Blast into Space once more as Mario and co. venture new depths to uncover Bowser's, devious plan. New enemies and old return in the third fully HD instalment of the Super Mario Galaxy series.
, Nintendo Announcement hype-building statement

E3 2013: Super Mario Galaxy 3 Announcement


[Reggie Fills-Aime finishes talking about the HD remasterings of Gamecube classics including Luigi's Mansion and The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker.]

... "And they will be available this Holiday Season. [Crowd cheers] Okay. So, Nintendo has been known well for it's famous Italian Plumber, [Small cheers] for a long time now and in the previous generation with the Wii, we blasted him into space. Super Mario Galaxy, [Slideshow of logo and various pictures of the original on-screen] was acclaimed for it's stunning visuals, orchestrated music and ambitious gameplay mechanics. Then, we followed it up a few years later with Super Mario Galaxy 2, again taking things to a whole new level. And now, for the first time since the original Super Mario Bros. series, Mario will be getting a third installment, now in full HD, on Wii U." [Super Mario Galxy 3 logo appears on screen and crowd goes wild]

"Now, Mr. Miyamoto is always about trying new things, creating fun ways to play and creating games that fans will enjoy. With Super Mario Galaxy 3, the possibilities and creativity has been taken even further than ever before with the Wii U Gamepad, improved Graphical ability, and everything the Wii U has to offer in general. The third instalment promises to offer even more fun and new gameplay mechanics for both hardcore gamers and general gamers. If you wanna immerse yourself in the world and like a challenge, Super Mario Galaxy 3 allows you to compete through Nintendo Network. Things such as races through levels, Time Trials and various other challenges that you can fight to be the best in with friends. On the other hand, if you enjoy games for the fun of it, the color, the gameplay, Super Mario Galaxy 3 has plenty on offer for you too. Okay, I think it's time to see this game in action, so without further ado, Super Mario Galaxy 3."


The trailer starts with the Super Mario Galaxy 3 logo popping onto screen and a remastered version of Super Mario Galaxy 2's theme song begins.

Then it shifts to an amazing screen showcasing the vastly improved graphics and lighting. Mario is shown running around a clear-skied grass-themed level, with Goombas, strange Blue and Red Goombas, Pirahna Plants and a new large bird-esque enemy in the background. The grass that Mario runs across is fully animated and everything else seems to be vastly improved in terms of detail and quality.

Then it changes to Mario maneuvering through a hot-lava type level, the orange glow of the lava reflecting on Mario a lot more than before. The rock surfaces appear to be much more detailed than before as well. Paragoombas, a Gearmo and a couple of other regular enemies can be spotted. If you look closely though, you can spot the Rollercoaster from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Luigi and what appears to be a green FLUDD Nozzle Box in the background.

Next, Mario is seen in a beautiful Water Level remeniscent of Jolly Roger Bay from Super Mario 64. It starts out with Mario above surface exploring what looks like a cave; Pillars falling in the background, elevators moving, huge blue Thwomp-like Rock Enemies crashing down on the ground, and Luigi for some reason, running in the background on his own. Then it shows Mario standing on the Water-edge, the Graphics of the Water beautifully improved, the reflection and the lens glare lightyears ahead of the first two games. The level appears to be very relaxing and peaceful. Mario then descends, the seaweed swaying, the fish swimming and a huge Manta Ray circulating in the middle of the water. 

Then the trailer shows various other level types, such as Mario riding what looks like a train in a Desert level, him climbing large trees in what appears to be a stormy Rainforest level, the lightning and rain reflecting on the bark, leaves, Question Mark blocks and Red, Blue and Yellow balloons. A snow level also appears, seemingly in the middle of a blizzard and a new Power-Up is shown, a Yellow Fire-flower esque Power Up. It seems to make Mario glow, clearing a path through the strong snow and revealing that the level is infact at night. Then FLUDD is officially revealed to be back with new Nozzles, a new Green one which mods FLUDD to have 3 Nozzles that is shown, and the 3 Nozzles rotate making Mario fly slowly in a 2D Gears and Machines-type level. The Second and last new Nozzle shown is an Orange one, which appears to increase Mario's wall-jumping ablility, zipping from wall to wall with each blast of water; It also appears to be able to be used as a strong weapon, it is shown blasting several enemies of-screen in a HD wave of water.

Waluigi appears briefly, seen talking to Mario, saying: "Wario is stuck in that Mansion, you better help to get him out!", and thus, making his first appearance in a non-spin-off game. Waluigi is shown inide a ghost and Boo infested Mansion level, perhaps as a homage to Luigi's Mansion 2, he is both shown in the background assisting Mario with various things but he is actually shown to be playable. He runs clumsilly and isslightly slower than Mario, though he can reach much greater heights and has a special kicking attack. At the end of the Waluigi gameplay, Wario can be seen in the background running up a flight of stairs, but only for a split-second. The trailer also features other things, such as the Toad Brigade, what appears to be the new Hub-World, 4-Player Split-Screen gameplay, several new gameplay mechanics with the Wii U Gamepad and it ends with a High-Quality cutscene of Mario getting chased through a Castle by what looks to be a demonic Bowser. Then Super Mario Galaxy 3 appears on the screen again, and the Trailer ends.

"The game will be out in Summer 2014 for the Wii U." [Crowd goes insane once more]

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