120px-Cyan YoshiSMWWii

A Blue Yoshi

Super Mario Galaxy 3 (Nascar2012's Version) Rating: E

Super Mario Galaxy 3 is a video game made for the Wii U. It's release date is December 4,2013. It is the third installment to the Super Mario Galaxy series.




Mario gets an invitation from Lubba and the Lumas that they are going to visit him at Peach's Castle. Mario starts off toward Peach's Castle, enjoyed that his old friends are back, but then something happens. When Mario arrives at Peach's Castle he finds a wrecked Starship Mario and some Lumas overboard. Next thing he knows it Bowser appears and smashes Peach's Castle to bits. An overboard Luma creates a launch star and blasts Mario into space.

Main Characters

Mario- the hero

Bowser- the main enemy

Peach- the princess Mario has to save

Yoshis- Mario's companion dinosaurs

Lubba- the leader of lumas

Lumas- Mario's helpers

Luigi- Mario's brother

Bowser Jr.- Bowser's son

Bogis- Bowser's main henchmen


Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Rainbow Star

Bee Mushroom

Boo Mushroom

Cloud Flower                                                            
Bomb Flower SMG3

The Bomb Flower as it appears in the Bob-omb Battlefield Galaxy.

Spring Mushroom

Spin Drill

Penguin Suit

Bomb Flower

Yoshi's Power-ups

Dash Pepper

Bulb Berry



A Bee from the Honeybee Galaxy

World 1

Space Station Galaxy

Honeybee Galaxy

Dino-Dino Galaxy

Yoshi Time Galaxy

Underwater Railway Galaxy

Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

World 2

Penguin Palace Galaxy

Super Mario Bros. Galaxy

Haunted Mansion Galaxy

Deep Dark Galaxy

Yoshi's House Galaxy

Bowser's Grand Star Hideout                             
Giant Goomba

A giant goomba as it appears in the Supergiant Galaxy.

World 3

Supergiant Galaxy

Yoshi Tree Galaxy

Slip Slide Galaxy

High-Up-In-The-Sky Galaxy

Motor Rev Galaxy

Bowser Jr.'s Lava Trap

120px-Orange YoshiSMWWii

An orange Yoshi from the Yoshi Again Galaxy.

World 4

Cozy Cove Galaxy

Junkyard Galaxy

Sea Side Galaxy

Yoshi Again Galaxy

Instrumental Galaxy

Bowser's Big Crusher

Bob-omb Buddy

A Bob-omb Buddy from the Bob-omb Battlefield galaxy.

World 5

Super Fast Galaxy

Jumbo Feast Galaxy

Cloudy Farmyard Galaxy

Bob-omb Battlefield Galaxy

Mushroom Manor Galaxy

Bowser Jr.'s Robotic Castle


Bouldergeist from the Bosses Galaxy.

World 6

New Dino-Dino Galaxy

Crashland Galaxy

Dig-Dig Galaxy

Goomba Gamble Galaxy

Bosses Galaxy

The Center Of The Universe

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