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Super Mario Galaxy 3DS is a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2 in development for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. It is known to make uses of the console's 3D capabilities and will most likely implement the unrevealed features of the handheld.


This game will feature all suits seen in the previous games, as well as old-school and brand-new ones. The game will also have Yoshi, which was introduced in SMG2.

There will be brand-new bosses, as variants of the bosses from the first game, such as a new version of Dino Piranha and Topmaniac (indicating that the Topmen will have a triumphant return.)

A hub world, which was exempt from Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be present, and it will be more like Super Mario 64's and Super Mario Sunshine's than Super Mario Galaxy's, as a response to the fan's requests. It will be a completely remodeled Comet Observatory.

Luigi seems to be coming back, but in a way more like Super Mario 64 DS than Super Mario Galaxy itself, and Wario is most likely to be present too.

Retro Levels

The award for getting all 120 stars is a Retro area. Each galaxy in this area, such as 1-1 Galaxy will reflect early Mario games and will be based after them, with similar bosses and everything.


  • The game's name is a pun between Super Mario Galaxy 3, which would be the next game on the series, and Nintendo 3DS, the new handheld from Nintendo.

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