoshi
Smg icon purplecometBulb Yoshi's Purple Coins

Yoshi Falls Galaxy A galaxy owned by Yoshi that can be used for climbing up steep hills with the Dash Pepper. Smg icon powerstarHill Climbing with Dash Yoshi

Smg icon powerstarThe Secret of the Waterfall
Smg icon purplecometHill Climbing for Purple Coins

Bowser's Mixed-up Castle A galaxy with a mixed-up castle guarded by Bowser. Smg icon grandstarBowser's Early Duel
Smg icon speedycometA Speedy Gauntlet Battle