Super Mario Galaxy 9 is the ninth game in the Super Mario Galaxy series, created for the Wii U by ClansUnite Studios.

Beginning Cutscene/Plot 

Mario and Luigi are walking over to Princess Peach's castle for a celebration. Luigi was running ahead of Mario for some unknown reason, but everyone began screaming. Mario stopped, but Luigi was unaware because he was so preoccupied with running to the castle. A Toad runs over to Mario and gives him a Para Shell and a Charge Flower. Mario uses a nearby ramp to spin up into the sky and finally notices that a huge starship is falling from space. Mario breaks in through a loose panel and sees that the huge generator was offline. Mario uses the Charge Flower to create a voltage massive enough to recharge the generator, leaving the ship hovering just above the ground. There are many sighs of relief as the ship barely avoids collision with the ground.

Playable Characters

Image Name Advantage Disadvantage Description Unlock By
Mario None None Everybody's favorite Italian plumber-turned-hero is back on a  new intergalactic adventure! Starter
Luigi Can tuck and roll, can shoot two boomerang-shaped cosmic blades when using Star Spin Bad traction Luigi uses some of his off time to practice his tuck and roll and star spin. I bet he's really tired of playing second fiddle. Beat The Ballad of Big Bad Bone
Blue Toad Very fast Abysmal jump, knockback is increased Blue Toad always liked space. Maybe it was the way you could just float around or the way he thought magic birds lit up space. We may never know. Beat Toadnapped
Yellow Toad Great jump Fairly slow, knockback is increased Yellow Toad and Blue Toad have always been best buddies. It was really a great idea to follow Mario in case he got in trouble. Beat Toadnapped
Yoshi Can eat enemies and items, flutter jump, other players can ride on him Can accidentally give enemies a ride Yoshi loves to eat anything exotic, so when he heard that there were goodies in space, his dino mind was blown.  Beat The Chimp's Dino Parade or collect all the Yoshi Tokens in World 1
Wario The more coins you collect, the faster he goes and the higher he jumps, knockback is decreased, can pick up relatively heavy objects Fairly horrible jump and speed  When Wario heard there was money in space, he snuck aboard the Galactica Observatory. Beat Where's Wario?
Waluigi Great jump, can throw bombs in any form, immune to explosions Cannot pick up anything relatively heavy, knockback is increased Waluigi is known as the team's honorary demolitionist. Maybe we will never know why he likes bombs so much. Start Where's Wario?
Peach the Pink Blossom
Peach Can float with parasol, attack is increased Knockback is increased Mario finally rescued Peach! Maybe now she can hold a steady job as princess... Beat the main game
File:Daisy Peach's Partner.png
Daisy Can create bouncy flower platforms in any form, attack is increased, good speed Knockback is increased, slightly less-than-average jump Daisy and Peach are really good friends, but Daisy doesn't get kidnapped as often. Find a Magical Flower in every main world
180px-NSMB BowserJr
Bowser Jr.

Can shoot fireballs in any form, cam dodge some attacks by ducking,jump, attack, and defence are increased

Knockback is increased Bowser Jr. really doesn't give up easily. He really takes after his dad there. REALLY. Beat Bowser Jr's Doomsday Device of Doomy Doom
Cosmic Mario
Cosmio Can pass through opaque objects in any form, can summon Cosmic Clones that fight for you, all good stats are increased and vice versa None Cosmio is a strange being made of the cosmos that looks a lot like Mario, hence Cosmio. Beat the ENTIRE game

Returning Mario Powerups

Image Name Type Description
Fire Flower Temporary Lets Mario shoot fireballs for a limited amount of time.
Ice Flower

Temporary (redesigned use)

Lets Mario shoot iceballs and freeze liquids for a limited amount of time.
Cloud Flower Limited Lets Mario create 3 cloud platforms that last a limited amount of time.
Bee Mushroom

Lasting+Rechargeable (redesigned use)

Lets Mario fly for a limited amount of time and shoot sticky honey balls that slow enemies down and make them unable to fly. Flying begins to recharge when Mario lands.

Boo Mushroom

Lasting (redesigned use)

Lets Mario fly and go through enemies and opaque materials.
Para Shell Lasting (redesigned use) Lets Mario spin as a Koopa Shell (but with little control over it) and fly for 5 seconds.
Bullet Suit Lasting+Rechargeable Lets Mario jump and fly with a mechanic. Acceleration is reset to slow when turning, but can break through brick blocks, and ,on max speed, solid blocks. 
Rainbow Star Temporary (redesigned use) Lets Mario run, fire and swim much faster and become immune to all attacks. He can also swim through lava, acid and poison like water. Whem Mario equips a Rainbow Star, the powerup he had originally still is equipped.
Spring Mushroom SMG
Spring Mushroom Lasting+Rechargeable (redesigned use) Lets Mario bounce like a spring. It also has a rechargeable attack which lets Mario trap enemies in the spring's coils and crushes them.
Rock Mushroom Lasting (redesigned use) Lets Mario roll into a boulder and crush enemies. When not in boulder form, Mario can throw rocks at enemies, temporarily stunning them.
Penguin Suit Lasting (redesigned use) Lets Mario slide on his belly, shoot iceballs (with two, he can freeze cold water), not slip on ice, and perform a flutter jump.
Phoenix Suit Lasting (redesigned use) Lets Mario run faster, fall slower, shoot fireballs (with four, he can turn liquids into lava), and, when spinning in the air, fly like with a Red Star.
MiniMushroom LTL
Mini Mushroom

Lasting (redesigned use)

Lets Mario fit through small pipes and doors, flutter down, and when Mario spins in the air, double jump.

Returning Yoshi Powerups

Image Name Type Description
SMG2 Dashpepper
Dash Pepper Temporary (redesigned use) Yoshi dashes very fast and lights up dark areas.
Blimp Fruit Temporary (redesigned use) Yoshi floats up and pushes moveable objects.
Bulb Berry Temporary Yoshi makes invisible objects visible.
Dig Peanut Lasting Yoshi can dig through dirt patches to find underground areas.
185px-Para Wing Pear SME
Wing Pear Temporary (redesigned use) Yoshi can fly for a while and push moveable objects.
Void Avocado Lasting (redesigned use) Yoshi can spit black holes which suck in all enemies and items. The black hole destroys enemies and gives items to the corresponding character.

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