This Is Only For Altra Omega


Mario gets a letter from peach saying. To my dear mario i was wondering if you could see the beatuful meteor shower with me. And hopefully bowser wont come so be so kind to come. Mario Comes to see it perfect so he comes to the castle whare peach is. When he walks up to her shes bakig a pie and reaveals its kamek. And hears a loud scream Mario!!! he jumps onto the cage hanging off the airship when bowser jr comes & knockes him off.


He wakes up in a little peacful  shack. To see a ranbow luma  with a gold star in his chest. He then says hello i dont often get visoters. Until you well i now its not comftey here in space. Mario the looks frighened for sec or 2 are you all right. You Get To Say Yes Probibly or your creepy

Option 1

Great lets find a way to go on. And gives you power star go save her he then looks frightend again. And you then get to move on or explore

Option 2

What your not telling me fine! Well sorry i do get over drumatic. well wanna stay here or not oh good no. And gives him a power star and get to move on or explore.

Option 3

WHAT DID YOU SAY I AM NOT CREEPY!!!!!!!! Sorry well Ya Sorry. Wanna Explore Or Go Yo Choose yes level 1 Explore Explore what here and gives you a power star if yes.


World 1

Galaxy Name Level Names Level Info Items In Bosses Stars Needed

Great Head Galaxy

  1. The Awsome Adventure
  2. Inspierd Flight

C1.Timend Adventure

PC.The Purple Flight

A grassy hill with a giant koopa head as a planet  None Hidra Pharana 1 Star
Toy Fly Galaxy
  1. My Vavriote Toy
  2. Bild Block Clock
  3. Mecha Monster Toy

C. Cosmical Toybots

A Mhachinary

Place With a toy box and even a toy clock with a monster toy

Super Drill Mecha Monster Toy 2 Stars
Honey Egg Galaxy
  1. The Weird Combindation
  2. Keep Your Honey
  3. Yoshi Sweet
A Place with a lot of honey and yoshis they dont get along well

Yoshi Egg

Bee Mushroom

None 4 Stars
Swaper Fly Galaxy
  1. Fiping Flopland

C. Purple Flopland

Its Sordove  Flip Swap Galaxy but no bills But cloud mushroom  Cloud Flower None 5 Stars
Gravity Fall Galaxy
  1. Graviti,s Stregh
  2. Blip Flying

C. Time High Race

Whare A Lot of Gravity Pulls Very Strong With Wind Blimp Fruit None 6 Stars
Jr. Playtime Bounce Houce

1. Bouncing Through The Small Houce

C. Fast Moving Balls

A Little Playhouse for his witch is deathly spikes podobows & Bombs Super Drill Bowser Jr,s Bomb Ball Mhacanic 8 Stars

To Be Continued