Super Mario Galaxy 3 (Phanpy444 version)

This is Phanpy444's idea of the 3rd game in the SMG series, Super Mario Galaxy 3


It was a normal day. The princess was preparing a meal for the visitors. They were Maria and Luise. Maria and her sister were overjoyed to see their favorite cousins. So they went into the castle and ate at the table. They were talking with Peach and the two plumbers. All of a sudden, a chocolate brown luma named Polari burst in through the door!

" Mario! Luigi! Come quick! Bring your two sisters also, we need as much help as we can get!"

The four ran, confused, and followed Polari outside the castle.

" TRANSFOOOORRRRMMMMM!!!!!!!!" yelled Polari as he turned into a Launch Star. They all spun into space, ready to help!

When they arrived, they saw a gigantic portal, and a pink ball could be seen through all the wreckage that was blasting out! Mario could also see Bowser through it all. Then the portal closed, and another dimension was combined. The pack of plumbers set out to stop Bowser's evil plan!

In the other dimension, a jester, Dimentio, laughed.

" It's all going according to plan......."



  • The boxart is somewhat of a mix between the first two SMG games, with the pic of mario and the background.
  • When the player is Maria or Luise, Birdo is ridable instead of Yoshi, and the other way around for Mario and Luigi.
  • When Polari calls for Mario and Luigi, he mistakes Maria and Luise as their sisters.