Super Mario Galaxy 3 is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game in the Super Mario Galaxy (series). The game involves new playable characters, new galaxies and a whole new story! The game is set to release around July 2012.

Super Mario Galaxy 3
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
July 2012
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Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action


Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge





Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy were enjoying the sunshine in Toad Town. But suddenly, Bowser Jr.'s Airship appeared and then Peach and Daisy gasped, Bowser Jr. suddenly appeared riding a Bullet Bill.

Mama Mia Mario whined in annoyance. Bowser Jr. laughed

Papa ordered me to capture Princess Peach, but hey I just got a bonus! Bowser Jr. ordered his siblings and Kamek to surround the four, Bowser Jr. grabbed Peach. Peach struggled and shouted

Let me go! But, Bowser Jr. was spending his time laughing and dragging the Princess to the Airship, Luigi tried to escape from the Koopalings and Kamek but Kamek ended up casting spell on him so he would be transported into the Airship into the dungeon with Princess Peach. Daisy started jumping onto the Koopaling and escaped all but one of them, Wendy O. Koopa. Wendy grabbed Daisy and ordered Kamek to cast the spell. While Wendy and Kamek were busy, the other 6 Koopalings were dizzy and were on the floor. Mario escaped and hid inside a Toad House. It was Toadette's house. Toadette said she saw everything and was willing to help Mario. Mario had heard outside Bowser Jr. speaking;

Ha ha hah ha, Papa will be extra extra proud of me because I got two more! It's time to take them to the Galaxy so Papa can start his extra evil plan!

Oh, no! Mario said, shocked. Toadette was frightened to but she said;

Don't worry, he's probably up to the same tricks like he was last time.But then Mario and Toadette turned around to see Rosalina and Polari!

Rosalina! You're here, did you find out? Toadette asked. Rosalina nodded

I've been watching from the Observatory, and in space things are going bad too! Bowser has captured all the Lumas and kept them in cages in every Galaxy, I've only been able to hide Polari and Lubba so I can protect them! Rosalina explained, she seemed to be crying Please help us Mario, we need you to rescue all the Lumas and return them to a safe place, then stop Bowser's plans! Mario nodded but then Toadette started to step forward;

Can I come too, I want to save the Lumas! Toadette asked. Rosalina said yes and Polari turned into a Launch Star;

Come on let's go!

Meanwhile... Wario and Waluigi were walking in Toad Town and saw the Airship.

Hey, maybe their-sa loada cash in there! Wario schemed.

'Yeah! Let'sa go and look. Waluigi laughed. They walked to the Airship and jumped on before it took off, they hid inside the Airship and saw Luigi, Peach and Daisy captured with Bowser Jr.

Uh- Wario got interupted

'Oh! Run! Waluigi yelled. Wario shook his head and said;

Be quiet we aren't running! Then they went to hide in a safer place and heard Bowser Jr. talking about going to Space were Bowser is.

Ahhh! We're going to space, this is all your fault. Waluigi shouted.

You didn't say no Wario tried to get the blame on Waluigi. But while they were talking, they didn't realise Bowser Jr. and Kamek were by them. Bowser Jr. tied them up and put them with Peach, Luigi and Daisy.

We'll drop 'em off at some Galaxy before we get to Bowser! Bowser Jr. laughed. Everyone nodded.

Heh, Heh, Heh, Papa will be really proud now! But we should of got Mario before he escaped! Bowser Jr. said angrily at the Koopalings.

Hey it isn't our faults, Daisy jumped on us and made us dizzy! the Koopaling yelled and complained.

In Space, Dimentio was in Bowser's castle.

I see everything is going according to our plan! Dimentio laughed, then Bowser laughed aswell creating a menacing atmosphere.

I've got to save those Lumas! a blue-shelled Koopa Troopa whispered to himself...

Mario and Toadette must now go through the Galaxies to save the Lumas!



Playable Heroes

Image Name Description Status Luma Partner
MarioMKW Mario Mario, Mushroom Kingdom's red plumber! Mario stars in this game and has well-rounded stats but is a little more powerful than Luigi, he wants to stop Bowser's evil plan! Default
LuigiMKW Luigi Luigi is also back in space! He wants to impress Daisy and show Mario he's not cowardly. Luigi has well-rounded stats but can run a little faster than Mario Unlockable
PeachMKW Princess Peach Princess Peach returns to the series and has been damsel in distress. But when saved she wants to kick some Koopa butt! Peach can float in the air with her Parasol and can use it to defend herself, her parasol can float longer than Daisy's one. Unlockable
DaisyMKW Daisy Daisy makes her first appearance in the Galaxy series! Like Peach she wants to beat up Koopas and enemies! Daisy can float with her parasol but only for a short period of time, Daisy is quite fast and she can heal herself with her Flower Power! Unlockable
WarioMKW Wario Wario makes his first appearance in the Galaxy series too! Wario is very powerful and is the most powerful player in the game! He can body slam and can also throw Garlic Bombs Unlockable
WaluigiMKW Waluigi Waluigi also makes his first appearance in the Galaxy series! Waluigi is like his brother, but isn't as powerful. Waluigi can throw Bob-Ombs and he can also swim without having a timed limit. Unlockable
ToadetteMKWIIMug Toadette Toadette makes her first appearance in the Galaxy series and is also playable! Toadette can jump very high and can bounce. She's quite weak but she's the fastest character in the game. Toadette can also throw Poison Mushrooms Default
Blu the Koopa Troopa Blu is a blue-shelled Koopa Troopa and is kind and friendly. Blu is quite fast aswell! Blu can throw Blue Shells which can hurt enemies Unlockable
Bowser Jr MK Wii icon Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. joins the heroes (not to be a hero) because later in the game his Dad says he's weak and Bowser Jr. wants to stop him so he can show Bowser he is strong. Bowser Jr. can attack by spinning in his shell and he can paint on the floor so enemies slip! Unlockable
RosalinaMKW Rosalina Rosalina is back and now can be a playable character! Rosalina can float in the air and can make a forcefield to defend herself with her wand. She is the most powerful female character! Unlockable

Non-Playable Heroes






New Items

Item Description Transformation
Star Bunny Suit Star Bunny ______
Electric Flower Electric ______
Chain-Chomp Mushroom Chain Chomp _____
Kamek Mushroom ______ Kamek