Super Mario Galaxy 64
Developer(s) Boprwe
Publisher(s) User:Gabrielpika
Platform(s) 3D Platforms
Series Super Mario


Bowser kidnapps Peach. When Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Wario enter the castle to investigate, Waluigi stays behind, just in case. Bowser sneaks up behind him and kidnapps him, leaving Yoshi the only hero left, sleeping on the roof.


Course Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Peach's Castle Peach has been kidnapped again, now Bowser has sent his troops inside her castle! Koopas and Goombas appear here. In the Courtyard is some Boos and MIPS. GrandStarSMSJ Chase MIPS to the Fountain Mario must go to the courtyard in Princess Peach's Castle to get MIPS into the fountain. None

When MIPS gets in the fountain, paint will watch off of him, revealing that he is not MIPS, but a Star Bunny in disguise. He will tell Yoshi that Bowser has rehidden the Stars in the painting's worlds. He then explains that the paintings do not contain their own worlds, but are portals to other galaxies. Bowser has shut down the portals so Yoshi must travel to them via a spaceship. He then gives Yoshi a Grand Star, which transforms into a Launch Star, and "MIPS" says to Yoshi "Get in, This will take you to the Battefield". When the player returns, there will be new features; First, Starship Mario will be parked on the grounds. Second, in the character switch room, the white room will be purple with an upside down L, for Waluigi, and the door to the rec room will be blue with a T on it, for Toad.

Bob-Omb Battlefield Galaxy

Mission(s) Information Unlocked By... Boss(es) Character Required
PowerStarSMSJ Big Bob-Omb on the Summit The player has to go to the top of the mountain and fight Big Bob-omb to obtain the Power Star. To do this, Yoshi must slurp Bob-Ombs and spit them at him, and the plumbers and Toad must throw Bob-Ombs back at him. By beating "Chase MIPS to the Fountain" Big Bob-Omb Anyone
PowerStarSMSJ Footrace with Koopa the Quick The player has to race up the hill against Koopa the Quick. Special Mario caps are available even if Mario is not unlocked. By beating "Big Bob-Omb on the Summit" None Mario
PowerStarSMSJ 5 Silver Stars! The player must collect 5 Silver Stars scattered around the battlefield. By beating "Footrace with Koopa the Quick" None Anyone
PowerStarSMSJ Big Bob-Omb's Revenge The player has to fight Big Bob-Omb one last time, but this time Yoshi can't fight him.

By beating "5 Silver Stars!"

Big Bob-Omb Anyone but Yoshi
PowerStarSMSJ Mario Wings to the Sky The player has to fly straight through the middle of the Coin circles in the sky, collecting all 5 middle coins. With anyone but Mario, the player can use the cannon to get the coins.

By beating "Big Bob-Omb's Revenge"

None Anyone
PowerStarSMSJFind the 8 Red Coins The player has to collect 8 Red Coins scattered around the battlefield.

By beating "Mario Wings to the Sky"

None Anyone
PowerStarSMSJ Behind Chain Chomp's Gate The player has to unleash the Chain Chomp by Ground Pounding the stake it is chained to. The player can simply run through the cage with the Vanish Cap's power to get the star without having to do anything to the Chain Chomp. By beating "Find the 8 Red Coins" None Anyone
SecretStarSMSJ The Hidden Room The mission Five Silver Stars must be chosen. Instead of going to the stars, Mario must go into the area under the bridge to see a hole in the ground. Once the player goes through, he/she will see five Goombas. He must all of the Goombas to get the Green Star. By beating "Footrace with Koopa the Quick" None Anyone
SpeedRunPrankStarSMSJ Big Bob-Omb Speed Run The player must beat the Big Bob-Omb in 20 seconds. There are timers Mario can use to add 5 or 10 seconds to the clock. By collecting the Comet Medal under the bridge. It might take a while for this course to appear. Big Bob-Omb Anyone but Yoshi