Super Mario Galaxy 3D is a 3D action-adventure platformer game for the New Nintendo 3DS console, first released in 2017. As the remake of the Wii title Super Mario Galaxy, it is the follow-up to Super Mario 64 DS as well as Super Mario Sunshine 3D. Unlike the previous two 3D adventure remakes for the Mario series, this game takes place in deep space. Most of the game's levels consist of many small planets and planetoids, while others have bigger planets. Upon release, Super Mario Galaxy VNS received some of the highest review scores and appraisals of any Venus game to date. Super Mario Galaxy 3D received a sequel titled Super Mario Galaxy 3D 2 which was released for the Venus in 2019.


Galaxies marked with an asterisk (*) are unlocked by feeding Hungry Lumas.

Gateway Galaxy
# Star name How to get the Star Character required
1 Grand Star Rescue Yoshi has to catch all the Star Bunnies scattered all over the starting planet. Following that, Yoshi can save a Grand Star. Yoshi
Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor
# Star name How to get the Star Character required
1 Megaleg's Moon The player has to fight Megaleg (who has been commanded by Bowser Jr.). Anyone
S Megaleg's Big Bad Speed Bash Wario has to spin attack all five boulders that contain blue Star Chips before accessing three pull stars and a Launch Star. Then, he must defeat Megaleg (who has been commanded by Bowser Jr.). The player has four minutes to do so. Wario